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Mike SteffanosThursday, August 10, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

[Updated April 4, 2011:]

I am NOT automatically moderating comments that contain links anymore. Movable Type has come out with improved SPAM filtering capabilities and they have alleviated the problem.

If, however, for any reason your comment doesn't get posted, feel free to email me and I'll figure out what went wrong.

By the way, the guidelines below still apply.

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[Original Post:]

The unfortunate need to delete a couple of comments today for the first time in the existence of this blog makes it necessary to lay down some sort of a policy. Here goes:

  1. I believe in free speech, so you're going to really have to go out of your way to force me to delete your pearls of wisdom from this site. However, do understand that I reserve the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason I see fit to do so.
  2. I don't require that you stay on topic. You can talk about whatever you want, as long as what you have to say has some interest for readers of this blog. What I won't tolerate is personal attacks, comments intended only to antagonize or comments that are thinly disguised ads for other web sites.
  3. If you're a fan of another team and don't like the Mets, go vent somewhere else. This is a web site by a Mets fan for other Mets fans. Your comments will be deleted.
  4. Keep your language clean. I don't swear here, and I'd appreciate if you didn't. I'd like for parents to feel comfortable having their kids read this site. I'm no angel, so if I can express myself without profanity, you can, too. Be creative.
  5. As author of this blog, I try to respond to each and every comment. What I won't do is allow myself to get drawn into long, protracted debates with commenters. I have only so much time to put into this blog, I won't spend large chunks of my time on pointless intellectual sparring. [Note 2/28/2010: I don't try to respond to every comment anymore unless the commenter specifically asks for my response.]
  6. Just be respectful. We have fun here disagreeing with each other, but we do it with respect.
  7. Hate speech against individuals or groups will never be tolerated, and you will be reported to your ISP.

This page will be updated as needed. By posting a comment to this site, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

Please see also My Comment Doesn't Show Up On the Site

Comments (14)

Mike, thank you for having the best and most well thought out posts of any web site. After reading some of the comments on your site this AM I thought that some 'rules' would have to be coming to maintain the high standards of the site. Once again, you didn't let me down! Great work

Mike, thank you for having the best and most well thought out posts of any web site. After reading some of the comments on your site this AM I thought that some 'rules' would have to be coming to maintain the high standards of the site. Once again, you didn't let me down! Great work

Amen. I've been reading your site for a few months, and I think it's the best Mets info on the 'Net outside of the people who are paid to do this kinda thing (and even in that department, you trump some of the knuckleheads in both cyberspace and the New York media who think they can handle it). For the sake of all of us, keep doing what you're doing... hopefully, someday, a member of the sportswriting industry with a brain will fork over some cash to have you write for him. If I came across a site like this, it wouldn't take me much time to have you in for an interview, to say the least.

Mike I love your site. I think it's the adult site for Met fans. That being said I really don't think we need censorship. Welcome all comments on your site and choose to reply to the ones you find relevent. Let your your followers take the task in hand to debate and react.

Censorship only resticts your view points and puts you in a position that I don't think you deserve.

I once again have to say as I have in the past you are required reading every morning....I just want the whole story.

I think poster Joe should hit the "send" button a few more times.

I hope you don't let the occasional jerk, or the occasional need to play cop get you down, Mike. I enjoy your site immensely, and appreciate the effort required to keep it current.

Hi Mike- I know what it's like to get a few people that get nasty on your site, over at MVN they do the moderating, but once in a while I get the occasional person that wants to be antagonistic and doesn't like what I have to say. Even my cowriter Kevin and I go at it with eachother, but like you say we do it respectfully.
I politely tell them if they don't like what I write thats fine, then don't read it.
I think your site is one of the best Mets blogs out there, don't listen to a few fools who feel getting nasty is the way to express themselves.


Keep doin' what you're doin'. I second Matt's comment above that you're better than many of the guys out there who get paid to do it for the dinosaur media.

Here in Orlando, Florida, there are so many transplanted Northerners, it's not hard to find good bagels, good kosher hot dogs, and even an occasional good slice of pizza. It it hard to be a professional baseball fan, though; this town couldn't even support a Double-A franchise.

The only Mets fix I get these days is the occasional game on Fox, or the Cubs and/or Braves networks. But it's not as much fun watching those games through the perspective of the other team, especially that Braves announcer who sounds like Fozzie Bear (I swear, every time I hear his voice, I mentally add in a "Wokka Wokka").

So you, Mike, are my lifeline to my Mets (they're not just YOUR Mets, y'know), and I know most regular readers would say the same. You put your heart into this on a damn near daily basis, and I appreciate it. Rock on, Mike!

This isn't a public newspaper. It's a private site about a sports team. Let's not start calling the ACLU (of which I am a card-carrying member) and throwing around strong words like "censorship".

Mike's not saying that if you post an opinion about the Mets or baseball and he disagrees with it, he's going to delete your post, he's saying that if an obvious troll comes onto HIS site that HE pays for and HE puts his time into, he's allowed to delete their comment without having to justify it, or get into a protracted comment war with a loser.

But at the end of the day:
It's his site.
His money.
His time.
His effort.

If he wanted to declare that everyone who commented on posts had to wear a Tom Seaver jersey while posting, he could do that, because it's HIS SITE. No one holds a gun to your head and forces you to post or comment here. If you disagree with his policies, you are free to go elsewhere.

But let's not get out of hand and start accusing the man of censorship. Please, some proportion here.

Joe -- I honestly haven't had a problem with any comments posted to this site before I removed 2 by some jerk Yankee fan that used profanity and ranted a lot of silly b.s. I just felt I had to put up some guidelines after taking his 2 comments down.
Matt -- Thanks for the kind words.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Patrick -- You'll never see me remove a comment from this site for disagreeing with me. Someone has to go pretty far to cross the line. I took a year for the first one.
dd -- Thanks, I really appreciate it.
Shari -- Thanks. You already know how much I appreciate the work that you and Kevin do on "7" Train.
Nostra Dennis -- Thanks. One of the more satisfying parts of doing this is hearing from transplanted Mets fans who enjoy this blog.
Mets Grrl -- I appreciate your strong defense, and I promise there will be no "censorship" on this site. In a way, though, it is everybody's site, and all the people that have been leaving comments, such as you, have made it much better.

Mike, I'm sorry you went through this today. I missed whatever was said, and that's fine... you have a great site and try not to let this bother you (btw - I fail at this... I get upset everytime someone comes after me...). Maybe it's a bad week to be named Mike...


You get used to it, Mack, and the great comments outweigh those others.

Hi Mike, home for lunch and jumped on for my daily pick me up from your blog. What the heck happened? I love this blog and all those who chime in. It has become like family. I am proud to be part of it and if I was ever out of line, I would expect you and the family to tell me. Most , if not all of us have an e-mail address to our sign in, and I asked you once or twice,to e-mail me, if I was out of line or did something that might offend on the blog.I would not want to spoil the great freedom we have to say what we want. But I also know that there should be a line in the sand. Even GOD has a set of rules and its not called censorship, its called righteousness. Thank you Mike for keeping your blog "just right" for us to enjoy. See you later.

No big deal, Rev. I explain it in my latest post.

I work New York Mets for 39 years. I'm hearing impaired. I enjoyed to watch your SNY of NY Mets games. I encourage you having closed captioned as YES has it Many thanks Let's Go Mets! Tod Tillotson

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