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A Dream Deferred, At Least for a Little While

Mike SteffanosSaturday, September 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Pirates 5 - Mets 3

Sigh. Pedro looked very much like a guy who hadn't pitched in a month. The Mets offense didn't do much of anything. Jose Reyes looked like he was playing by himself out there tonight. The Mets lost, the Phillies won. We'll have to do it all over again on Saturday.

The Phillies play an afternoon game in Houston. If they lose, it will be all over. Otherwise, the Mets will have a second opportunity to clinch things on the field tomorrow night. I'm kind of hoping it plays out that way. Winning it on the field is always special.

I'm not going to do any heavy analysis on tonight's game. I suspect no one is really in the mood for it. Besides Reyes, I do have to give some props to Heath Bell. Even though he did give up a homer to Bay, he pitched 3 strong innings. His slider is finally starting to look like a major league pitch. Maybe at last he is ready to actually attain the stardom that the guys at Baseball Prospectus keep telling me he has already achieved.

Again, sigh... We waited 18 years, what's another 24 hours?

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I am enjoying the season. Had the pleasure to listen to the "Jerry from Queens" better known as Jerry Seinfeld" interview on WFAN. He argues that this may be the best Met team of all time. I still am partial to the 86 team.

As I have posted in the past I am concern about the Mets ability to hit left handed pitching. Mike I wish you could put me at ease.

Kudos to the best Met blog site. Mike job well done!

First things first, get this behind us and then see how far we can go one step at a time. I think we may all agree that in the off year we should address our starting pitcher situation. Trades, free agents, whatever.It would be nice to have a young solid 3 moving Pedro and Tom down to 4 and 5. But thats a big "would be nice". Alot of called balls on Pedro in the first inning were very close, to me anyways. But I am a Met umpire. I felt Pedros Pain. It would be sweet to win this on the field tonight.Some how I felt it would be tonight and not yesterday? I don't know why?

Patrick -- Thanks for the kind words. Lo Duca and Reyes feast on lefties, and so did Wright before the last couple of months. I still wonder if some of this is just a combination of guys like Wright pressing and the team just having some good games tossed at them by lefthanders.
Rev -- I had a feeling it might be a lot to ask out of Pedro last night, too. I think the Mets have to pick up one big starter over the winter, and then start developing some of their kids -- Perez, Maine, maybe Humber.

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