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Mets Play Their Worst Game Of 2006

Mike SteffanosMonday, August 14, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Phillies 13 - Mets 0

I apologize to those who came here looking for a comprehensive recap of tonight's game. Down 6-0 after an inning tonight, it quickly became so obvious that the Mets were taking the rest of the night off that I decided to follow suit. Pedro Martinez was gone after 1 inning, on the wrong side of a 6-0 score. Apparently Pedro has been dealing with a strained right calf for a couple of weeks and had some problems with it today. The Mets say his status is day to day.

There are a handful of games over the course of even a good season which are really not worth analyzing. This certainly was one of them. A bad day for Pedro, and a sloppy game for the Mets. Thank God, it only counts as one loss.

Thoughts on the game
If Cole Hamels can stay healthy, he's definitely going to be a good one.

How bad was Darren Oliver tonight? It was hard to watch, especially since he's been so valuable and so dependable. A definite "take one for the team" outing.

Royce Ring looked really sharp tonight. It was nice to see, but it would be even nicer if he could carry it over to a game where there was some pressure.

I blog this game only out of a sense of duty, as I have not missed one this season. Yeesh ...

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Comments (8)

Lord have mercy. I am concerned that this game adds fuel to Philly's fire for the playoffs, and if they meet us there, this game will not be forgotten. This has been our weakness, an old 1 and 2, the starters in our pitching staff. We can rest Pedro because of our big lead so he can be strong for the playoffs.At least that sounds good for now.... A comment on Mets geek says; Green hits righties and lefties equally well. righties .283 and lefties .279. That sounds good for now. I am trying to build some positives. It's raining this morning so I don't have to water the plants on the deck. Thats good too..This is not working, its going to be a long day.

Whew. Turned on the game during the 4th inning. I could have sworn that the Mets were wearing their 1962 throwback uniforms. We had a Joe Christopher sighting too.

I'm reminded of the smart-ass local sports guy back in the mid-70's on Long Island, who was fond of saying, "the Islanders were idle tonight. Unfortunately, there was a game on the schedule..."

I think our boys were looking back at their last two Mondays (both off days), and ahead to their next two Mondays (also both off days), and just decided to get in that "on the seventh day he rested" kind of rhythm.

It's all good.

Rev -- I'm not really worried about the Phillies in the playoffs, I worry more about teams that have good starting pitching. As for Green, the biggest thing to me still would be not to give anything up for him.
dd -- You're a braver Met fan than me -- by the 4th I was watching something else. I only put the game back on sporadically after that, and if I wasn't a blogger I wouldn't have put it back on.
NostraDennis -- It's all good if Pedro's not out too long. A loss is a loss, and often a blowout affects a team less afterwards than a tough close loss.

A newspaper says Ring and Diaz for Green? I think I would do that.

I heard that wasn't true, but if it was I'd do it, too.

Good morning all,

1. there is a tone of non urgency on the mets right now. They are experimenting not just for this yr, but the playoffs and beyond.

2. Mike Pelfrey, bannister and soler have each had a cup of coffee and are now shut down. All have injuries to the legs/feet/Quads but not arms/shoulders. (?)

3. Ollie Perez was a 2004 22yr old phenom and still a 2006 opening day starter. Ala John Maine who had issues earlier this yr (who now looks like the Kris Benson we wanted...), Given his fire and some coaching can step in for 6-weeks/6-8 starts and pick up the rotation. All this while Petey rests.

4. in 1999-2000 We had several like issues Hampton left, Al was a FA, we had Bobby Jones, also a FA. And the media had a field day as all these FA would leave. This yr, Omar has 2 candidates for every rotation slot lined up with FA money in hand. Again I think Glavine could retire especially if he hits 290 wins. Petey we really dont know his true physical state. Ollie has been a top of the rotation starter and given Zito's ERA lately like Omar's acquisition. I also think Olllie can inject life into this rotation.

5. On Green. I like his numbers. Also he replaces X-man and thats a good trade off. I like the chemistry thing too.
b. Preston wilson esq: #12 against lefties...with decent pop. He represents KARMA....met puppy , Mookie (the hero's son), hits at Shea...la/la retires as a Met....

Ed -- Bannister is making rehab starts, so he's not shut down. He hasn't been effective. I agree with you on Perez, so long as he doesn't struggle too much. You don't want a lot of negative in his head.

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