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Mets Make Dodgers Blue

Mike SteffanosFriday, September 8, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 7 - Dodgers 0

Tom Glavine gave the Mets a strong 6+ shutout innings, and Jose Reyes had the first inside-the-park home run of his career as the Mets pummeled Brad Penny and the Dodgers.

The Mets jumped on Penny quickly in the first, with the first 4 Mets batters getting hits. Unfortunately, Paul Lo Duca ran into an out at third base, but Beltran's RBI single and Wright's sac fly had the Mets up 2-0. They padded their lead to 3-0 in the second on Jose Valentin's long solo home run off the scoreboard.

Glavine got off to a rough start himself in the first when Lugo and Garciaparra had consecutive 1-out hits, but he escaped that jam and settled down nicely. Over the next five innings, Glavine allowed only Furcal's 2-out double in the fifth.

The Mets ran a high pitch count on Penny, and busted the game open in the sixth when the Dodger ace was already up over 100 pitches. David Wright worked a walk off a full count, and then one out later Shawn Green doubled him to third. Valentin hit a hard ground ball to 2B Jeff Kemp, who tried to nail Wright at home. Toby Hall couldn't come up with the rushed bounced throw; Valentin's RBI on the fielder's choice put the Mets up 4-0. Glavine sacrificed Valentin to second while Green stayed on third, bringing up Jose Reyes with 2 outs. Reyes hit a fly ball to deep left-center that Matt Kemp couldn't come up with, and then when Kemp couldn't play the bounce off the wall Reyes was off to the races for the inside-the-park homer. At 7-0 Mets the game was all but over.

Glavine struck out Ethier leading off the seventh, but then Reyes dropped a pop up for an error and Toby Hall followed with a single. With Glavine over 100 pitches, Willie went to Guillermo Mota. After getting the second out, Mota walked Furcal to load the bases but retired Julio Lugo to get out of it. Roberto Hernandez survived a hit and his own error in the eighth to keep LA off the board, and Aaron Heilman contributed a scoreless ninth.

Thoughts on the game
The Mets have always had Penny's number, for whatever reason. He's 3-10 lifetime against them now for his career. They were really working him tonight. With Green hitting now, this lineup can be murder on right-handed pitchers.

Let's do a chart on Glavine since August 1:

Tom Glavine

He does seem to be finding his way back to effectiveness after all his struggles. He was as sharp as we've seen him in a long time tonight, and the Dodgers have a pretty potent lineup that usually feasts on left-handers. Coming down the home stretch now, it's important to get Glavine and then Pedro going. Good job.

Note to Brad Penny: Sorry for misspelling your name in the original version of this post. It was late, and I was tired.

Box Score

Comments (7)

Saw the highlights on this game. The inside-the-park homer was absolutely money, but obviously the more important part was Glavine's performance. Saddle up boys, it's time to clinch the division and destroy people come playoff time.

....man! It's quite a treat, getting to watch Jose take a quick tour of the basepaths. That slide at the end of his journey forcefully reminded me of a picture I had in a scrapbook I kept as a kid, of New York Giants star Willie Mays gleefully sliding across home despite a teammate's signal that he could cross the plate standing. It's great to have FUN guys to watch.

O Penny, Brad Penny.....been watching this fellow since his much-anticipated beginning with the Marlins. He's built like a pitcher and he's got the stuff. I've always expected big things out of him; accordingly I was not surprised with his dominating first half, and even with his more recent struggles I expected the Mets to have a hard time with him last night. Once again the home team exceeded my expectations.

What a fine team, what a great season, hey? Reminding us of why we follow baseball. Someone, possibly in the Post, maybe in a comment here, cranked up the typical "at this point anything less than a World Series appearance much be viewed as a disappointment" business the other day. I could not disagree more; the Mets have played great baseball, nearly all the way from the starting gun. Now they have the division wrapped up and they're still playing great baseball. Sure I want to see them go all the way; but regardless of what happens tomorrow, this season has been a tremendous success. Thanks, guys.

Matt -- sounds good to me.
dd -- That's the difference between Yankee fans and Mets fans. We don't buy into that "anything less" crap.

Despite the 7-0 scoreline I thought we missed alot of oppurtunities. I could have been 7-0 in the first.

We have debated the importance of Nady to the line up early, especially considering the early days of August. But now that green is acclimated he is providing DW with protection and performing himself. Shawn green certainly appears to be the last piece of the puzzle. mota too makes Bert and Heilman better.

I think Green is a more polished hitter than Nady at this stage of their careers, but I still think this team needs a RH hitter to balance the lineup. Guess that will wait until next year now.

Every time the name Tobey Hall comes up, it reminds me of this, from Resevoir Dogs:

-Give me that fuckin' thing.
-What in hell do you think you're doin'?

I'm sick of hearin' it, Joe.
I'll give it back to you when we leave.

What do you mean, when we leave?
Give me it back now!

For the past minutes now,
you've been droning on about names.

"Toby. Toby?

Toby? Toby Wong.

Toby Wong? Toby Wong.

Toby Chung fuckin' Charlie Chan."

Do me a favor. I'm trying to keep profanity off the blog. If you post something like this again, just star out the words:

-Give me that f***in' thing


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