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No Sarcastic Title Today...

Mike SteffanosTuesday, July 11, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Well, it was quite an eventful day here yesterday. I wrote something with a title that I felt fairly confident would come across as obvious sarcasm to my readers. That indeed was the case with those of you who are regular visitors. What I didn't take into account was that the title in question would pull a lot of people in here that aren't, and that they would feel the need to share their opinions to what I wrote without actually taking the 2 minutes to read it. It made for a lively day, if nothing else. I have a policy of trying to reply to every comment left here. That's usually not much of a burden, as usually there are never more than a handful. Yesterday was an exception. For those of you that took the trouble to leave supportive comments, I thank you. Honestly, my feelings weren't hurt by the negative stuff, but the kindness was appreciated.

Out there in the blogosphere, thanks to Bob from Getting Paid to Watch and Dan from LoneStar Mets for getting the sarcasm.

I have a couple of things to share with you, but before we move on it would be important to note that Benny Blanco from da Bronx and the great Joe McDonald from NY Sports Day both made the excellent point in comments to yesterday's post that Pelfrey could be included in a deal as a "player to be named later", and then the trade would be completed after Pelfrey's anniversary date next January. Joe points out that you could shut Pelfrey down for the last month of the season to make sure he doesn't get hurt. (What if he got into an accident, though? As a PTBNL, he could be replaced in the deal I guess, but the Mets have no comparable talent in their system.) I know Jeremy Bonderman was an example of such a move, but I believe the time frame there was about a month. This would be considerably longer than that, but it could be done if the commissioner's office allowed such a blatant circumvention of the rule. If they did, they should probably just repeal it as it would be rendered kind of silly. But yes, it could be done in this manner.

Back to yesterday's comments and flaming anonymous e-mails. If any of you have returned today, I don't really understand why you would spend even a small fraction of your life reading what I've written here if you think I'm a big jerk. One email made reference to my "little blog", as if that would whither away my delusions of grandeur. I'm sorry to tell you that that's how I think of the site, too. It's just my little blog. I don't make a cent off this site, but the friendships I've made from it and sense of community with other Mets fans are pretty good wages for what I do here.

What else? Oh yeah, the dog picture. When I started the predecessor of this blog on Blogspot I needed a picture for my profile. Since I am not in love with how I look, I do not have digital pictures of myself on my computer. I did, however, have a picture of me and my favorite dog of all time, Rikki, who had passed away a few years ago. So the picture of Rikki and me went up there. I know many bloggers don't choose to put a picture of themselves up, but I always appreciate it when somebody does. Maybe it's because I'm 47, but I always like to feel there is a real person behind the bits and bytes on my computer screen. That's why Rikki and I are up there looking down at you on this site.

To the commenter that felt the need to make the point yesterday, and to those that made the same point in forums at ESPN and MLB.com over the past few months, I get the fact that you feel the picture with my dog is lame. If it bothered me that you felt that way, I would have taken it down or replaced it. I honestly don't care -- I'm a few years beyond being concerned with what people I don't have respect for think about me.

I guess at some point I should replace that picture with one more current. I still look pretty much the same. The hair and the moustache (that covers a big scar over my lip) are the same, although more grey has crept into both. I'm a little older and a little uglier, but you would recognize me if you ran into me on the street. So yeah, I'll replace that picture someday, but it's not a priority. To tell you the truth, I don't notice it much when I look at my site. It's the same defense mechanism that allows me to survive the mirror every morning without giving back breakfast.

When I do notice it, I see my old friend Rikki. This was the last picture I have of her, old and riddled with the cancer that would take her a few months later. Yet the reason I had to hold her so tightly was that's the only way you get her to stand still for long enough for a picture. She had boundless energy, and always found a way to do something crazy and funny. When I see that picture, I never fail to remember something that makes me laugh. I guess I'm not ready to move her out yet, even if there are some that find it "lame". To those that do, please kiss my middle-aged Italian ass.

