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Mets Acquire Guillermo Mota

Mike SteffanosSunday, August 20, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

The Mets picked up 33-year-old reliever Guillermo Mota from the Cleveland Indians for the ubiquitous Player to be Named Later. Mets.com's Bryan Hoch quotes GM Omar Minaya:

Our scouts say the velocity is good, he's healthy. Hopefully a change of scenery and change of leagues will help him produce better results.

To me, the bullpen is something that's very critical, and it's an area you should always protect yourself. Being able to get Mota gives us another arm in the bullpen that can hopefully protect leads.

We feel comfortable with our coaches and our staff to be able to turn Guillermo Mota around.

Mota hasn't pitched for Cleveland in almost a month, and wasn't very effective when he did pitch. Still, it's a reasonable gamble for the Mets. Mota was a top set-up man 2 years ago, and should have something left in the tank.

Michael Tucker and Guillermo Mota both Mets in the same year. Strange times in Flushing...

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Comments (7)

Like you say, reasonable gamble. If we are gonna win in the NL playoffs and hopefully the WS, i have a feeling the O and Pen will have to carry the day. Sprinkle in a little migic from the rotation and maybe we get what we want. This guy is worth the look. Just wonder what we end up giving? Can we trade Keppinger again?

I always get a little nervous under those PTBNL scenarios. Still, I can't believe Mota is worth a real prospect at this stage of his career.

PTNBL is going to be a guy not on the 40 man. Calm yourself. It's going to be somebody that makes you say "WHO!?" and I'm sure you follow the farm system.

Oh wait, just got word my sources that Deolis Guerra was traded as the PTBNL.
Seriously though... don't even worry about it. Its a nobody.

I know, Benny, I'm just kidding. I wasn't all that attached to Fernando Martinez, anyway...

Had we done this July 31, we still would've had Nady batting at the bottom of the order. It still stings to see him gone, especially after the Philly series. I highly doubt the bullpen would have missed a beat, even without Roberto Hernandez, and seeing him give up that opposite-field bomb to Garrett Atkins was pretty demoralizing. I know that speaks with 20/20 hindsight, and I'm nitpicking, but I figured I'd throw that in there.

And please, for the love of God, let the PTBNL not be Jason Bay Part II.

Matt -- I doubt if they give up much for 2 months of Mota. I hear you about Nady, who I think many Mets fans discarded too lightly. If Oliver Perez can turn it around, though, we'll be talking about this deal as one of the best Omar has made. Power lefties don't come along every day, as we Mets fans are painfully aware of.

Worth it... if anything to help rest guys in the blowouts and losses.... Too bad they didnt get him before the San Diego series.. Isnt Mota the guy that would allways fight with Piazza ???

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