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The Not Ready For Prime Time Pitcher

Mike SteffanosFriday, September 1, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Rockies 8 - Mets 4

I'm going to share a few quick thoughts with you tonight and then duck and run. I'm just plain exhausted after 3 late nights in a row. To anyone that envisioned Oliver Perez as a potential piece of the puzzle in the playoffs this year, I suspect this game put a damper on that. I'm certainly not going to write him off for one bad game in Colorado, but I think they're better off working on his mechanics -- which are still God-awful -- and giving him a full spring training before they ask anything of him.

I thought Perez threw his slider a little too much against the Phillies, and in that game he had a nice hard down break on it. It was a lot flatter tonight, which can happen in the thin air, and he threw it too much again. His mechanics are so messed up he's not spotting his fastball at all, and he's hanging a few of those sliders. The Rockies were equal opportunity tonight, pounding both of his pitches. I still like the kid, but let's all take a step back and save the project for next spring.

I'm not going to say much about the offense. The Mets scored 4 runs on 13 hits and 2 walks. They left 17 men on base. What more do you need to say? The bright spots were Wright with 2 hits, including another home run, Reyes and Chavez with 3 hits apiece, and Lo Duca with a pair of knocks.

Reyes made a throwing error to end the streak of errorless games at 12, although Michael Tucker should have been charged with an error in Wednesday's game, anyway. The Mets had a bad game tonight. I guess they were due. Hopefully they're back in business against the Astros. I'm going to bed.

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Good night sweet Prince....Just cruised in from a night in Philadelphia...its 3am...listened to the recap... Mets as is are jus' fine and Olie will benefit from the Mullets tutelage jus' fine...and the world at the moment is jus' fine too....you get some Alpha and some Delta and you'll feel jus' fine too...shure nuff

We are like ships passing in the night,your going to bed and I am getting up. The recap is good. Bing bang boom, next game. Get your rest big guy, we need you strong for Oct...Does your Mom type?

i concede. ollie and rick you have work to do. hopefully staying home in october will light your fire.

2. however julio franco and shawn green lost huge oppurtunities to keep the mets in the game.

n8genius -- Thanks... I think. :)
Rev -- She types better than I do, but I'm afraid if I let her take the blog over for a while no on will want me back.
michalpalyn -- It's funny how Perez got killed by a couple of the beat writers for a bad start in Colorado. I'm glad he got the chance to pitch a couple of games. There's nothing wrong with his arm, he just needs some TLC from Prof. Rick.

I'm trying not to think about all of the offensive chances blown last night.

Thanks Mike,

I thought Shari's blog today was a good read, also the daily news recap. Yes, Ollie gave up 12 hits, in 3IP. 11 of them seeing eye bloop singles when he was ahead in the count....not getting an outside strike.

What is not lost in the hoopla is the fact WE CARE. With humber healing and Pelfrey evolving...Ollie fits into the rotation of new YOUNG Mets. With his past success and talent he is on tier with Dontrelle. In fact given the 15 game lead IN THE DIVISION and that the Dodgers have barely cracked 70 wins..very little is lost by using a 6 man rotation thru the seasons end with Ollie. Many pitcher have bad yrs (padilla/ Mike Maroth) only to bounce back into world beating aces.

While Ollie gets favored for past success (see Vincente Padilla), it is my opinion that Mike Pelfrey get the heilman (Brandon Mccarthy) treatment and prove himself in the pen next yr.

Because Ollie (or even VZ) do not amount to a sizeable chunk of change, plus Williams, Paulk, Heilman, Humber are considerations for the rotation I think the Mets can afford to groom Pelfrey at the ML level.

micalpalyn -- I've heard the 6 man rotation is not a possibilty now, because they want to make sure Pedro and Glavine get enough starts going into the playoffs.

Interesting thought with Pelfrey in the bullpen. I still want to see him develop confidence in his slider and changeup, though.

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