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The Best Way to Shea?

Mike SteffanosThursday, July 13, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

As we wait for this interlude from baseball to end tomorrow afternoon in Chicago, I wonder if some of you have some good advice to share with other Mets fans. I received an e-mail today from Evan. After noting that stadium parking was getting tougher, Evan wondered if I knew of a ferry service from Connecticut to Shea. I don't, other than taking the Port Jeff ferry from Bridgeport and driving a zillion miles, which obviously isn't what Evan has in mind.

I live quite a distance away from New York City in Connecticut. Last year I brought Lisa to the second-to-last game of the season on a whim. The crowd wasn't huge, and we were able to drive and park with no problem. My method of coming to Shea over the years when I'm anticipating a lot of traffic and parking problems is to drive about 40 minutes to Fairfield, take the train into Grand Central (another hour+), then take 2 subways to Shea, which takes another half hour or so. I haven't been to a game yet (although I promised my 70-year-old Mom I'd take her) because I have some health problems that are slowing me down, and that whole drive-train-subway turns a game into an exhausting all-day affair.

So, does anyone out there have any good tips for Evan and me coming from Connecticut? Please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. Not just for us, either -- if you have any great tips for parking or getting to the game in general that might benefit other fans, please pass them along. As the Mets continue to play well and the new stadium squeezes out more parking spaces, this is sure to be a growing concern for Mets fans, particularly those who are traveling in from a distance.

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Bergen Record: Willie
Willie Randolph tells Steve Popper that he doesn't understand why the team is doing well and he is constantly being bashed by elements of the media and Mets fans. Let me explain it to you, Willie...

... Come to think of it, I don't get it, either.

Newsday: Livan
In Ken Davidoff 's column today discussing what the Mets and Yankees might do to bolster their second half runs, Davidoff spells out a possible Livan Hernandez deal:

In return for Livan Hernandez, the Nationals still wonder whether they can get Lastings Milledge or Mike Pelfrey. They can't, of course. Washington must be motivated to move Hernandez's salary in return for little talent, and then Minaya can really negotiate with his counterpart Jim Bowden. Expect the Nats to relent as we approach July 31, and for Minaya to reunite the Hernandez half-brothers, just as he did in Montreal three years ago.

Hernandez is slated to make $7 million in 2007, a large sum to invest in a pitcher who is showing many signs of being on the downside of his career. His knee is bad. He's been absolutely terrible this year. He's thrown a ton of innings for the old-school Frank Robinson over the last few years. He's listed at 31, and is as likely to really be that age as his brother Orlando is to be the 36 he is supposed to be.

Make no mistake about it, the buzz around the Nats is that they are confident they can receive a Mike Pelfrey or Lastings Milledge in return for Hernandez. I have supported Minaya steadily, but he would absolutely lose on a deal that gave up a good prospect for Livan. You're doing the Nats a favor by clearing his salary. The Mets have so little quality left in the system, especially prospects even close to major-league ready, that this deal would be unforgivable in my eyes. This is the kind of deal that has crippled this franchise for years.

No argument here if you want to take a flyer on Livan for a second-tier talent, but if it takes anything more than that, please pass on the deal, Omar.

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Comments (12)

Mets Grrl grew up in Connecticut.

If you are coming from CT, you should just take Metro North to Grand Central, walk downstairs, and get the 7 train. There are so many signs that it's a no brainer - not like in the past where if you were in a hurry, you could end up going the wrong way before you had a chance to orient yourself. If you take an express 7 train, it's VERY quick to Shea, and except for weekends, there will be an Express 7 train.

Now, coming home after the game, there is no express 7 train, but you just repeat the process. Only problem with this... extra innings and the fact that Metro-North stops at 1something, 2something on friday and saturday. that could be cutting it close.

In terms of driving and parking, even those of us who park practically in brooklyn and walk are now running out of options. First of all - the Mets are popular! Even getting there an hour before the game won't guarantee you a space underneath the Grand Central with the rest of the budget-conscious folk, simply because there are now more people than there were last year at this time. If you get there less than an hour before the game - forget about being able to park and run.

I know you didn't ask, but -- If you are coming from Long Island, there is excellent LIRR/7 train integration. But, the girls who sit next to us (who are from LI) often drive into Flushing, park there, and take the 7 one stop to Shea. That could also be a possibility for people coming from CT, but it isn't something you could do by winging it, you'd have to research in advance.