Finally, understand that I make some assumptions about my readers here. I assume that you are intelligent, like to read and are devoted Mets fans. Why else would you spend time here? I never feel I have to teach you about baseball, and I'm not trying to beat you over the head with my opinions. I like reading stuff that makes me think, and look at things from a slightly different perspective, and that's what I try to provide here. I don't like it when someone "writes down" to me, and I'm not going to do that to you. A lot of you seem to appreciate it, and that makes it worthwhile.

As for the sarcasm, that's part of what I bring to the table and it's not going away. For those of you that don't read the comments, I need to share with you this classic from yesterday from "RealityChuck":

I think you fail to see the utter brilliance of this move by Omar. He's such a great general manager that he is able to trade people he isn't allowed to trade!

This opens all sorts of possibilities. Why stick with players that are part of your organization? Omar is setting things up to trade players from other teams to get players for the Mets. He can, for instance, send Albert Pujols to the Diamondbacks and get Brandon Webb in return. This would give the Mets a front line starter, and weaken the Cardinals to weaken one opponent. We can then trade David Ortiz to Cincinnati and get Bronson Arroyo.

Then he can start traveling through time (there is nothing Omar can't do!). Trade Anderson Hernandez for Sandy Koufax in his prime. Or just purchase Lefty Grove from Baltimore (Omar has considerably more money to play with than Connie Mack; the $25,000 that Mack paid for him is chump change).

I understand Cy Young might be a free agent, so Omar can sign him at the beginning of his career. Maybe even Walter Johnson is available.

We need to think big and show that sort of imagination that makes Omar a genius.

This is quality sarcasm folks.

I don't feel like I have to telegraph sarcasm to you with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge as if we weren't all northeasterners living in the sarcasm capital of the world. We may not be friendly to strangers on the street here, but we get sarcasm. When I have spent times in different parts of the country and my sarcastic sense of humor comes out, people look at me like I just killed a puppy in front of them. Here everyone gets it -- well, at least you all did, right?

NY Times: Wright and Reyes
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NY Post: Learn from the past
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The Baseball Journals: Baseball on TV
Maury Brown has some interesting news about MLB's tv contract with FOX. The thought of Turner Sports taking over some playoff series with their announcers makes me somewhat sad. And you thought nothing could be worse than FOX...

Getting Paid To Watch: The Latin Beat
Bob has an interesting piece on the importance of baseball in Spanish-Speaking Countries.

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Comments (17)

Sarcasm? Moi?

I prefer to think of it as whimsey. :)

The PTBNL: You correctly refer to Bonderman as the pre-cursor. BUT Dont roster get frozen AFTER the World Series. At that time all 60 day/15 day DL issues get resolved and all final roster actions take place PRIOR to winter again that shuts out Pelfrey.

A package from Humber, Martinez, Doelis, Gomez, Concepcion, Milledge, Flores, Nieves, Mclane, Bannister, Maine, Soler, Heilman Vic Diaz, .....are MORE than enough talent to fetch ANY pitcher in baseball.

Anibel sanchez and Hanley ramirez =Beckett a WS MVP, 1st overall pick. I can still see The A's trade away Zito who is a FA, given they are only 3 games over 500 and stand to make little noise even if they do make the playoffs. Beane could get Flores, heilman and Nady which would be a coup...for both sides.


I have never responded before, but had to this time. Absolutely DO NOT take that picture down of your beloved dog. I applaud you for your loyalty to the Mets and Rikki's memory. To hell with everyone that doesn't like it.

P.S. Great site! Read it all the time.

Hey Mike,

I actually did read the article but I was at work and read it quickly and obviously did not pick up on the sarcasm. After I read it again I got it but it was very subtle (which is actually the hallmark of great sarcasm anyway) so I understand the confusion, but not the venom some responded with.

Anyway, sorry I responded with my own very obvious sarcasm without reading the article more thoroughly.

Keep up the good work.

