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I Need To Work On My Communication Skills

Mike SteffanosFriday, August 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

In my earlier post, I tried to give everyone a heads-up on what's going to be going on over the next few months. I seem to have inadvertently given some the idea that I will be retiring or not posting as often. That's not the case, please allow me to clarify:

It's been my standard operating procedure to average 2 posts a day. Some days I might do more, sometimes I might only post once. I plan to continue posting at that same pace, although I might have a few more days where I only post once. Usually I tried to post something in the morning with my opinion on an issue regarding the team and some news items of interest. What's been happening more and more is I'm not getting that one up until mid-afternoon and often I don't have the time to link to as many news stories/other blogger's stuff as I would like.

With the time I have, I'd like to focus on presenting an original opinion on some issue. I'll probably do a lot less linking to other stuff, as I feel the links I have at the bottom of this post do a better job of that than I do, anyway. I think I have more to contribute by concentrating my time on my original stuff.

Every day there is a Mets game I do a recap on the game. Usually it shows a couple of hours after the game, sometimes as late as the next morning. I plan to continue to post a recap after every game, with the possible exception of when I go on vacation with Lisa for a week at the end of September. I do think I have been somewhat -- ahem -- long-winded in some of my recaps, and will probably cut them down a little, but I have no plans to stop writing them.

I love the comments and emails, and hope that you'll keep them coming whenever you feel inclined. I hope you'll understand if I get a little busy and it takes me a while to answer you, but I will continue to answer any comment or email I get.

I can guarantee this blog will be around until the end of the season and into the fall, and then we'll have to see what I'm doing for a living after this year, and whether it affords me the time to do this. Make no mistake, though, this blog is important to me, and if I can keep it going after this year I will.

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Comments (2)

Hi Mike- I just read what you said-I didn't misunderstand it, but I'm glad to hear that you will continue blogging-the Mets blogosphere would not be the same with out mikesmets!

On the health front I hope you continue feeling better and recover soon, I don't know alot of about Lyme's disease, but I do live in the woods and I worry about it all the time.We are paranoid with our dogs and check them constantly for ticks.
When I walk them I always put a baseball hat on because I'm afraid I'll get one in my hair and not know until it's too late-my husband Dan had to have a tick surgically removed when he was a child and I always think of that. He of course does not wear a hat when we walk the dogs.

Anyway-you've become a great e-friend to me and the 7 Train and I'm glad you'll be around!

Same here, Shari. Lyme isn't that big of a deal if it's treated early and properly. Your doctor can tell you what to look out for. If you even suspect you have been exposed to a tick, have the test done. It's unusual in this day and age to have the problems with Lyme that I have, but I wasn't diagnosed or treated early enough. Enjoy the woods. Oh -- and congrats to your husband "Dan The Man" for getting the DSL back so quick. Like I always tell Lisa, sometimes we come in handy.

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