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A Golden Opportunity Squandered

Mike SteffanosWednesday, October 18, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Cardinals 4 - Mets 2
Cardinals Lead NLCS 3-2

Sorry guys, I've tried three times to write something in-depth on tonight's game, and I keep coming up empty. This was a game where Glavine was obviously not sharp from the get-go, leaving everything up, and yet the game was there to be won all night. The Mets bullpen was great and the Cardinals blew some chances themselves. But Jeff Weaver got away with mistakes all night, and was bailed out by some terrible at bats by your New York Mets. Home plate umpire Jeff Kellogg had a terribly inconsistent strike zone all night, but he had a better game than most of the Mets hitters, so resist the urge to blame him, please. In a very important game, the Mets reverted to their September offensive approach, with predictable results.

And now we are facing two elimination games to keep playing baseball a little longer. That wouldn't be so hard to take if the Mets gave a good accounting of themselves tonight, but they didn't. I hope all of you that our going to the game tomorrow night will give your all to try to support our team. They need all the help they can get. Greg and Jason from Faith and Fear, Mets Grrl and anyone else who may be going, we're all counting on you to bring your "A" game to Shea tomorrow night.

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If you're looking for a goat, you missed him.

Shawn Green.

His defense has been seven ways to atrocious all series, and he came up very little in that 1-out at-bat with 2 men on.

Hopefully, elimination is the impetus they need to get their act together. If the season ends like this, it's a disappointment of monumental proportions... if we pull it out, we would have the confidence to go along with El Duque pulling a Willis Reed to start Game 1. However, it's a long way to go before then.

I'll be at the game and supporting the Mets 100% because it isn't over yet. Besides, the Mets have given us an excellent and exciting year and they deserve full fan support to the end (and then some).

I don't think it is fair to try to name a "goat". Green did no worse than several other home "favorites". Even our "big name stars" have given us poor at bats in crucial times, including my favorite, David Write. Instead of trying to blame somebody I think we should cheer them on and congratulate them for a great year (a year that isn't over yet, I might add)!

I agree, Joe. Glavine could have been the goat. So could Valentin, or Cliff Floyd, or Reyes, or any Met who didn't drive in a run when they could have.

It's GAME SIX, people.

I'm old enough to remember watching GAME SIX with my GAME SEVEN ticket in my hand.

They can do this.

Hi everyone-Just remember one game six about 20 somewhat years ago........like Yogi Berra said "It ain't over til it's over."
Win or lose tonight, I have no complaints it's been a great season -consider what they were in 2004 and no one will be disappointed if their season should end tonight. I think the fact that they are even having a game six with a patchwork starting rotation is commendable.

Memo to John Maine: if you set up the batter effectively, the high fastball is a good weapon, maybe your best weapon. It is something you did regularly back when you were pitching so well, and seem to have forgotten since.

Ask Jose Valentin; many of his ugly at bats over the past month have featured him swinging under high fastballs.

And a memo to Willie: there is a guy name of Heilman idling in your bullpen. What are you saving him for, the spring prom?

Let's go Mets!


That is what I will carry through the day. Another game 6 down 3-2? Could we see a repeat of 20 years ago?

I hope so.

I can see it now: the Mets prevail in Game 6, only to have the Cardinals protest the game at the start of Game 7 when it is confirmed that Steve Trachsel won't be starting.

Trachsel was the Card's secret weapon in Game 3, y'know. Having him not start tomorrow might be weapon enough for us, if we make it through tonight.

Call me crazy but I like the Mets' chances tonight.

Matt - I don't think there's any point in looking for a goat. Certainly there were enough bad at bats to go around yesterday. I'd prefer to credit the bullpen for being great again (despite the homer) and move on.
Joe - I agree with you. Hope the kid is going with you and that the Mets do something great tonight for both of you.
Shari - I agree.
dd - I wondered that myself yesterday about Heilman, although Mota did manage to escape the eighth.
Ed - None of us would still be Mets fans if we lacked hope, right? We survived Art Howe, we can make it through this.
dd - Okay crazy, hope you're right.

Our team comes home on a wing and a prayer. We can do this. All hands battle stations.

Pray hard, Rev!

you said it all yourself jeff kellog was umpiring the game hes the worst. his strike zone is the worst he thinks hes the god of baseball and usually all of his calls go to the home team. hes one of those umps that live off the reaction from the crowd its 2008 and jeff kellog is still ruining the game of baseball send him to the minors

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