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September 11

Mike SteffanosMonday, September 11, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It's the old wound that seems to be opened up fresh every year just from a date on the calendar. You can't ignore it. Cable television networks still do specials every year, ostensibly to commemorate the date, but also cynically to cash in on our continued fascination and sell a few commercials.

September 11 puts all things into perspective, especially sports. We remember how much it meant to return to some sort of normalcy in the days and weeks that followed. When we are tempted to attach to much meaning to what happens on a ball field or a gridiron, we remember back and don't allow ourselves that silly indulgence.

I write about baseball here, specifically the Mets, but I couldn't let the fifth anniversary of this infamous day pass without acknowledging it. I remember clearly where I was and what I was doing five years ago today. I was with Lisa, on a late beach vacation in Ocean City, MD. We were watching the Today Show and drinking coffee in our room. The first tower had been hit and no one was quite sure what had happened. While we watched, a plane flew into the second tower, and I knew immediately what was happening. I also understood instinctively that my life would be forever changed by what I was seeing. I've talked to many people since who had that same experience.

I will go back to what I normally do here, talk about baseball. I'm grateful to have the freedom to spend so much thought and energy on what is essentially a trivial matter.

Greg from Faith and Fear and Dave, the Mets Guy in Michigan acknowledge the date with their own thoughts and memories.

Update: Shari from Take the "7" Train also adds her own thoughts and memories on the day.

Baseball Prospectus: Jesus Flores
Kevin Goldstein picks the St Lucie Mets' catcher for his Monday Morning Ten Pack:

The St. Lucie Mets cruised to the Florida State League championship over the weekend, completing a three-game sweep of Dunedin (Blue Jays) and going a perfect 5-0 in the post-season. In Sunday's 6-2 clincher, Flores went 4-for-4 with a double and a stolen base to complete a playoff run in which he reached base 11 times; he's coming off a regular season in which he hit .266/.335/.487, tied the league lead with 21 home runs, and finished fourth in slugging. While the Mets felt strongly about Flores' potential, this is still a massive breakout for the 21-year-old Venezuelan who hit a Bill Plummer-esque .216/.250/.339 last year at Low Class A Hagerstown.

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Comments (7)

Regarding Jesus Flores the reason he had such a horrible year last year was becuase in the exhibition game against the Nationals at the end of spring training I think it was John Patterson, he drilled him in the wrist. He missed about a month and when he came back he sucked.
He couldn't hit, he couldn't hit for power. So I would just say last season was a lost one for Flores becuase of the wrist injury. He's just rebounded from the injury and is back to normal and not "breaking out" or playing over his head.

Hi MIke- I personally think it's a day that people should always remember and not just on an anniversary.
I for one am just as angry if not more five years later. I remember being stuck in the city and being told there was no way out of Manhattan, which made me feel like I was going to suffocate. I don't like city life and always looked at going home from Manhattan as a relief. When I felt trapped here with all of the chaos and hysteria I wanted to cry. I can only imagine how the people that narrowly escaped before the building collasped felt. I worked near the Empire State Building and thought that was next. It was awful, they finally opened the subways around 1 pm and at the time I lived in Queens so I was able to get home. I waited until them to leave because we didn't know what was going to happen next. Dan and my dog Ginger went down there on Thursday (thankfully he was home sick on 9/11 otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen him again-he is the type who would have been the first guy in one of those buildings, before he was a cop he was an EMT and I know he would have felt he could help some one who was injured. He took my dog Ginger down there that Friday, but all she was able to find was bodies, no survivors and now she is paying the price for it with an awful skin condition.

Benny -- I've been pretty high on Flores for a while. I know what you mean about the wrist injury, and Goldstein should have mentioned it, but I still am very excited that he put up those numbers in a pitcher's league like the FSL.

Shari -- Human nature being what it is, people don't like to dwell on painful things. I gave thought to not mentioning it on my blog -- not because I don't think about it, but because a return to normal life defeats what the terrorists hoped to accomplish. Also because I'm sure there are some who read my blog who lost people that they care about, and I didn't want to refresh their pain. But then I realized the day itself does that.

I agree with you that it should be more than just a date that makes us remember.

Hey Mike- I took your lead and mentioned it on my blog too-of course as usual I gave you props.
It's the right thing to do - especailly since I'm not always sure I will post the night of the game during the week.

A nice mix today on this kind of special day for alot of us. We need to remember but we all so need to move on. In reading Mets Guy In Michigan, he made me laugh about talking to the taxi cab driver who was talking to someone on the phone in his ear. I answer way to many people who are not talking to me, with something sticking in their ear. In the mall, I hear, hello how are you and I turn and say Iam fine, how are you. And then you get that look and you see that thing in their ear and hear them say something like, some wierd guy is talking to me.Thanks Mike, for the mix today.

Shari -- I threw a link up to your's, too. It's important people don't forget.
No problem, Rev.

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