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It's Not Easy Being Green

Mike SteffanosTuesday, August 22, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Update (10:54 PM): It's Green after all. I have to admit that I still would have been happier with Alou, but the Mets have indeed acquired Shawn Green for minor-league lefty Evan MacLane. I wondered while I was taking my walk after posting this whether this was a ploy on Omar's part to pressure Arizona into completing the deal for Green. I'll wait until I read full details on the money to weigh in fully.

BTW -- SI.com's John Heyman says an Alou deal could still happen.

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After all of the Shawn Green hype we've been getting for days, now SI.com's John Heyman is telling us that Green is just a fallback position if the Mets fail to land Moises Alou:

It appears now that Alou is actually the Mets' top outfield target, not Shawn Green, as previously thought. One person familiar with the discussions said he believes there's already a deal in place, contingent upon the Giants' final approval, which may still be a significant hurdle.

There is one big caveat: It is believed the Giants' approval may be dependent on San Francisco falling out the race. Should the Giants remain in it, San Francisco would likely hold onto Alou. San Francisco is currently five games out in the wild-card race and six games behind in the National League West.

League sources indicate the much-publicized Green discussion is actually a fallback option in case the Alou deal doesn't go through. Alou provides two major advantages over Green. For one, his contract expires after the season. For another, Alou's slugging percentage is .522 -- to .429 for Green.

... Alou's contract calls for him to make $6 million in 2006, with about $1.4 million remaining. He is also owed an additional $1.5 million, which has been deferred. It isn't believed the Mets would have to surrender significant pieces to acquire Alou.

Like Green, Alou has veto power over trades. It isn't known whether he'd accept a trade away from the Giants, who are managed by his father, Felipe, but going to the Mets would represent a significant chance to get to the World Series.

Alou would seem to make more sense for the Mets than Green. His right-handed bat would balance the lineup, and he's a better hitter than Green. An added benefit would be the fact that he isn't under contract for next year, allowing Omar much more flexibility this winter. What will tomorrow's hot rumor be? Stay tuned...

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Comments (12)

Looks like we got Green (mets.com) - pending commissioner approval. Good bye Michael Tucker.

Metsblog says Mota is in a METS uni? This guy should be in Norfolk, not Royce Ring. I wouldn't mind bringing him up for the September call-ups, but no way this clown will "regain his form" in time to make the post-season roster.

Shawn Green: now the Jul 31 critics are SILENCED!!! Those that rebuked Omar for standing pat in july are crushed. Omar has now obtained green, Mota, Bert and Ollie for Nady.

2. Green's splits;
vs. Left 75 124 20 34 6 1 5 18 12 25 4 0 .274 .350 .460 .810
vs. Right 114 293 39 84 16 2 6 33 25 39 0 4 .287 .348 .416 .764

Home 59 205 32 59 11 2 6 28 16 26 3 2 .288 .344 .449 .793
Away 56 212 27 59 11 1 5 23 21 38 1 2 .278 .353 .410 .763


3. The big thing is he balances the line up, Omar can play him at first, send Endy to the bench, release Ledee, and protect David Wright!!!


check out Shawn Green's splits;
Note his line vs the Dodgers and Cincy.

Joe -- I'm thinking Ledee goes first. Mota pitched well against the Cards. They seem to feel they can turn him around quickly. He had great stuff tonight.
Ed -- I hear you, but if they're taking on a lot of cash for a guy who isn't a big bat any more. I would have been happier with Alou, but Green is a better bat than Tucker.

I'm not sure if I like Mclane in this trade. but we have Pelfrey, Humber, Ollie, Maine, (+VZ, Glavine, Pedro, traxx, el duque), Pinango, Bannister, collazzo who are all somewhat ML ready. the money is many reason make Green more tradeable. I think, given Floyd's status he is a FA..he might be nontendered. also given his achilles he can DH, and PH alot better than Ledee. Floyd has also hinted at retirement.

2. Its Aug 21st. There are 40 days left. omar is setting his playoff options. The Yanks are also hefty with lefty bats. Again DW needs rest, and protection. I

3. No love for Mota?? he filled the role WELL, come into a tough spot and getting 2 strikeouts.

4. Diaz DFA'd........ I i think he has to be waived before traded and that is what this is about. Plus why have 6 outfielders? Ledee is not needed now shawn is here. We NEED an infielder! Either ahern or Edgardo. ...To add Edgardo we have to delete one from the 40man. (other than Diaz).

5. Nice victory but again a key was the BP and Mota was a big piece. what then for Bert?

If Mota keeps pitching like this Bert's going to be the 5-6 inning guy and spare part.

Hi MIke- You'd rather have Alou? He's old and is riddled with injuries. I think Green is a much better pick up.

has heyman ever been right? id love to see his trade report batting average above replacement level.

Alou vs. Green is an interesting study, at least for me.

Moises is someone I never expected to have a long career when he first came up. He was old for a rookie, 25 or 26, and he rarely walked; two attributes that suggested that he would peak early. Then when that prediction was proved to be dead-wrong, he sustained a terrible broken leg; there was doubt whether he'd ever be able to run well enough to play in the outfield. I didn't think he'd do much after that either. And of course he's been hurt, seriously hurt, several MORE times over the course of a fine career. I guess he's just a much better hitter than I was able to see in his rookie seson in Montreal; and I guess the personal equation figures strongly in how a player ages. Alou has been one of those very few players that a pitcher must dread when there's a game on the line.

OTOH, I have been shocked at how quickly Shawn Green's skills have deteriorated. Green is more than six years younger than Alou, and if he is still playing in the majors two years after Alou retires it'll be an upset. And Green is supposed to be a fine fellow and everything; I wonder if he still has the drive to get the best out of his talents.

So, I'll be playing attention to Mr. Green these next few weeks.

Shari -- I liked Alou because he is a right-handed bat, and most of all because his contract runs out at the end of the year. I'm not mad they got Green, but I would have preferred they were able to get a really good outfielder this off-season.
alias -- That's pretty much how it is with trade rumors. And like I said, it wouldn't surprise me if that story was leaked to give the Diamondbacks a sense of urgency.
dd -- I guess they're hoping for the old "change of sceenery" boost here. If they didn't have him for next year I would feel better about the deal. Maybe he really will have a career revival.

Hi MIke- I have a great feeling about Green-you'll see.
So far his "off year" has him batting .283 with 11 HRS and 51 RBIs, I thinkbeing here with Delgado and hitting in this line up will really help him come back.

Concerning Alou- I don't want any "Rental Players" I want guys who will be with the team for a while- rental players don't help you build a winning dynasty and thats what Alou would have been. It never works because the personalites don't mesh all the time. I think Green will stick around if he's happy, and if he'shappy his numbers should rebound.

Shari -- I've got nothing against Green, and I certainly hope you're right.

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