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Happy Labor Day to All of the Faithful

Mike SteffanosMonday, September 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Sorry, everyone. Today really got away from me, so I never had the time to write anything really profound -- not that I ever let a lack of anything intelligent to say stop me from posting. There are a couple of items of interest below to check out, if you haven't already.

I was tempted to write something today about all of the things I've been reading lately among the baseball scribes, opining that the Mets are poised to lose in the first round of the playoffs. After ominously pointing out the problems that Pedro, Glavine and Orlando Hernandez have been going through, the latest flavor of the month gets anointed official "Mets Slayer". One week it's the Dodgers, than it's the Astros, then it's Buster Olney picking the Padres in his ESPN blog. Perhaps next week it will be something else.

I have some fun pointing out the inconsistencies in these predictions, but to be honest with you, I'm just getting bored will all of it. Of course anyone can beat anyone in a short series. All playoff teams, even whatever piece of mediocrity wins the NL wildcard sweepstakes, have their strengths. Luck is also a factor. And Mets fans are only all only too aware of our own team's potential vulnerabilities. So go ahead, Buster, picks the Pods. I'd be more worried if you picked the Mets, anyway. Oh, and just f*** off.

So rather than beat that topic to death again, just a quick thank you to all the readers of this blog. I was trying to explain why I do this to a friend of mine, and it always comes back to all of the kind thoughts and the opportunity to interact with other Mets fans. I'm learning from you guys every day, and I really appreciate that. I hope the remainder of your holiday turns out great.

If you're going to tomorrow night's game
I'll be at tomorrow (Tuesday) night's game against Atlanta. I'm going to meet Greg Prince from Faith and Fear in Flushing, so I'm looking forward to that. I'll be in the Mezzanine behind home plate, section 3, Row L Seat 19. My hair and moustache are somewhat greyer than in the picture, but otherwise I still look pretty much the same. I'll be wearing a black Mets road cap. Stop by and say "hi" if you get the chance.

Covers.com: Trachsel pisses off gamblers
Apparently Mets fans aren't the only ones who get aggravated with Steve Trachsel. From a sports gambling web site:

... So where does this leave bettors who want to make a play on Monday's NL East showdown with the Atlanta Braves with the Mets set as -124 favorites? Is it worth taking a pitcher like Trachsel who relies so heavily on the 6.12 runs he receives in support every time he takes the mound?

"No, I wouldn't say there is much value in taking him," says Covers Expert David Malinsky. "But in the same vein, there has not been a more annoying guy this baseball season. All the numbers point to him faulting at some point, but the Mets keep scoring and he keeps winning and we lose money."

I don't know about the rest of you, but frustrating people who bet against the Mets actucally endears Trax to me somewhat. Thanks to Charles in Newport Beach, CA for the link.

Bergen Record: Willie
I loved the following quote from Willie, when asked if the Mets want to beat the Braves in this 3-game set to lessen the chance the Braves might put something together in the wildcard. Willie scoffed at the possibility of being worried about facing Atlanta in October:

When you answer that question, it seems like I'm still concerned or worried about them, and I'm not. If they get really back into the mix -- they have a long haul, I guess, because even though they're close, they've got a lot of people to jump over -- then, hey, that's great for them.

But as they mount a 10-game winning streak, I'm not going to get nervous or scared or worried about it, because if they get there, whoever it may be, we're going to have to beat them anyway. So I'm not going to go into this week going, 'Hey guys, we've got to beat the Braves and get them out of there so we don't have to worry about them.' That's not the way I look at it because I think we're better than them anyway.

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Comments (4)

Ive sat in that same section may times...great POV....re: These experts...scribes dont play the game, the players do....let the players decide. Theres little excitement this time of year, and even less so in the hunt for the wild card. To predict that the Padres or the Dodgers will beat the Mets in the playoffs is just as good as saying that oil prices will stabilize....whos got the genuine abilty to prognosticate. My humble advice to the writers: Find some insightful human interest stories or write about something personal, or technical even. Whats the point of projecting, when every year some abstract element mystically changes the predictions. Its a waste of time and print. Try writing about your love for the game maybe. One last thought...Beltran...What a season....such sacrifice, true grit...and humbly besides.

n8genius -- there seems to be a journalistic cottage industry in prediting dire things for the Mets, including the wild card team that will knock them off.

Hey, Mike: we're in Mezz Sec 12, if we don't get rained out AND i get there early enough, I will come by and say 'hi'.

Sounds great!

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