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Down and Out in Atlanta?

Mike SteffanosSunday, September 10, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

When I was a kid and first starting to follow sports, I didn't have a father to explain things to me, so I had to figure everything out on my own. I would devour the sports pages from the Daily News and Post, convinced that the columnists like Dick Young had an understanding of what was going on that was unavailable to the rest of us mere mortals. I imagined that they somehow saw the game more clearly than the rest of us, and had a keen insight into the players, coaches and personalities who flickered across my television screen.

Time has cured me of that sort of faulty thinking. I've come to understand that, as in any profession, there are good, bad and just plain indifferent practitioners of the art of writing about sports. There are some guys that I really respect, some that I get a kick out of, and some that I just can't stand. What never ceases to amaze me, however, is the just plain intellectual laziness of some of those in the field. Case in point, this chastisement of Mets fans from that vaunted bastion of fan decorum, the City of Brotherly Love:

To their credit, the New York Mets came to bury the Atlanta Braves last week and did.

To their discredit, New York fans came to taunt, mocking visiting Atlanta with the Braves fans' own signature tomahawk-chop chant during a doubleheader sweep on Wednesday.

The two victories reemphasized the obvious. The Mets are going to win the National League East running away. The Braves won't, ending a 14-year run as division champions.

Atlanta's dream of a wild-card berth also likely ended that night, as the Braves fell off the pace by 61/2 games in that race.

So Mets fans should have celebrated. But to dance on the dugout roofs at Shea and mock? The home team - arguably the best in the National League - deserved better from its fans. So, too, did the Braves.

There are classic dynasties and then there are classy dynasties. And the Atlanta Braves' dynasty (1991-2005) had class.

The most arrogant thing about the franchise's storied run was the chop.

That chant might have been as insufferable as it was insensitive, but not so the product on the field, for no one other than the rock-headed John Rocker ever demeaned the Atlanta uniform, belittled the opposition, or singlehandedly put an ugly face on the era.

Apparently Claire Smith's premise is that the Atlanta Braves were the Mother Theresa of the National League for the past fourteen years, and have moved up to some exalted plain where the normal rules of what to expect in a visiting ballpark don't apply.

Claire glossed over Johnny Rocker pretty quickly there, but the simple truth was that the "classy" Atlanta franchise was more than willing to employ a racist on the fringe of mental illness to win ball games. But more than that, this is a team whose fans taunted every other team in the division for years. Braves 3B Larry Jones has been known to taunt Mets fans a time or two himself, but I guess that's okay, since Larry has always been all about class. Pity the Braves?

Boo, hoo.

Taunting the other team is something that is a staple of American sports. I experienced it at the Junior High School level, for God's sake. As long as it doesn't involve fans physically invading the space of the opposing team there is nothing wrong with it. Winning fourteen division titles doesn't provide you with any sort of Dynasty Exemption from this treatment, how utterly asinine of Ms. Smith to even pretend that it should. Major League ballplayers make millions of dollars and enjoy a lifestyle that is ample compensation for being taunted in an opposing ballpark.

It's funny how much jealousy is being directed at the New York Mets from around the league. Although Smith pretends that her petty disdain was directed at the fans of the team, the ending of her piece belies that:

So celebrate, Mets. Consider the possibilities, Phillies, Marlins, Nationals.

But remember, before you mock the dying dynasty as it exits stage right, before you even think about topping it, try emulating it first.

Since Claire indulged herself by nibbling at those sour grapes in Philadelphia, where there is no love for the Mets or their fans, I'm sure the vast majority of reaction to her childish opinions will be approving. It's the intellectual equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield yelling out, "Let's all get laid!" at the end of one of his movies. It lacks any intellectual depth, but whose going to argue? Make no mistake, though, crap is crap. Stories like this appear in print every day, reflective of the intellectual bankruptcy of the profession.

Reading an absolute piece of garbage like what Claire wrote used to make me mad. Now it just makes me sad. Not because I pity the poor Braves, nor for her silly attack on the Mets and their fans, but because Ms. Smith is actually employed as a sports columnist by a legitimate paper in one of the largest markets in the country. It makes me wonder if there are any standards left.

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Comments (6)

Claire Smith was a fine baseball writer earlier in her career with the Times. I can't vouch for what she's been doing lately.

I'm thinking we're reading another example of a reporter who has lost touch with what it's like to be fan. Those who mock-chopped (I had hoped you and I would be two of them before the rain got in the way of my bad intentions) didn't egg the Braves' team bus. By their mere presence at the end of a midweek daytime doubleheaders whose outcome had been assured innings earlier, I'd guess they were diehards. Perhaps like me, they remembered all the times, like in September 2001, they had raised their arms toward the Braves only to have a Brian Jordan chop them off.

Finally, a little payback toward our archrival. Revenge is sweet. Professional tut-tutters are advised to give their topics a little thought before scolding.

[Begin rant] Greg, this is something that we talked about the other day. I just can't get over all of these sportswriters and columnists who endlessly spout this garbage. What is this self-righteous need of theirs to criticize everything fans do?

Sports is freaking entertainment, and if fans want to tweak the other team in a non-violent manner that utilizes no hate speech, where do these freaking overpaid semi-literate pompous jerks get off with this self-indulgent garbage? [end of rant]

You'd be surprised how much of it is called filling an 800-word hole.


I know I'm getting to this half-a-year late, but good for the Mets and the Tomahawk Mock -- and this from a Philly fan. The Patriots (the standard for excellence and class in the NFL) flapped their wings up and down the field after beating the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Did anyone care then? No. Why Claire Smith would waste space on this now? I have no idea.

For some reason accusing fans of having no class is big among sportswriters in the northeast over the past few years.

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