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Think I'll Pass...

Mike SteffanosTuesday, July 25, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Cubs 8 - Mets 6

Tonight I had to work late at the paying job. I made it home in time to watch another ninth inning "close but no cigar" moment and as much of the post-game show as I could stomach. My standard operating procedure on days like this is to watch the game, which I DVR'ed, and then post about it either tonight or tomorrow morning. Even if the game is really depressing, I try to catch most of it so I can write honestly about what I saw. You know what, though, not tonight. I just don't want to sit through Tom Glavine giving up yet another lead. On a night when the Mets were looking for their veteran southpaw to pick them up, he dug them the same deep hole that Steve Trachsel dug yesterday.

My 72-year-old Mom often calls me after a game like this because I often find something about even a bad game to cheer her up. If she calls tonight, I'm not answering the phone, because I don't like lying to my Mom.

My advice to my fellow Mets fans is to go to bed -- advice that I'm going to take myself the second this is posted. You'll wake up tomorrow and the sun will be shining. Try to forget the last couple of nights happened. John Maine tries to end the 3-game losing streak at noon tomorrow.

Thoughts from some people who actually watched the game:

Matthew Cerrone, MetsBlog:
...though i feel good that the team fought the entire night, i am not liking this three-game losing streak...these games have all been played rather sloppy, and with the mets constantly playing from behind...
Shari, Take the "7" Train:
You really have to be a tad concerned when two teams that do not score much end up scoring 8 runs in your house in consecutive games.
Mets Grrl, Mets Grrl:
As we were walking in silence back to the car, cutting through the parking lots and over the muddy fields, I took a deep breath and realized that the smell was no longer of summer, but of late summer, of the end of 2006, not the beginning. It's more than half over now, and now we are 11 1/2 games ahead ofthe Braves (down from 12. down from 12 1/2. down from...), and I wonder if we are both letting it slip away too fast.

Or maybe I am being ridiculously maudlin.

Probably, since earlier the Mets Grrl household bought a Sunday plan for the rest of the year - or rather TBF did, since the Tuesday-Friday is already in my name. Do I have to tell you why?


Ah, the rollercoaster.

Amen to all -- and Mets Grrl, you're right about the rollercoaster, and you actually cheered me up, a not insignificant accomplishment this dreary evening. I'm sure more of my colleagues will weigh in tonight, but I'm checking out early.

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Was at tonites game....great seats in the mezzanine directly above homeplate. The Mets played sharp baseball compared to the laxadaisical previous games. If Glavine was sharp, and hadnt given up those first inning homers it would have been a different outcome. Some clutch hitting from Chavez, and Beltran is in a power groove. Floyd and Delgado struggled offensively, but defensively Cliff snagged a dart that if it went past him, would have been a easy triple; athletic precision play by a big man. What can u say ...they battled all night and at least no cheap runs given up. Crucial play at first looked debatable, with Glavine fielding bing bam and throwing high, seemingly to avoid decapitating the runner. Zambrano was in the mid 90's all night. Ninth inning was high energy but anti-climactic as the air was let out. Good effort.

Mike, I catch what games I can on TV(WGN tonight), but mostly on the MLB package on my computer here in Florida. From what I have seen the last few weeks, the team seems listless, sloppy, uninspired, and enamored of the HR ball, to the point of hitting multiple warning track fly balls instead of getting line drive's in the gap. Take away that rash of grand slams last week, and who knows how ugly this would be now. My own elderly Mom has watched me call plays and action before it happens lately; you just have a feel for the bad things that are going to happen when watching games of late(during my many years of playing and managing ball teams, I could always tell before the game started if we were going to win or not; it just was so obvious). The Mets look tired, and worse yet, bored! Time for Willie or one of the vets to light a fire under these guys again, and put the pedal to the metal(like the '86 team did). Good call though; better to get a good night's sleep!

Two Trachsels in a row? I feel your pain brother and this too shall pass. I think the kids will pick us up. Meet me by the lake we will skip some rocks together.

Mike, thanks for the shoutout, and yes, I am an idiot. Ahead. Fixed. :)

n8genius -- Thanks for the update on the game. What worries me most about Glavine is that he can't hold a lead anymore.
George -- I guess every team goes through its highs and lows, although I admit it worries me at times that they depend a little too much on HRs. It's hard to play from behind every night, especially when as soon as you come back your pitchers give it right back. I'm much more worried about the pitching than I am the team.
REV AL -- Meet me in the Shea parking lot and we shall skip some rocks at Mr. Glavine and Mr. Trachsel. I KNOW that will make me feel better...
Mets Grrl -- We all operate without a net doing a blog. We write, we're tired, there is no copy editor that has our back. Sometimes I catch my mistakes myself, sometimes one of my readers points it out. I only had one person ever that was nasty about one of my mistakes -- I offered him a full refund for all he paid to read my blog and never heard from him again.

You're not an idiot. For an example of that, please refer here.

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