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If You Missed It

Mike SteffanosFriday, August 18, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It was a tough day at work today, and I didn't have time to do anything more early in the day than get the Mets DVD set contest up there. There was a few items I would like to have pointed to from this morning, and a couple that came up later on. Consider this the "better late than never" post. If you missed any of these, they're well worth checking out:

Mets.com: Strawberry decides he's a Met, after all (Scroll Down)
Daryl decided he will show up for the reunion Saturday. Good move, my friend.

Take the "7" Train: What's going on?
Shari takes a long look at what migh be behind the Mets recent struggles.

LoneStar Mets: Dan's got the dirt
A funny post from Dan, but he kind of scares me a little with this one, too. You need to stop inhaling those aerosol vapors, Dan.

Faith and Fear in Flushing: Infomercial
Greg's been inhaling some vapors himself after today's win. The result is a funny parody of those collections hawked on late-night TV.

Am I the only one old enough to remember those awful cheesy compilation albums they sold in the 70's and 80's where the hits weren't even performed by the original artists? These knockoffs were recorded by some studio musicians that called themselves "The Sound Effects", and the songs didn't even sound close to the original hits.

Metstradamus: A picture is worth a thousand words
In this case, maybe more.

Baseball America: Kevin Mulvey
Finally, in Thurdsay's Ask BA column, Jim Callis gives his opinion on the right-hander who was the Mets second round pick in this year's draft:

New York's top pick in the June draft, Mulvey ranks in the Mets' second tier of prospects. He's behind outfielder Fernando Martinez and righthanders Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber, and alongsinde players such as righty Deolis Guerra, lefty Jon Niese and outfielder Carlos Gomez.

There was talk that he could go in the supplemental first round, but the Mets landed him in the middle of the second round and signed him for slot money, $585,000. He has three solid pitches, including a low-90s fastball, a curveball or a slider. Despite his good stuff, Mulvey didn't dominate mid-level competition at Villanova, so that's a red flag. But if he develops as hoped, he should be a nice mid-rotation starter for New York two or three years from now.

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Comments (4)

Sorry to scare you, Mike. I think that it is way too hot in Texas.

I'll get over it. I've been inhaling a lot of vapors myself lately.

morning all.

I read Shari's post and I concur with most of her sentiments.
1. I think that the loss of Sanchez was huge. It has taken 2 weeks to get Bradford to step into heilman's old role and Heilman himself sorted out. Also Oliver has shifted. I still think Ring as well as another reliever could be imported, as Oliver was VERY successfull in his old role. In the playoffs there will be games where he will come into the 4th inning and bridge to the 6th/7th.

2. we need a bat to replace Nady. Preston is a cardinal now. That in itself probably means a deal for Green is all but done. Floyd could be DL-ed for the yr, then walk as a FA. Green would then be a facvtor thru next yr and as a lefty bat would at least platoon in RF. Milledge could STILL be traded (Oswalt), and Gomez be in the subsequent mix.

3. The talk about pedro is warranted. But in 99, we walked into RJ's ARZ and took that series with Reed/Yoshi/Jones/Rogers et al.
Glavine, and Maine are a decent 1-2 with Petey and Traxx.

4. Ollie is the saviour. But I think Omar is deflecting hype. If Olie pitches on Sat...its a no win. If he pitches bad (throw him under a bus), if good (to much pressure). I suspect they want 3 good starts. As pointed out there was observation that he had no extension on his leg kick, and his arm angle was off...the result is obvious, he looks as tho (ala Loduca in the all star game) as if he is lobbing in gopher balls. VZ had the same issue. When his elbow would flare up he would either have no gas or no control. as such we all saw VZ had no hit stuff for 4-5 innings before pain would set in and he lost velocity and became hittable.

5. I for one wish VZ the best and hope he comes back. Also I hope a little more tinkering and Ollie can be a post season starter.
If Perez is a LH for next yr, then I think Schmidt/Oswalt rather than Zito is imported next yr. Interesting that the dodgers unlike Omar went for win now with Maddux, as opposed to Omar who could have had Schmidt.

6 The flack on Petey is interesting too. If we make the NLCS, petey may only pitch 3-4 times with rest and cortisone who could make it.

Ed -- I think they're being smart with Perez. He's taken a beating over the last couple of years, and needs confidence. I agree with you that he gets a post season audition at some point if he could follow up that decent game last time out with some more.

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