DO NOT DRIVE TO SHEA WHILE THE US OPEN IS ON ACROSS THE STREET. It will take you HOURS and you will end up parking at the ends of the earth. Just dont do it. You'll never see first pitch. you'll be lucky to be in your seat by the top of the third inning even if you plan to get there an hour in advance.

I live in Brooklyn and while we really SHOULD take the train, the G train (which has great connecdtion fromthe 7) during the week late at night is ridiculously slow and unreliable, so we drive - but now that unofficial parking is getting increasingly difficult, we have to rethink our options.

p.s. Mike - why are you taking two trains from Grand Central? It should only be one. There is even an escalator down to the 7 from the subway entrance level.

Does anyone how to get back to North Jersey (Bergen County) from Shea for late games? Right now I'm taking the 7 to Port Authority and catching a bus, but the last bus leaves at 12:15.

Mets Grrl, I stopped coming to Shea for many years (1990, I think) until last year, when I was able to easily drive on the day I came last year. I hated the direction the team was going, and preferred to be home where I could throw things at the tv and curse Steve Phillips.

Back in the 80s when I used to take the subway, there didn't used to be a direct link to the 7 from GCS, you had to take a subway to Times Square and transfer, at least I'm 99% sure that's how I remember it. I am getting a little senile, and the subways were powered by coal back then. It makes me a little more likely to do this knowing that I don't have to switch subway trains. Thanks.

The problem with parking is going to get worse as construction starts. Mass transit may be the best alternative for a while.

Dear Omar,

Don't make a move just for the sale of a move. Plenty of talent in the system believe it or not. Please no Livan, even if his brah is here. Zito can be had after the season for a draft choice. But if you must make a deal, here is one fan's guidelines:

Talent absolutely NOT to be traded:
Jose Reyes
David Wright
Mike Pelfrey (really can't deal him anyway)
Lastings Milledge
Henry Owens

No chance of being traded:
Pedro Martinez
Tom Glavine
Billy Wagner
Paul LoDuca
Endy Chavez
Duaner Sanchez
Xavier Nady
Julio Franco
Juan Padilla - remember him? Can't trade injured goods.
Philip Humber - coming off injury

Should be traded for heap of prospects, but probably won't:
Cliff Floyd
Steve Trachsel

Keep 'em around:
Raul Castro
Jose Valentin
Chris Woodward
Chad Bradford
Brian Bannister
El Duque

You can never have too many situational southpaws:
Jose Feliciano
Royce Ring
Darren Oliver

Prospects that can be moved (in order of desirability):
Aaron Heilman - doesn't really belong here, but now moveable
Heath Bell
Michel Abreu
Anderson Hernandez
John Maine
Alay Soler
Victor Diaz
Anderson Garcia
Chris Basak

Check out David Wright on Letterman...Hot foot via Mets Blog.com

Dave, you did a heck of a job breaking it all down.
Rev, I actually DVR'ed it but should have linked to the video for anyone who didn't:


Mike, you mention all the innings Liv Hernandez has pitched for Frank Robinson and the Nats. Fact is, Hernandez has been right at the top of pitches made to betters MOST years of his career, stretching back to his days with the Marlins. I specifically remember him throwing the most pitches in the NL in 1998, for a Marlins team that lost 104 games, which was about the time I decided that maybe there was a downside to having Jim Leyland as your manager; I wonder if those young fireballers in Detroit will be coming to the same conclusion in a year or two.

Liv has led the league in innings pitched three (consecutive) seasons; he led the league in hit four different seasons, which is hardly a recommendation in itself and also means you have to throw to the next batter. Obviously Hernandez was blessed with a rubber arm, but I think we're seeing the breakdown phase of his career now. That, plus there's the $7 million he is owed in 2007.

I pass. The Mets can do better with an in-house solution.

Make that "batters," not betters." Liv Hernandez pitches to batters. Nor did I intend to type "bettors."

There's no caste system in baseball, outside of the rookie/everybody else thing; Liv Hernandez doesn't need me keeping him down, referring to anyone as his better. Nor do I mean to suggest that he consorts with gamblers.

Just to be clear.

Rubin: Mets Could Get Garcia Or Vazquez

On MLB rumors.

DD -- you have to be very careful to spell things out sometimes, as I learned a couple of days ago. I agree with you that the $7 million next year for Livan scares me, and I think he's wearing out.
Ed, Adam Rubin had that one in the News, too. It seems to have some legs.

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