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Pedro Placed On the 15-Day Disabled List

Mike SteffanosWednesday, August 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

In a move that should surprise no one, Pedro Martinez has been placed on the 15-Day Disabled List by the New York Mets. Heath Bell has been called up for now, but there is no word on who might get the nod for Saturday's start.

It's somewhat depressing for Mets fans, but it was the right move. I'm still guessing on Oliver Perez for that Saturday start, since it wouldn't make sense to pitch Brian Bannister on short rest.

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Comments (7)

floyd and pedro just cant stay healthy. Its not even like they are 40 years old or anything. Atleast cliff will be gone next year. Cliff is my second favorite met on this team and wish him well, but it's time to move on.

maybe celgado will see some time at DL since loduca seems to think he hurt his hand.......We are dropping like fly's


It would suck to have your ace,clean up hitter, and best relief pitcher all hurt.....sorry, I think the last 2 blow outs have just got me pissed.

cool breez -- I agree on Cliff. With Pedro, it's just a lot of injuries mounting up. Maybe he'll surprise us for the playoffs.
Anonymous -- I think we're all a little cranky about the last 2 days.

Another thought.

We all know Willie is stubborn, but I think this is a time to relook the lineup which is as we know is missing that RF (and LF)bat.

here is a time when Beltran can move to#2 DW to3, and loDuca to#5 . Insert a bat Green/Preston at#5/6.

Beltran at 2 could do wonders ....my opinion.

I don't know, Ed. Beltran has been good hitting 3rd, and Lo Duca was fine second. No one can hit right now, that's the problem.

I stand on the observation, Garner had him 2nd in the all star game. AND he did EXACTLY what we need now. A jump start....It would light his fire.

Garner is an idiot. The biggest problems are that the team is short a bat and the offensive approach sucks.

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