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Going To the Game Tonight

Mike SteffanosWednesday, September 20, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I will be at the game tonight with Greg Prince. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, unlike last time. We'll be sitting in the Mezzanine, section 3, Row L, seats 13 and 14. I'll have an orange Mets cap on. Stop by and say "hello" if you get the chance.

I'm trying to talk Greg into an idea I have. I want us to pawn ourselves off as sports experts on radio. Greg will be pompous and arrogant; I will be fatuous and juvenile. I will laugh like a hyena whenever Greg makes a joke, whether it is funny or not. Instead of making my own points, I will just take whatever Greg says and agree with it, whether it makes sense or not. "You're exactly right, Greggie! Couldn't have said it better myself!" Greg is skeptical of my scheme, but I really believe this thing can work. Lisa tells me I have the perfect look for radio.

I have a lot of work to do before I take off, so just a couple of quick hits:

I couldn't agree more with my colleague at Hot Foot:

Can We Please Stop With The Yankees Sucks Chant?

Seriously. The idiots who chant "Yankees Suck" at Mets games where they are not even playing the Yankees is the height of stupidity. It makes you look like a moron not to mention shows you have a serious inferiority complex. What is the point? I swear I want to punch people who start this ridiculous chant because it is embarrasing, and makes other Mets fans and the Mets themselves look dumb.

Do you actually think Yankees fans are sitting in the stands at a Yankees / Red Sox game in the 5th inning chanting Mets Suck?

I'm watching my team clinch their first division in 18 years and I have to deal with this in Shea Stadium?

I understand the rationale behind this, and it is triggered by idiots wearing Yankee stuff to Mets games, but you are only telling the Yankee fans that they are getting to you when you do this. Do you really think someone wears a Yankees shirt to a Mets game because they hope to avoid attention? It's like when someone breaks up with you -- if you want to drive them crazy, don't talk about them at all. When your ex hears that you are badmouthing him/her, they know you care. The way to bother someone is to let them think you could care less. Nobody's ego enjoys that. Think of that Yankee fan at the Mets game as just a poor lost soul who desperately wants to see a real team play.

Finally, although I'm late on this thanks to the clinching, I was happy to see Mets catching prospect Jesus Flores get some more love from Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein Monday:

Ten Playoff Performances

Jesus Flores, C, High-A St. Lucie (Mets)

As St. Lucie went a perfect 5-0 to sweep their way to the Florida State League title, Flores reached base 13 times, going 8-for-17 with three walks and two HBPs. All this on the heels of a remarkable turnaround season in which the 21-year-old hit .266/.335/.487 and tied for the league lead with 21 home runs. His approach needs refinement, as does his work behind the plate, but catching prospects are hard to find, and Flores has clearly established himself as the Mets backstop of the future.

Despite the lack of depth in the farm system, the Mets have a few talented players down there, and Flores is one of the better ones. The FSL is a notorious pitcher's league, and the offensive numbers that Flores put up are very solid for that league. I would imagine the Mets would bump him up to AA-Binghamton next season, and I for one will follow his progress there with interest.

Back to work for this kid, boys and girls. Hope to run into you at the game.

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Comments (8)

Hi Mike- I think you can do better than radio-you're a handsome guy.
Have fun at the game tonight-please give Greg my best-I'm a big fan of his blog-his 9/11 post was outstanding.

You may have the face for radio, and even the sports knowledge...but can you guess TV ratings?

"Greg and the Mad Dog" no I don't think so,somethings not right, let me think about this.

Guessing television ratings; is that the funniest thing? And I do mean funny queer, not funny ha-ha, as the slingblade guy put it.

I try to stay away from that program, and usually manage it without a throw to second, so to speak. But yesterday I was driving around downtown Brooklyn, going nowhere quickly, and eventually I punched the button to see if someone would say something intelligent about the Mets.

Francesca's theme was that with the return of Sheffield the Yankees will be losing their "charm," something that the team rediscovered in the likes of Melky Cabrera and maybe Andy Phillips. I lasted throuh three commercial breaks and he must have used the word charm fifteem times. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: all that time, the only time the Mets were mentioned at all was in the news update.

Having Mike Francasca discourse on charm is about as useful as hearing Joe Stalin's thoughts on jazz.

Why the dated Soviet reference, you ask? Simply a reminder that that huge, pointless edifices that seem destined to continue forever have been known to crumble and fall. The Mike and the Mad Dog show has devolved into a vanity platform for those two; and that makes it vulnerable the minute that something better comes along. It too could fall. And a decade of Mets dominance could hurry it along.

So, today's password must be: Let's Go Mets!

actuall, that's not entirely true about Yankee fans. The bleacher creatures ruteenly say things like the following.

Yankee baseball! Mets suck! Redosx suck! (whatever the other team is) sucks!

Payback time, or something.

Mike, I couldn't agree more. The "Yankees suck" chants were out in full force Monday night. Mets fans need to get over this. It makes me want to smack someone.
Probably the jerks who start the "wave." Another of my pet peeves.

Shari - If I went on TV I'd have to shave every day and wear adult clothes...
C Dubb - Probably not. I'm not a huge fan of the Sopranos, so I'd have to talk about sports.
dd - I could actually see Francesa in the Stalin role. Very good.
Nick G - I still say ignoring them is the best treatment.
sheadenizen - Let's not forget it was Hotfoot that penned the original piece.

They started a Yankee suck chant at the game I was at last night, but mercifully it died quickly.

Hi so do I

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