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Chris Russo Has No Shame, Pelfrey Sent Down

Mike SteffanosWednesday, August 2, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I read Shari's post at Take the "7" Train concerning WFAN's Chris Russo implying on his radio show that Duaner Sanchez brought his misfortune upon himself by deciding to be out at 2 in the morning. I could identify with what Shari was talking about when she shared her own experiences living at odd hours. When I was in my twenties, I worked from 3:30 - midnight for years, essentially the hours that ballplayers work at the same age as Sanchez. You think nothing of going out and doing something at 2 AM. It's just not that big of a deal -- it's like someone who works a day job going out at 8 PM.

If Sanchez was drunk and driving a car, any criticism would be fair. He was in a freaking cab. Chris Russo is a barefaced wh*re who is willing to exploit anything to keep people tuning in so he can keep that expensive house in Fairfield County. Whether it's the racism that was directed towards Omar Minaya a few months ago or Sanchez' pain and misfortune, there is literally no limit to how low Russo and his partner are willing to sink. If Sanchez wasn't so badly hurt, this would just be silly. In this case, it's shameless. Absolutely no one should be surprised.

Can't Stop The Bleeding also weighs in on this one.

Mets.com: Pelfrey Down, Ring Up
A press release on Mets.com informs us that Mike Pelfrey has been sent down to AAA-Norfolk and lefty reliever Royce Ring has been promoted to take his place. If anyone is wondering why Heath Bell wasn't promoted, he hasn't been down for the required 10 days yet. Ring is intriguing, as he finally seems to be sorting things out. He can be a valuable lefty if he can consistently throw strikes.

Newsday Mets Blog: Pelfrey
Bob Herzog offers some insight from Willie Randolph and Pelfrey himself on the rookie's experiences with the big-league club:

"This was a real positive thing for Pelfrey. A win-win situation for the Mets and for him," manager Willie Randolph said. "He pitched well and gained experience. We got a glimpse of our future and he got a taste of the big leagues."

It tasted so good that Pelfrey, despite smiling and joking with reporters as he packed up for his move, admitted, "Of course I'm disappointed. But I got a chance to work with [pitching coach Rick] Peterson and he changed some things mechanically. I made some bad pitches but I learned from them. It won't be the last bad one I make. ... I'll be better prepared next time."

I like this kid, and that's the kind of attitude that's going to make him a fine major-league pitcher.

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Comments (9)

Mike , I must admit , you and I think alike when it comes to our New York Metsies . I Love reading your column , and I seldom disagree with some of the Daily comments you make about the game , or what's going on with Met Management . So keep up the Good Work Mike ! And one more thing , some of my fellow Mets Fans have followed me here to your Website at my advisement , and really enjoy reading your Deep Logical Thoughts.

LETS GO METS ! BELIEVE ! .... aka stem50

Mark -- thanks very for the kind words, and for the recommendation.

Hey Mike -- I completely agree that defacing someone for the point of ratings is shameless. I'm sure if anyone bothered -- and it wouldn't be worth the while -- that they could find alot of worse things about Chris Russo than being injured in the back of a cab. But, I guess the point is, who cares? Most in the know Mets fans know Chris Russo is full of it and maybe even commenting on what he says -- like I am know -- gives him some of the attention he wants. I am in no way criticizing your comments -- I would make similar ones too if I had a blog -- it is just an observtion that ocurred to me.

Russo is a horse's orifice....he spouts the most wacked out sh-t...and whats worse is he takes himself seriously...sanctimonious blowhard thinks hes better and smarter than everyone...I heard Cashman on Tuesday tell him basically to f-off.. wise ass Russo, of coursed countered with what good "friends" they are...right...hes everybodys buddy, Mr.Charm himself. That disgusting grating voice ...I wanna strangle him, but all i can do is throw the radio out the frigging window hoping that somehow that taking sphincter muscle, can feel the pain....I heard his diatribe at one pm...and when I turned it back on at 4pm he was still grinding that same axe...smarmy moron was still saying.."order room service....wheres anyplace open in Miami anyway....dominican food at 2am..."....in my best Moe Fine voice...."well...I ouughta"

GH -- I don't mention Russo or his partner in my blog very often, for the very reason you mention, but felt this was something I had to call him on.
n8genius -- I think you said it all, buddy.

Agreed Mike! Although, wouldn't it be cool to get him on a Web cast with a bunch of Mets bloggers calling him on his Mets-related comments! Now, that would be a cool broadcast! He would actually have to respond to unfiltered, knowledgeable Mets fans!

Russo is scavenger. Is he really scrapping the bottom of the barrell with his partner Fatboy on vacation. I just hope the Mets cut him off as far as interviews go. I understand the idea behind Randolph interviews. But we don't need promotion from them THAT bad. This guy touched on a very sensitive issue and I doubt he would say that to ANY Mets players face. If the Mets choose to do business with him, I would hope Willie would give him an earful on the air. This is the eqivalent of throwing a beanball at your players head. Just disguting. Willie needs to stand up for his players. Let Russo go play Tennis at the country club. He was never a ballplayer.

GH -- I doubt if he would care very much what we thought. It would be interesting if he really had to answer hard questions instead of just hanging up on someone.
Chris -- If the Mets did that, they'd be playing into his hands. Willie has a contract with WFAN to do those shows, anyway. Russo is just a clown. I stopped listening to him early in the year and don't regret the decision. Every once in a while when I'm driving in my car in the afternoon I'll slip and turn on WFAN like a junkie coming back to crack. Within 10 minutes I wind up changing the channel, anyway. I don't really miss it.

Call WFAN at 718.937.6666 with a 2 point question.

Ask a sports question. Then follow up with a question directed at Dog - "So, Chris, did you really enjoy flying solo recently? Do you think the show was better solo as Bob from Cranbury pointed out last week to you?


I'll be DVRing

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