HI MIke- I know people are going to be screaming for baseball talk BUT We have discussed this before, you know I am a big time lover of dogs, I have 2 german shepherds that I prefer to most people.
Put a new picture up in addition to that one, I know how you felt about Rikki, I lost my first shepherd Chris to cancer back in 2003.
My husband Dan & I still haven't gotten over it. Keep her picture up there! If I wasn't such a computer spaz I would figure out a way to post a picture of me and my 2 girls Ginger & CJ on my site.

Heyya....we all got it...no worries bud...and the picture....its a keeper...

Whew,,,,,minor crisis averted...You can take down the barricades and drain the moat...stamp out the last of the flaming arrows and stash away the catapult for later...next time for the sake of world peace...announce your intentions and tell them, in advance, that this is subtledty and nuance... tell them directly "this what i want you to think"....it'll save numerous brain cells and ultimately the great unwashed will be less likely to rabblerouse and threaten you with vicious rhetoric...and your insurance premiums wont go up!

RealityChuck -- whatever you call it, it was good stuff. Just try not to be funnier in the comments than I am in the post in the future -- it's somewhat rude. I'll forgive you this time...
Jeez, Ed, that's a good one with the rosters. You got me there. Now I'll have to do some research. I'm not sure the Mets want to give away every youngster with some talent that they possess. I hope they hold onto their kids unless they get some younger players in return.

You may be right about Zito, but the A's are in first and Beane has let players like Giambi walk before. If you forced me to put my money on it, I'd bet against a deal. Plus Borus isn't likely to let Zito sign with anyone without seeing who has the biggest deal out there, so it's a huge gamble to give up a lot. If Omar traded Nady, Heilman and Flores (who I like a lot right now) and then Zito leaves and signs with the Skankees...
Sean, both the dog and I thank you for your support. Thanks for the kind words.
Brian, no apology needed. I thought the Allan Baird line was great.
Shari -- I'm not replacing this one any time soon, and when I do maybe I'll replace it with some Monty Pythonish picture of me in drag. That'll teach them, they'll be begging for the dog picture back...
Thanks, n8genius, I'll try to telegraph my intentions better in the future

Ed, according to this:


The PTBNL trade can be completed any time within 6 months of the deal, which would give them just enough time if they were going to move Pelfrey at the deadline. I guess if he signed in Feb. they wouldn't be able to include him in a deadline deal.

Zito is on record as wanting to play in NY. His buds Mulder and Hudson are now in the NL, and Zito would face his mate Hudson regularly. I think Zito would sign and I think if a trade DID happen Omar would break the bank. I think a Willis trade is more foolish and less likely.

Another pitcher i DO like is Randy Wolf who is a FA. There is also the rumor posted that CWS want Schmidt and that leaves Conteras, Garland & Vazquez as gettable.


'Also, a player to be named later can’t be traded to a team in the same league he’s currently playing in. This doesn’t prevent minor leaguers from being PTBNLs, but it does affect AL-AL and NL-NL trades'

......again NO WILLIS

Ed, this stuff makes my head spin. I suspect something will happen at the deadline, I'm not even going to try to keep up with who it might be.

Oh God, Oh my God. I cannot believe that the playoffs could get worse! How could the dead air network get these rights? An autistic 4 year old could do a better job of commentating than these buffoons. There is no need to go into examples, everyone has at one point watched a game on TBS. How the hell do these idiots keep their jobs? TBS are not scraping the bottom of the barrel employing these guys, these guys are the bottom of the barrel!

I repeat, Oh god!

Not only the playoffs but regular Sunday games too. Depressing.

hey first timer commenter here. I love your blog. I just wanted to say, don't sweat about the people that didn't get your joke. you are in a position to broadcast your views to a lot of people, and it's natural that not all of them are going to understand the intent with which your stuff is written. just keep doin what your doin, it's good the way it is.

88mets -- thanks for the support. Don't worry, I found it funny more than anything else that some people got so angry about something that was written as a joke.

Mike love your blog. I have been a fan since spring training. You are must read every morning. Have noticed an increase in post's so that gotta tell you something!

Thanks, Patrick.

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