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Please Make Up Your Mind About Omar Minaya

Mike SteffanosMonday, August 7, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

So now there is controversy that David Wright got a bigger contract than Jose Reyes, with speculation that nationality might have factored into the higher amount received by Wright? I think it's important for a rabble-rousing segment in the media to decide what it is exactly that they are accusing Mets GM Omar Minaya of -- is he the mindless pro-Hispanic chauvinist that was making the team "too Hispanic" this spring, or is he some jerk who's willing to be complicit in the blatant favoritism of a white American player over a darker Hispanic player?

I think we have too many hours of talk radio to fill here, and it's getting kind of silly. There are 3 simple reasons why David Wright will make more than Jose Reyes over the term of his contract:

  • David signed a longer contract.
    Jose signed a 4-year contract while David signed for 6. There more money deeper into the contract, as there are more potential high-earning years involved.

  • David is more polished as a player than Jose.
    Jose has tremendous potential, as does David -- but Wright has simply reached more of his potential at this stage of his career than Reyes. As a matter of fact, I'm often amazed at the veteran approach that Wright displays at the plate. He's a 23-year-old with the plate discipline of a 30-year-old.

    Reyes has made amazing strides this year and will continue to improve. (Perhaps that's why he chose a shorter contract than Wright did?) Prepare to open up the vault when his next contract is negotiated -- at which point he will almost certainly be making more money than Wright for 2 years.

  • All things being equal, power/RBI guys make more than leadoff hitters.
    It's a simple equation of what sells in baseball right now. The guys that hit extra-base hits and drive in over 100 runs are the stars in this game. What's scary is that Reyes is getting stronger and may hit over 20 homeruns a year himself. I can hear that cash register ringing right now.

So to my 72-year-old Mom and any of the rest of you who let someone push your buttons with the worry that Jose Reyes might become a disgruntled employee of the New York Mets, relax. Both players worked out a very good deal for where they are in their careers, and both will be amply compensated for their talents over their playing careers.

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Trivia Question: I discovered by accident today that there are some surprising names on the New York Mets all-time win list as a pitcher. This only includes games won while pitching for the Mets. For instance, although Tom Seaver won 311 games, only 198 of these wins came as a Met. Who is number 10 all-time in wins as a New York Met?

Mets.com: The Comeback Kid
Marty Noble reports that Carlos Beltran is one of the candidates for NL Comeback player of the year. Jose Valentin didn't make the cut.

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Chris Girandola profiles the Mets' invaluable "tenth player".

Baseball America: Hot Prospects
A couple of Mets-in-training make this week's BA Hot Sheet. Pitcher Deolis Guerra shows up at number 7 on the list:

7. Deolis Guerra, rhp, Mets (Low Class A Hagerstown)
As the season goes on, it becomes harder to believe that this guy was born in 1989. After an 11-strikeout gem Sunday night, Guerra has allowed just two earned runs over his last three starts. Since June 1, he has a 2.06 ERA in 66 innings with a 51-19 strikeout-walk ratio.

OF Carlos Gomez showed up "in the team picture":

Carlos Gomez, of, Mets (Double-A Binghamton): Prior to this season, Gomez was known more for his raw tools than his production on the field. Since returning in June from a back injury that sidelined him for a few weeks, he has been doing his best to reverse his rep. The 20-year-old is hitting .363 in that span and hit .406 in July and is hitting .435 in August. It is still mostly singles and he still strikes out too much, but it is still progress.

The Mets pushed Gomez to Double-A this season when it was expected he would be in High-A St.Lucie.

Answer to Trivia Question: Steve Trachsel, with 61 victories as a Met, is tenth on the team's all-time win list.

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Comments (10)

I also think, as Omar pointed out during the Sunday Night Baseball telecast, that Jose really wanted to be on the market again at the peak of his career. He's going to be a twenty-eight year old free agent at the end of the deal, and that's going to bring more lucrative offers than if he was a free agent, at say thirty-four.

Wright, however, was concerned about being a Met past his arbitration years as well, and that's why his contract is longer. His also has more years at his peak than Reyes' does, therefore it shouldn't surprise anyone the way these contracts were put out.

Exactly. Now please convince my Mom...

The comments about the two deals is just idiotic rabblerousing. Wright gets more for exactly the reasons you've outlined. And why blame Minyana for Reyes's lesser contract. Reyes had an agent. Wouldn't this be the agent's fault (if fault there is).

But I don't see Reyes particularly upset over the situation.

I didn't mean to imply that anyone was blaming Minaya -- but when they claim that Wright received favoritism for being white and American, because Minaya is the team's GM, they're implying that he is complicit in this alleged racism. Of course we understand that there never was any prejudice in the first place. We just don't have a radio show.

I think Jose's agent made an extremely intelligent deal for his client. Security now, a huge deal to come in his late 20s. No wonder he's happy.

