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Daryl, Rethink Your Boycott

Mike SteffanosThursday, August 10, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

With the news that Daryl Strawberry will not attend the 1986 Mets reunion because of a dispute over deferred money, I'd like to offer Daryl some advice: put your differences aside and just show up.

When Mets fans old enough to remember the '80s think back on Daryl and Doc Gooden, the two young stars that came up together; there is more than a touch of ambivalence to go along with those bittersweet memories. Our pride in your early achievements is counterbalanced by extreme disappointment in how you dissipated your talents. Daryl, you were the Prince of the City in those years, but you didn't value what you had. You left New York behind because of petty squabbles with Mets management, and your career was never the same.

Mets fans have accepted you back as one of their own, despite everything that has gone before. You may think that boycotting this reunion is just a dispute with the Mets, but ultimately this reunion is for the fans. Choosing not to come, after taking part in the Yankees Old Timer's day this year, is a slap in the face to those fans who loved you once and accepted you back. I'm not sure what that means to you, but I can promise you that I will not pay a nickel for anything with your signature on it if you skip this event. Why should you be able to cash in on our feelings for you when they don't matter to you now?

I stay away from telling other people what to do, but I recommend to every other Mets fan that if Daryl boycotts our reunion, we boycott any Strawberry memorabilia or paid appearances.

Newark Star-Ledger: Mets sign Mulvey
Bridget Wentworth reports on the signing of this year's second round pick. She quotes Omar Minaya on what Kevin Mulvey brings to the table:

He has an ability to pitch, he throws strikes and he's a good athlete. And we take into account the person as well. He comes from a good family.

Ability, a competitive edge and a good upbringing. If you have those three components you have a chance to be a major-league player.

Mets.com: Cliff on the DL
Marty Noble reports the Cliff Floyd has gone on the Disabled List again. I have two words, Cliff: Designated Hitter.

Getting Paid To Watch: Daryl
Bob Sikes provides his invaluable insider's view of Strawberry's first messy breakup with the Mets.

Also, to Bob's chastising of the New York tabloids I give a hearty, "Amen, brother!"

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Comments (12)

Agreed, Darryl is punishing himself and the fans by not showing up to the site of his greatest years.

As for Floyd on the DL: damn, the Mets went from having about the best outfield package in team history to suddenly looking way too much like all those Brian MacRae-ish teams, particularly on a day like today when Beltran sits out. Timo and Hambone and Allensworth, yikes!

I'm thinking it was a mistake, hitting the panic button when Sanchez went down. Maybe not a huge mistake for most teams, but when have the Mets ever had enough outfielders?

There were several viable candidates in the system who could have filled the bullpen posotion as well as Roberto is likely to, albeit just as unlikely as Hernandez to give the Mets the stellar work that Duaner delivered. It would have been a wash, at least compared to what we settled for; and we need someone like Xavier Nady now.

It's enough to send one to the board game of "who can play the outfield well, and is overpaid enough to slip through the waiver wire?" Which is a game I try to avoid.

dd -- I'm not trying to be melodramatic, but I'm kind of done with Daryl if he doesn't show up.

I agree with you that the team misses Xavier Nady a lot right now, more most seem to give credit. If Floyd can come back healthy and hit, that would be huge. I think the Mets need to find a right-handed OF with some pop, especially if Milledge doesn't find himself.

I have never known any player that has given so much to an organization, but has taken away even more. Strawberry helped (in the regular season) the Mets win the World Series in 1986, but along with Gooden, ended up costing them at least two more.

Strawberry never cared about the team then, he only cared about drugs and himself. Ironically at this years Yankee Old Timers Game, he stated to the media that he considers himself a Met. Then he turns his back on the fans that still pay his salary, when he is denied money that he doesn't deserve.

I still think today he had the sweetest swing in baseball, but it's time to practice tough love, and let him go.

I have tix for the game on the 19th. I am going to see some of the true New York Mets like Carter, Mex, Nails, and Darling. Even if Strw was to show up, it would feel like a fraud.

I agree with 99% of what you said, Ed, but I still think it shows something to Mets fans if Daryl shows up. I doubt that he will, though, and if he doesn't I'm done with him.

Darryl strawberry is a non issue. It makes for tabloid fodder and little else.

X is also a non issue. It is well stated he was bait ever since he was acquired. The real awol guy is cliff. We have a lefty power bat and top assist ofer who has not done it this yr. Frankly he could have been traded for more than X was. Lets hope he and the milledge people come around in Sept/Oct. The silver lining is Tucker could be that last ofer vice Leddee/Marerro.

Ed, Strawberry may not be an issue to you, but he's an issue to me, or I wouldn't have written this. All you people who keep telling me that Nady isn't an issue are frankly starting to sound quite silly to me. I'd take him back right now if I could.

Hi Mike- I competely agree, I have very strong feelings for all of those 1986 Mets, they gave me in particular the first championship season that I ever saw from opening Day until Game 7. For Strawberry to be so petty is very upsetting.

With Piazza in town, it became so clear why people love the guy and still have a hard time believing in Straw. Granted, Piazza would frustrate me to no end with his unwillingness to be a "leader" in the clubhouse. I hated hearing about how he'd hide in the clubhouse away from his teammates. I thought it was lame. But that nothing compared to the walking contradiction that is Daryl Strawberry. I really wanted to forgive and forget with Straw. You know, remember the good days. But how can Straw be mad that the Mets would not give him money when he has done nothing to deserve it. You can't even fault the Mets for not giving Straw a "hand out" to help after the crap he pulled by showing up in a Yankees uniform for Old Timers day at the Stadium.

This whole thing just made it all that much clearer why 1. The Mets should eventually retire #31 and 2. Why Piazza should go in to the HOF as a Met. Have you ever seen a visiting player get a standing O and an encore from a visiting team? We know Piazza received no such treatment in L.A.. And Straw sure won't be getting one in Shea anytime soon

Hi Shari -- I guess I just get tired of the B.S. with Daryl sometimes.
Joe -- I think it's the Hall of Fame itself that decides what hat the player is wearing on his plaque. I rember there was some controversy when Roger Clemens "retired" and said he wanted to go in as a Yankee.

Gary Carter too who had more AB/GG's as an Expo but was 'famous' as a Met.

Gary Carter too who had more AB/GG's as an Expo but was 'famous' as a Met. Actually Carter wanted to go in as a Met.

He had his best years with the Expos, and played there a lot longer than New York. It probably made sense. I guess there was some controversy a while back that the Devil Rays were allegedly paying Wade Boggs to go in as a D-Ray.

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