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Mets Sweep Reeling Cardinals Out Of Town

Mike SteffanosFriday, August 25, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 6 - Cardinals 2

The Mets received a well-pitched game from fill-in starter Dave Williams and another home run from the hot Carlos Delgado to complete a sweep of the free-falling Cardinals. It was their seventh win in a row and eleventh straight win at home.

It took the Mets a while to get going against Cardinals starter Jason Marquis, as a pair of double plays bailed him out in the first two innings. They broke through in the third when Lo Duca tripled (on a brutal misplay by Preston Wilson) to bring Jose Reyes, and added a couple more on David Wright's long sac fly and Shawn Green's RBI single.

Dave Williams did a great job of mixing his pitches, including a very good curveball, and kept St. Louis off the board until the fifth. A leadoff single to Aaron Miles and a home run by the light-hitting Gary Bennett cut the Mets lead to 3-2. The homer came on a decent low fastball by Bennett.

The Mets answered right back in the bottom of the fifth when Delgado blasted a 2-run shot beyond the bullpen in right field to put the Mets back up 5-2. Williams came back with a perfect sixth, but ran into trouble in the seventh. Aaron Miles led off with a single, and one out later pinch hitter Scott Spiezio doubled to RF. With Williams over 100 pitches and right-handers Belliard and Taguchi due up, Willie countered with Roberto Hernandez out of the 'pen. Displaying a terrific splitter tonight, Bert retired Belliard on a foul out to Wright and struck out Taguchi.

Hernandez came back out for the eighth and retired Pujols, Rolen and Encarnacion to complete his impressive night. Reyes singled home Valentin in the bottom of the eigth to put the Mets up by 4, 6-2. With no save opportunity, Willie went with Guillermo Mota to close it out. Mota pitched a 1-2-3 ninth with a pair of strikeouts to complete a very impressive win.

Thoughts on the game
I don't think Dave Williams would be in the running for a post-season start, but he's done a good job in his 2 fill-ins, so let's do a chart for him:

Dave Williams

It certainly is impressive for someone of which nothing was expected. He's thrown strikes, he's been aggressive. I can see this guy either being used as a chip by Omar this winter, or being used in a reliever/spot starter type of role next year. He's a solid pitcher, has a clue what he wants to do, and he's not afraid to aggressively challenge major league hitters. A useful pitcher, and a solid pickup by Omar. Hernandez and Mota were terrific out of the bullpen, saving Willie from having to go to Heilman and Wagner again.

The defense was outstanding tonight, with Wright and Chavez contributing several really nice plays. Wright finally had a decent offensive game to try to build on with 1 for 3 and that sac fly. He looked a little more comfortable. Lo Duca continues to amaze, his 2-4 lifting his average up to .312. Reyes' 3-5 pushed his average up to .297. Cold stat types may not love him, but Mets fans do.

The Mets are skipping El Duque's start tomorrow and using Brian Bannister, while Oliver Perez is the likely candidate to fill in for Glavine on Saturday. I make nothing more of the El Duque thing as giving his arm a rest. He's already surpassed last year's innings total. Milledge has been sent down to make room for Bannister. He'll likely return September 1.

The Mets are now 30 games over .500 at 78-48.

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Comments (11)

Once I made reference to the coming of Moshiach,(Messiah), as a factor of the Mets winning the World Series. What I meant was that IMHO, G-d has a sense of Drama. Since it is foretold that the full revelation of G-d, is absoultely imminent and unstoppable, then it stands to reason that in a year where the most important city on the globe and its inhabitants, in unity, experience unbounded joy at the climactic moment of the last out as our heroes triumphant, then what better scenario then the whole world, simultaneously, to be filled with holiness and light while hoisting the Cup. I know this sounds like an idealized version of my fantasy but allow Me my leeway to dream. If I'm right then whoooppee, if not we still have the championship.....new rallying cry....Ya Gotta have Faith

Take all the leeway you need. It's been a long time since we could allow ourselves to dream.


You say He's coming. I say he's coming again.

Either way, we agree - the skies will be blue and orange when it happens, because G-d is undoubtedly a Mets fan.

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be fitting for Shawn Green to drive in the Series-winning run? I tell you, I'd just plotz.


So when do I get to sing the National Anthem?

Hey, how many times do I have to tell you guys that you're not allowed to be more entertaining in the comments than I was in the original post?!

