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Mets Deny Linebrink Trade

Mike SteffanosMonday, July 31, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

WFAN is reporting that they have spoken with Jay Horwitz, and he has informed them that they are "done for the day", indicating that a trade of the newly-acquired Oliver Perez and Heath Bell for Padres setup man Scott Linebrink has fallen through.

By the way, a big tip of the cap to Matthew Cerrone from MetsBlog for the outstanding coverage of all the insanity today.

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Comments (16)

Amazing....just when you thought it was safe to go in the water....Miami cabbies are an accident waiting to happen..I lived there for years...the roads are like the Monte Carlo on "meth".....so We get back Bert...he was formidable last year and all things considered could conceivably step-up again under the Mullet..Perez is a crapshoot...but hes only 24 and he can throw heat...the real loss is Nady...we hardly knew ya...he was apparently a likable presence on the team, and he could hit a bit...the Mets will be upgrading their roster each off season so its not like they are without the pockets to buy another corner outfielder who can rake...Well..its Milledge time...we'll see what we will see...Still would've preferred Nasty in the mix...from know on we should only hire armored Hummers for transport out of airports..

No more cab rides, that's for sure.

Man,to bad. Linebrink would have made the day alittle brighter. I know I said the other day no trades we can stay with the kids, but this is not what I meant. And yet I still think we will be o.k.

Amen, Rev.

Im stunned. But i dont know why.

Mike, U know that i have postulated a possible trade (away) of Nady most likely for Zito but Perez was possible.

Nady was a non issue. Like cammy he was good for 400-450 ABs and 20-25HR @ a .260avg. Milledge and Chavez together are great defense but possible can equal or top Nadys avg and HR. Perez could be a steal. A hard throwing 24yr old lefty with a history of success!!! outside of Zito whoelse (LHP) is there?? You could get Randy Wolf and his bum shoulder....or some minor leaguer who is untested. But at this cost.... Perez (paging Dr'Peterson), could be dominant again and quickly.

I think the Mets were committed to milledge. And this is a big statement. But also note in RF there is insurance in the form of concepcion/Gomez and Chavez of course at minimum wage. That off-sets the 2yr/10M Floyd could get in the winter.

The Mets NEED to try Perez. Glavine has dropped off, and talk after his last start was of retiring!! We need to realize that Glavine could hang it up THIS YR after the playoffs (ala Bettis), aND THE mETS HAVE no LEFTY prospects. We have Migel Pinango, humber, Devaney, Soler, Colazo one or more of whom could still be a stud this yr or next. Pinago I think could be in the majors soon. And I forgot Bannister. If Floyd does not stay, the Mets get 2 draft picks and can sign a FA or let Gomez, Diaz, and Concepcion fight for that slot.

Nady had some nice moments, but Milledge is all star material.

Sanchez: With a 14 gm lead Sanchez's lost could be felt. But then again Pelfrey could go to the Pen, and Heilman and Ro set up. Big loss but not earth shattering.

To other fans I will also point out that Willis was traded x2, and Santana was a rule v PICK. Perez has NO expectations...no fantasy value but ala Heilman, Seo, Ro Hernandez, Glavine, and of late John Maine has a chance to be 'fixed'.

The thing I love about today is Milledge stays, and Omar making a statement again that says his is not desperate. He can find another set up guy, heck Sosa was just waived and he has big upside.

Ed, I agree with you that Perez potentially has a lot of upside. Beside the walks, though, he has some anger management issues and is more than a bit of a head case. Still, he was good 2 years ago and is only 25.

Niese is a LHP who is certainly a prospect, but admittedly he is a few years away.

You know that statement, The best trades are the ones you don't make. This good be a blessing yet. A nice stat I seen on line about Perez, 632 k's in 592 i/p but has contol problems. So did young Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan. Maybe with alittle fixing he could be a very good pitcher? Nice thought. Goodnight.

Bring on Miledge.... He will do as good as X this year and improve (even though X was hitting lately).Letting the kids grow is a key factor in a team staying around for years. Its a shame about Sanchez. He's gotta be bummed out too. He is perfect for the Mets and NY. Lets hope he can get back to shape for next year....

Rev, Perez is a high-ceiling guy, but with a lot of questions.
Bean, I'm a little nervous about Milledge because I'm not totally convinced he is ready. I guess there is still a chance that Sanchez might not need the surgery and could return in a month.

I turn my Mets calender to August and who's picture do I see....Xavier Nady.

Eric simon's take;


As the Mets get panned on TV note;

1. TRADE Cammy for Nady MEDIA response Mets trade allstar for partimer
2. Seo for Sanchez and Schmoll MEDIA response Mets get middle reliver for proven starter.
3. Benson trade , Mets trade good proven #2-3 starter for a headcase, declining former closer and a guy who was not one of the orioles top ten.
4. Jorge Julio for El Duque Mets overpay for 40yr old declining starter.
5. Mets overpay for Loduca ....
6. Delgado ailing 1stbaseman for future allstar pitcher

Those are just the media responses to the trades. note the Mets still have their core of OFers(Hill, concepcion, Milledge, gomez, Fmart, concepcion), Mike Carp. And their growing bank of pitchers plus Jesus Flores!!!

Good morning.Milledge in a umpire bump issue. I think this kid needs a boot camp like training time with someone to get him set on the right path. I hope some of the vets could lean on him so he is not so head strong.

Rev Al,
Yeah, I read that in the Daily News this morning... this kid has definate attitude issues. The Mets need to sit him down and discuss with him how you act on and off the field otherwise he is going to be a major headache.

Well, it was a trade that had to be made. I know that. I know a lot of Mets fans didn't value Nady that highly. I thought he had a chance to become a very good player, was good for the team chemistry.

I worry that Milledge isn't ready for the big stage, especially from an emotional maturity standpoints. As for his attitude, that doesn't scare me as much. When I was 21, I was insufferable. Most are at that age, David Wright was an exception.

Something leads me to believe it won't be "All About Milledge" this time around. His initial call-up served as a "getting to know you/what would you bring to this team?" while this SHOULD be all about the stretch-run.

IF he causes any kind of commotion, Omar should handle it right away - let him know he is by no means a lock for the post-season roster.

Ah, Victor Diaz... you've apparently sulked your way through Norfolk and yet, you're still hanging around. If you'd just step-up, this could be your shot. Not that we need your defense, or another right-handed hitter off the bench, but your power could definitely be a dangerous asset come October.

Earn yourself a September call-up, dammit!

Joe -- Weird about Diaz, huh? This kid is going to let his whole career slip away if he's not careful.

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