Another tale of much ado about nothing...who creates this stuff?... the Marquis De Sade ghost writers...Mad Dog is responsible for this drivel isnt he...I had the fortune no to listen, but its got his unmistakable evil smell all over this...tell Me I'm wrong! Some radio monkeys/writers, present company excepted, are the equivalent of a Black Hole of Ethics, they suck in any light,(goodness) of entire galaxies of positiveness. Why can't they actually research something and hence be innovative and thought provoking, instead of banal and plain incendiary. There outta be a Law! What a waste of air....Lo Duca on the other hand, now thats a story....and we best bury it pronto. Marriage aint easy for certain....takes a strong person to avoid temptation. Let hope its not a distraction. He's handling it like a pro. Good fortune.

Dear Mikes Mom,I would like you to take care of your sons cotract for the next season of his life. I know you will concider his past years and see his potential in his coming years. I know you see more than anybody else sees in him, but try to be fare in your demands. Some may think he is no spring chicken and others may think he is just about to blossom into his own. But you may have to gamble alittle and take a short contract for less knowing the next one would maybe double.You have seen Mike from his minor years, when he was just a raw kid. You had the faith in him that he could make it.Don't let Mike in on this, he will sell himselve short. Be fare Mom, 25 mill. for 4years ain't bad for now, and maybe you can double it in the next contract. Thanks... My coffee is ready,bye(Mike a 5% fee for me would be nice for my time)

Tell you, a look over the Mets organization today is the best way I know of to appreciate just how disfunctional the system used to be. Much of it was Steve Phillips, sure -- but it wasn't only Phillips. Some of the Mets' instructors, those foot soldiers in the development ,were literally burning up prospects before they ever could see the light of day; the joke used to be "shouldn't we go ahead and get (Seo's, or Wilson's, or even Presley's) Tommy John surgury out of the way?" I think most of us had developed a sense of fatalism over the chances of any Mets prospect, and correspondingly a lousy estimation of how valuable a young player could be to the franshise. I blame the Mets system for that.

It wasn't only Phillips, but it sure was Phillips too. To be a decent manager, or a decent father or friend for that matter, one has to say No to the voices of impatience occasionally, whether those voices belong to fans or to Jeff Wilpon -- but Steve was leading the chorus line most of the time. And he was unaccountably in love with mediocre veterans; would any other GM on earth have given two year deals to Rich Rodriguez or Lenny Harris? When the Mets needed a first baseman, he chose a mediocre third baseman to convert, signing him for three years, because Todd Zeile was a good guy I guess. I would have preferred someone on the good side of thirty who could hit like a first baseman -- someone like the fellow manning first base today.

Almost cost me my rooting interest in baseball, it did, to have my team continually operating at such an intellectual disadvantage. No, generally speaking I am VERY happy with Omar Minaya. I may not always agree with every move he makes, but I know that he's no fool. And Omar has built up some points with me; when a move is announced, the thought occurs that maybe he actually knows the situation better than I do. Phillips didn't inspire such trust.

And these days Steve Phillips is being paid to explain how a ball club operates to the millions on national television! It is to laugh.

n8genius -- I guess she heard this on WFAN, because she still listens to them sometimes. There are just too many talk radio hours to fill, I guess. Silly.
REV AL -- you spiking that coffee with a little something extra?
DD -- I agree with everything you say here. Along with a couple of those teams with Coleman and Bonilla, those Steve Phillips years were the darkest since late 70s, and almost killed my interest in the Mets. You're right, it went a lot deeper than GM, because no real organization would have given him that job in the first place. I'd be surprised if he ever had an important baseball job again.

Can't we just boycott them?

No, I'm serious. Can't we, as Mets fans, just decide to NOT listen to them, because they're idiotic reactionary morons who treat the Mets and their fans with thinly veiled condecension? They can't offer any intelligent commentary on the Mets, so they just react with this bullshit crap every week, because it's the only way they can keep Mets fans listening.

I realize I am the baby here and I suppose I don't understand much, but I do understand one thing: advertising dollars. I also understand that I don't enjoy listening to their show, and I, insanely, enjoy listening to sports talk radio more than TBF, who has to be restrained at times. (Then again, I also used to like listening to Art Bell, so grain of salt and all that.)

But why do we listen to them? No, seriously. Why do we?
Why don't we all call for a boycott until they start treating us, and their Mets coverage, with respect, or get someone else on the show who can?

They have their audience, that's fine. They have their 'thing'. But this is sports talk radio, not Stern or O&A, and the shock jock strategy works if you know what you're doing.

They don't.

hey Mets Grrl -- people have asked me about this before, and I honestly think staging a boycott would generate more publicity for them and ultimately boost their ratings. People who don't listen now would tune in to see what all of the fuss is about.

I stopped listening. I wrote about it, but I didn't make a big deal of it. Mad Dog made a career out of pissing people off, I don't think he believes half the stuff he says. But people listen, and he lives in a very expensive part of Fairfield county.

Unfortunately, their big "competition" is Michael Kaye as ESPN radio. If fans had a legit place to listen to and talk New York sports more would probably tune out.

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