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Four to Forget

Mike SteffanosThursday, September 28, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I'm back from New York City, and it looks like I picked the right 4 days to be away from watching Mets games. These were the only 4 games that I didn't watch live or on DVR all season. Perhaps some of my regular readers could share some of the lowlights of what happened in the comments below -- though if these games are too painful to relive, I understand.

Sunday, September 24, 2006
Nationals 5 - Mets 1
I had hoped while watching Saturday's game that the Mets offense would get back into gear for the postseason. This was obviously not the case. I actually watched some of this game on Channel 11 after arriving in NYC, and it seemed every bit as pathetic as the games from the week before. Apparently, Saturday was a one-day revival of fortunes for the bats.

Trachsel was just Trachsel. I only saw the last inning that he pitched, but the line was familiar -- 5 innings pitched, a lot of hits, a lot of walks and one strikeout. The Mets are going to have to score some runs for Trachsel if he's going to win a playoff game, and he's going to have to be more like the Trachsel that pitched the playoff clincher (how long ago does that seem now?) and less like this one.

Box Score

Monday, September 25, 2006
Nationals 7 - Mets 3
Just looking at the box score it didn't seem that Glavine pitched that badly here, but the offense came up short again. Saw some highlights of this game. Lisa and I were considering going to this game, but after being there for one of their anemic performances against the Marlins and seeing what they did on Sunday, I took a pass. Smart move, as it turned out.

Box Score

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Braves 12 - Mets 0
I thought going into the games in Atlanta that the Mets might wake up while facing the Braves. Instead, they fell into a deeper slumber. Obviously, Oliver Perez wasn't that good, but I never felt he was a real candidate for a post-season start, anyway. I want to see him go through a whole spring training with Rick Peterson before they ask that much out of him. As for the offense -- just horrible.

Box Score

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Braves 13 - Mets 1
At least they scored a run yesterday. After this one, I'd be shocked if Pedro makes an NLDS start, and wonder if we'll see him at all in the playoffs. I wonder now what it might take for the offense to wake up, and hope to God it doesn't take until 2007. The Mets have a chance to win in the playoffs without Pedro, but not if they don't score any runs.

Box Score

If anyone wants to share something with me on any of these games, please do. I'll be back after tonight's game with regular posting.

Comments (5)

Welcome back, Mike. As you know, our boys in blue and orange took the last four days off as well.

Don't you dare even think about another vacation day until after Thanksgiving.

While you were gone...the Mets ACTED like they were the only team with nothing to prove....

the yanks, Detroit, Minn are all in but no one has established seeds. The Mets have set their rotation.

While you were out, The astros pulled into a virtual tie with St Lou based on an 9loss to 9 win streak(s)...
TRANSLATION: the preseason (pre-annointed)NL champ might not make the post season. The Mets WILL be the only team in the NL to win 90 games.

pedro who? Pedro has contibuted just a little more than Victor Zambrano this yr. OK!.. I exaggerate.
But to make a point. Yes Pedro was the april-May force..

Traxx and his 15 'wins' now gets his start in the NLDS. i have tempered somewhat. Given the opposition, and his health he should be fine. Maine deserves his oppurtunity having carried the Mets in august when post all-star implosion was predicted. Right now though the guys that concern me are darren Oliver and bert. i'm thinkin Dave williams is the better long man. bert is not on his game. I like royce Ring a bit more right now. I also think Ring has the intangibles to step up ala Brad Lidge/Chad Qualls.

anyway, I'll worry on tuesday morning. Right now 95-96 wins is looking like a great (regular) season.

NostraDennis - I'll try not to take any more days off until the season's over.
micalpalyn - I don't think it was in the plan to fall apart this badly. It's hard to turn it on an off at will. Perhaps Pedro going down will galvanize the team and losen them up. They've looked awfully tight.

Welcome back MIke! I hope you enjoyed your vacation, and your vacation from the Mets because the last 4 games were in a word-EXCRUSIATING. The 12-0 loss was bad enough, but it was Oliver Perez and we all know he runs hot and cold-what was truly alarming was that the A line up could do nothing against Smoltz- a pitcher of quality and substance. The 13-1 loss was worse because ti was then that we all knew Pedro was hurt and that either he or the Mets were not saying anything. Then the lack of offense that was continuing was disheartening. They needed last night's win, but as I said in my blog, Kyle Davies has an ERA of over 8.00-they won't be facing many guys with ERAs like that on play off teams.

Shari - Thanks for the updates. I agree with you on Davies. I guess I'm hoping the loss of Pedro shakes things up and maybe even losens them ups some. We'll see.

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