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Mets Come Up Short Again

Mike SteffanosSaturday, September 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Pirates 3 - Mets 2

The Mets offense wasted a terrific outing by Orlando Hernandez tonight, and as a result instead of celebrating clinching the east, had the pleasure of watching the Pirates celebrate like the 62-87 last place club had just won game 7 of the World Series.

Just a few thoughts before I go away and sulk. If someone runs into David Wright, can you remind him that he hits left-handers well? He used to know this, but seems to have forgotten it over the last month or so.

I had a feeling that Orlando Hernandez would pitch a good game, and he did not disappoint. If you're looking for one, he was definitely the biggest bright spot of the evening for the Mets. He's a big game pitcher, and he pitches like one. If he can give us games like this in the playoffs we'll have a chance to win them. Here is Hernandez' chart updated from August 1:

Orlando Hernandez
TOTAL (7 Games)42.1222137411744.461.283-4
TOTAL (6 Games)38.1111027361322.341.043-3

Again, the game highlighted in blue was the stat-skewing beating that he took in Philadelphia, and the totals are shown with and without that game. Pretty impressive, and no showing no sign of a tired arm.

I know that some Mets fans are going to be hoping that the clinching is deferred until Monday at home. Not me, I'd like to see them do it tomorrow and get it over with.

Box Score

Comments (7)

What would you do if you were Willie? Half of our lineup is slumping right now. Maybe young David needs a day off. Maybe Green and Floyd should not be playing against lefties. We've got 2 capable young guys in Chavez and Milledge who can play the outfield and bat right-handed.

First things first, though. Tell Ledee to pack his bags and find another scrub outfielder who bats left-handed and can pinch hit (a la Eric Valent). Enough of Ledee already!

We have seen this all year. They get cold together and they get hot together. The hope is they get hot for the short season of the playoffs. It seems I have said this before about them.They are consistent with inconstancy or something like that. We will have to live and die with that. And when they are cold, I die its a painfull and slow. The magic pill, somebody gets hot and carries the team. Please somebody, I'm dying. I don't care where we win this thing. On the field or in the hotel lobby. Get it done and lets move on.

Chris -- I'm not worried about Ledee, because he won't show up on the post-season roster. You could give Wright a day off, but it won't change the fact that his batting average is almost 45 points and his SLG is over 80 points lower against left-handed pitchers this year. I don't think it's because he's tired, I think he's trying to do too much. Relax, kid, and just let your talent come out. If Wright started hitting lefties again that would help a lot.
Rev, is that you? In any case, a hearty amen to what you said.

Yeah thats me, I don't know what I did.Good job Sherlock, what gave me away. The 3:23 am? I was looking at the playoff possibles, and SD vs Mets and LA vs ST.L and if we are ok, not even hot ok, we stand a preety good shot at any of them. The short playoff kind of scares me alittle. I pray Pedro with maybe two more starts will be strong enough to give us game one in the playoffs,then losing one don't seem so bad.But two in a row is bad.

The time and the general tone were both giveaways.

is better
for me now.
Come on home Mets and win it at shea.

Brutal weekend.

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