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A Quick Heads Up

Mike SteffanosTuesday, September 5, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Just a quick heads up to regular readers. I have a doctor's appointment today with someone who feels she really can help me with all of the complications that I've experienced from my bout with Lyme disease. I first came down with symptoms over a year ago, and things just aren't any better. Lately I've been having a hard time writing for this blog or getting my work done. Hopefully this can help.

I'm still heading to the game tonight, if it's not rained out. I have information where I'll be sitting in yesterday's post, if you're at the game and are so inclined, please stop by and say hi if you get a minute.

My doctor's appointment is in Fairfield, which is more than halfway to New York, so I will go directly from there to the game. This means I won't be around to do my normal posting today, or respond to comments. Depending on how late I get back from the game I will post on it either late tonight or tomorrow morning, and then we'll be back to posting normally.

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Comments (15)


Lyme disease is no fun, I have two friends who battled with it. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Here's hoping that the doc in Fairfield can provide some relief.

For what it's worth, I (and I'm certain many others) appreciate the work you do on the blog. Hang in, and feel better.

- A

Take care of yourself.....god bless

I have a friend who's had a horrible time for two years with Lyme Disease, mostly because she was mistreated. There's a doctor out in East Hampton, I believe his name is Dr Buriscano, who deals almost exclusively with Lyme patients. Also check out this documentary thats being made about it. The trailer is at Apple.com..Click on the link at apple.com below. Then click on "Under Our Skin."
Then click on "view trailer." It's about 5 mins long. Please take the time
to watch it.
Good luck and health to you

I have been praying every day for you, maybe this is the answer. GOD be with you.


Enjoy your slice of Shea heaven tonight, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your doctor today. Ya gotta believe!

I'll be keeping a good thought over here that this doctor visit is the one that turns things around for you.
And that Dave Williams takes your mind off it for a while by baffling those Braves.

Be well, Mike.

best of luck buddy! I hope you feel better soon. Man living in Connecticut sucks. High taxes,Expensive living, And a crap load of ticks!!!!

Be strong, my friend! We'll keep you in our prayers.


Agreed, man. I hope you feel better soon, and that this guy can help you out with that.

Thank you everyone. The meeting with the doctor went well, then I trecked into NYC for nothing as the game was rained out. Came home a little tired and bummed about the rain out and read all these wonderful comments. They made my day.


Hi MIke- Good luck I hope this doctor can help you.

all the best Mike

keep the faith

Always, brother.

Hi Mike,

I just bumped into your site by accident, spelled Dr. Burriscano's name
wrong. I'm sending this out sort of as a public service announcement if you will allow I'm an RN,BSN involved at a local and state level (Missouri) with Lyme Disease (LD) and Tick borne Disease (TBD) issues. "Under Our Skin" is a great documentary, I hope you've checked that out. Lyme disease pretty much is everywhere in the US(most conventional docs will deny this) and most if not all continents. It's not isolated to wooded areas or certain states. It mimics many diseases (MS, AS, RA, Lupus, ADD/ADHD/Autism, FMS, CFS, depression and so on). Many people are misdiagnosed with something else, seek further treatment and hope, and later discover they actually have Lyme Disease/borreliosis. It is also linked to alzheimers, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Google any of these diseases (and others I might have missed) with a cross reference to lyme to investigate further. LD, a borreliosis infection, can invade most any system and organ in the body, causing all sorts of symptoms. It's common knowledge ticks are the main mode of transmission(several kinds of ticks, BTW), the surprise of the latest research is there's also transmission by mosquitos, biting flies, fleas, lice, sexually, blood transfusions, mother to fetus, amd through breastmilk. Borreliosis can also cause spontaneous abortion, premature birth, infertility, and birth defects (this is common knowledge in animal medicine - large animal veterinarians).

Traditional lab tests fall short with false negatives; borreliosis is the actual infection, and there are over 100 strains of borrelia, Lyme being only one strain, and these tests generally are sensitive to only this one strain. Also, of reported infections, less than 50% get a "bulls eye" rash or remember a tick bite. This complicates finding a doc willing to treat it since diagnoses should be made by clinical observation mostly, and a positive test merely is more confirmation (alot of docs want hard copy lab evidence). Another spirochete, syphilus, is diagnosed similarly. Spirochetes are nasty buggers, and can change their shape/form to survive the immune systema nnd antibiotics - the other forms are cyst, L-form, and blebs; also, they don't hang out in the blood, they go to the tissues they are to hide out in.... making testing more difficult. Google Lyme and cyst form for more info.

Anyway, Dr. Burriscano has a set of guidelines, and is now part of ILADS at ilads.org, International Lyme and Associated Disease Society; they have diagnostic and treatment protocols, very much Lyme Literate MD's (LLMD), lots of info on this site. Also there's a 2007 published PDF of a peer reviewed (LLMD's) basic info of Lyme disease and other tick borne diseasees (LD/TBD) seems patient and doc friendly.... http://www.lymepa.org/Basics2007v1.2landscape.pdf
My apologies for listing an actual webpage, but this is so user friendly to print out and give to docs and people needing accurate info. Many of our docs are not informed of this infection, or are way behind in current info. It is very treatable in early stages, with 1 to 2 months of antibiotics,yes, MONTHS, not weeks... until symptoms are completely gone.

Mike, I encourage you to hang in there, find a local support group, become as informed as possible. There are some people trying another treatment, Marshall Protocol, marshallprotocol.com, and finding great relief from their symptoms and some claiming a cure with this pioneer medicine... relief from being bedridden or wheelchair bound for some, muscle and joint pain, migraines, degenerative spine/discs, fatigue and irritability, brain fog, thyroid dysfunction and other hormone dysfunctions, ear ringing (tinnitis), numbness/tingling/weakness of extremities, visual impairments, focus and concentration issues (ADD), joint swelling, stomach and intestinal maladies, multiple allergies and food intolerances, and so on.

Prayers and Blessings to You

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