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Oh, By The Way...

Mike SteffanosThursday, September 21, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I was surprised to read this in the Times today:

The Marlins may be fading from the wild-card hunt, but they do not lack for confidence. While Manager Willie Randolph was speaking with the news media before the game, Miguel Cabrera poked his head into the interview room and said, "We're going to win today." Randolph stared at him before responding: "You're going to win today? That's good. It doesn't matter much." Cabrera left, and then Randolph said: "I like his confidence. We're going to win today, huh? So what? A little too late."

It surprises me because:

  1. Cabrera didn't play last night, allegedly because he "slept wrong" on his shoulder.
  2. I seem to remember Cabrera striking out last week to end a game that still mattered for his team.

Cabrera has great skills as a hitter, but really is somewhat of a punk. Have a nice long off-season, my friend.

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Comments (5)

The only part of your post I disagree with is your use of "somewhat of."

I don't know why you would even say something like that after dropping 2 games your team so desperately needed. I'd be embarassed. As Willie said: "A little too late."

A punk who is rapidly gaining weight, doesn't work on his fielding, doesn't hustle on the basepaths; sort of a new Manny Ramirez with a worse attitude.

The only question is whether he will go along as a one dimentional star like Ramirez, or possibly loaf himself into a much shorter career. It has happened to many other elite talents.

Or maybe he finally grows up, he's only 23.

We got kind of lucky with Wright and Reyes. Not that they're perfect, but neither one of them is big-timing it at this stage of their careers.

Steven Wright: "Did you sleep good?" "Nah, I made a few mistakes." Sweet dreams, Miguelito.

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