1. this reccent surge to 30 games over has been excellent. For a time the Mets were locked at 15-20 games then whoosh. Especially this last week.

2. I am gloating but 2 weeks ago I gushed at the prospect of Mota, as well as Green. So far I am batting 1000. The only suprise is the Diaz DFA to which I attribute a trade (the G.Mota PBTL), but a roster spot was not that critical. Green's addition was Ledee's exit, and Ramon Castro's demise created another oppurtunity.

3. ....The Catcher: Stinnett has been here 3 times. I really cant see him as more than insurance. Possibly another catcher is added. Benji Molina is a FA, but LoDuca has another yr. Difelice has been a revelation. at 4-0 his expertise shows in the piching performance.

4. As part of my near perfect record, we alluded to El duque's workload. Not JUST the past yr but in the last 4 yrs he really has not pitched much over 120innings. The fact Ollie and Bannister are here and well affords the luxury of there debuting for the 2007 season early, and competing for the Playoff roster.

5. On that note; Innings are mounting for Traxx, and his HUGE WHIP aside he has not done much to secure a playoff start. 13 wins is NOT 13 wins if you have 7runs of support and a 5.00 ERA. IN FACT I HASTEN TO SAY OLLIE WOULD HAVE THE SAME RECORD given this offense/defense/coaching. And Bannister was ahead of Traxx in spring so I dont have to go there.

6.I also disagree that Pedro has to be healthy before post season. I think bullpen sessions or a 2.0 inning start might be sufficient by Mid Sptember. In fact by Sept 14th, if the Mets have clinched we could see glavine and any starter getting 5.o innings max (just to get the win), or be on 60-75 pitch counts, then giving over to a ten man BP.

7. Right now there are 4 OFers Green-Beltran-Endy-Tucker. If they excel I doubt Floyd gets activated until the WS.

8. Gotay looks pretty good I see significant PT for him to audition as the 2007 2nd baseman, or even infield cover for Valentin.


Ed, Perez may well indeed be a better choice than Trachsel, but he doesn't have much time to prove it.

Yes indeed. However there are 2 huge things to take into account. Innings pitched and chance to win. Yes Traxx has 13 wins and leads the team(again) but his intangibles are woefull.

In a series against say LA where runs are a premium Traxx, is not a warm fuzzy. While duquie has regular post season experience, and success Traxx does not. Duque also plays UP in post season and relieved VERY well last yr. Maine I think is a better starter than Traxx. also Dont forget Bannister ALSO beat Traxx out in the Spring. If not for injury I think Traxx would have been traded away, AND I also think Willie does not have the warm fuzzies for Traxx either.

Perez also has a huge intangible in that he IS a lefty pitcher with velocity, AND he was a top rotation starter just this past APR (whereas Traxx is viwed as a #5 starter...) If he can debut well I think he has a shot. Remember, All Perez needs to do is give 5 innings. El-Duque/D. Oliver present as the long reliever and stopper if there is 'Pedro' breakdown. Remember Pat Mahomes in gm 5 vs ATL in 99? The option of having El Duque in the pen can be an ominous advantage/psychological weapon. Plus With Wags/Heilman/Mota...(+bert/Bradford/Feliciano) the 6th innings on will mute.

That said I hope this becomes more than an academic debate.

To be honest with you, if I was managing this team and El Duque is physically up to it, he's my third starter. I'd like to see them give Perez a few starts if possible, depending on how well he pitches tomorrow. I'm not in love with Trachsel starting playoff games, but you know how it works, they'll probably go with him as long as he continues to muddle through starts.

I cant finfd good precedence for my logic but i'll try.

1986; El Sid was a starter but from the bullpen turned around game 7 of the WS, similarly to Pat Mahomes in 1999.

1988. Dave Cone had an excellent yr and won a game 2 start IN LA. bad move. He should have been the game 3 starter. Similarly, I think Maine is this seasons Cone. but a game 4 start would be logical. Last yr Garland was chosen over El-Duque etc. If traxx is SEEN by Willie as the 5th starter, he does not get a playoff start. Actually right now DAVE Williams might be ahead of Traxx.

I agree Trachsel has no role in the bullpen. I still think El Duque starts game 3 unless someone REALLY steps up. We'll see. A lot can happen between now and October.

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