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Hey Mets, Don't Put Those Bats Away Just Yet

Mike SteffanosMonday, September 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Braves 5 - Mets 0

After netting four hits in yesterday's finale in Houston, the Mets only managed one against the Braves tonight. This was honestly one of the hardest games for me to watch this season, and I'm not going to give you a lot on it.

Trachsel didn't have it all tonight, lasting only 4-1/3 innings and walking seven batters. He allowed 4 runs, and was fortunate it wasn't more. It was so dreary tonight, and I'm sort of at a loss to come up with much. I think I need a little help from my friends on this one. Since I refuse to hate Trachsel no matter what, Mets Grrl has generously offered to do it for me. I'm also with Shari in that Royce Ring and Heath Bell were among the handful of bright spots for the Mets tonight.

Losing to the Braves always sucks.

Thoughts on the game
Let's update Trachsel:

Steve Trachsel

I thought when he pitched those 3 games highlighted in light blue above that he was taking a step forward and really grabbing hold of securing that fourth playoff starter. Based on the last 3 games highlighted in pink, I'm not so sure any more. Granted, the way the Mets swung the bats tonight once he gave up one run he was probably toast, but Willie has seemed impatient with Trachsel at times lately, and I don't think this game made Willie feel good.

Box Score

Comments (8)

Youth be served...This is a great moment...we are priviledged to observe the unfolding of the future...such a wealth..and they are ours...what a blast!!....Humber Pelfrey Bannister...an abundance of riches...Milledge ... Hernandez Ring ...we are blessed threefold again...and our farm system is supposed to be weak??? by whose evaluation...Perez...icing...not to mention special ones left behind for this season, but waiting in the wings...all potentiual superstars??? methinks not, but if not , trade fodder for sure...Whats thats song, now a cliche..Future's so bright,,,,I gottsta...Tomorrow we eat the braves w/fava beans and a nice Chianti

That's it. I am making this statement and never retracting it: Maine over Trachsel in the playoffs. That said, as dismal as the offensive performance was, the Mets have chosen the right time to go on cruise control. If they are still playing like this in two weeks, enter panic mode. Until then, they had a similar three-game stretch in Philly. Things just unfold that way. We can't score 8 runs every single game. I say it's time to start resting our top position players every third or fourth day and get them ready for the bigger stage while continuing to audition pitchers for playoff roster spots. Thank God for the luxurious lead.

Don't know how it didn't show up on the last post, but that was me.

In the postgame comments on Trachsel's outing, Ron Darling said that Willie, and we, should simply "throw it out," not consider it when evaluating Trachsel's year, which has been "outstanding."

Okay, I didn't go to Yale. But I suspect that Ronnie is closing ranks with a fellow pitcher on the downside of his career. Trachsel today is not unlike Darling in his last few seasons in Oakland, when his hits allowed rose and his strikeouts diminished; that Ron Darling was a far remove from the fellow we remember so well. Who better to sympathize with Steve's struggles than one who went through the same ordeal?

But, do I agree with him? Heck no. My question is, does Ron really believe what he was saying?

n8genius -- No fair trying to make me laugh when I am determined to be bugged by last night's lousy game.
Matt -- I'm not in panic mode, but there really does seem to be some sort of rule that they are not allowed to play this poor of a game against Atlanta. Depressing...
dd -- Ron's been consistent with that all year, and I agree with you that his empathy towards the fading pitcher trumps his objectivity.

Can the Mets turn it on and off when they feel like? It seems all this year the whole team has a meeting before each game and flips a coin, heads we play like crazy and never give up and tails we sit back and cool it. They may say tomorrow is another day put an X on the calendar, how many games to the playoffs....Then I pray its play like crazy and never give up. Thats the team that excites me. This other team that just shows up, we have said it all this year, seems like they need to be snaped out of it from time to time. Your better then this guys come on now, lets play to win. I remember talking about them having no fire. They look flat. And then like answered prayer, they play like the crazy team and we win 9 out of 10. I agree with Matt if this was the last week or so, man I would be fasting and praying for that other team to show up, but for now it's kinda o.k.

Ron darling: As I analyze Ron's 'opinion', I harken back to that HISTORIC 1988 series vs LA when Davey let Ron pitch game 7 instead of Gooden. Gooden had been GREAT in that series going toe-to -toe with Orel 'cy young' hershiser.

John Maine WILL start over Traxx. In fact I'd DROP Traxx from the playoff roster, in favor of Royce Ring. But thats me. On El-Duque. He is excelling as a starter. But with him in the rotation there has to be a 4th starter. Pedro, Glavine and El Duque cannot pitch on short rest.

I think Humber may be closer to a rotation spot next yr than Pelfrey.

Rev -- I still say they aren't allowed to do this against Atlanta.
Ed -- It's natural for Ron to identify with the fading starting pitcher, and I agree with you on Maine, Trachsel and Phil Humber. Humber already has the solid offspeed stuff Pelfrey is trying to develop.

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