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Please Share Your Day at Shea Tips with Other Mets Fans

Mike SteffanosSaturday, August 12, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

About a month ago I asked Mets fans if they had any tips for people coming to the ballgame from Connecticut. I'd like to expand that to ask some of you game day pros out there to share your tips with other Mets fans to enhance their game-day experiences.

I freely admit that I am no expert in this area. I live pretty far away, and never came to more than a half dozen games a year. Then I stopped coming completely for about 15 years until the second to last game of the season last year. I've almost always driven to the games, and probably could use the tips myself for when I come again. What I'd like to do is create a page on this site as a resource for others, and update it whenever someone sends in a new tip.

What I'm soliciting is:

  • Driving tips (from any direction): Best routes, shortcuts, alternate ways to beat the traffic.
  • Parking tips: Where to park for games, especially with the construction going on.
  • Mass Transit tips: Alternate methods of getting to the game.
  • Before/After the game: Ideas for what to do and where to go on your way in and out of town.

Anything at all related to going to a game would be appreciated. I think we can put together something really useful here if a few of you would be willing to take the time to share your information. I'd really appreciate it. If you have something to share, leave a comment or use the email link at the right. Thanks.

Comments (3)

In terms of Mass Transit, the LIRR gets crowded at times but is probably the best alternative for anyone who doesn't have transport by car to Shea.

Thanks, Matt.

best advice... go early if your driving....

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