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Mets Hot Stove: No Interest in Zito?

Mike SteffanosFriday, October 27, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

In today's New York Post, Mark Hale cites a source with the Mets that they will not be pursuing free agents Barry Zito or Alfonso Soriano or seek to deal for Manny Ramirez this winter. Hale gives the following reasons for each:
The Mets will need a top starter and possibly a second baseman and left fielder, but they apparently are not interested in Zito, Soriano and Ramirez, three big names who have been linked to the Mets over the past few seasons.

Zito is represented by Scott Boras, and the Mets - according to the source - estimate the left-hander will soar out of their price range. Zito could get at least $70 million over five seasons.

... As for Soriano, the source indicated the lack of interest would not be because of money. Rather, the person said the Mets have not pursued Soriano that much in the past.

... Boston, knowing that Ramirez and David Ortiz represent its strength, would move Ramirez only if a team paid the rest of his hefty contract and also traded the Sox multiple top young players.

Boston also would have to know it could find a big bat to hit behind Ortiz. Accomplishing those three items is unlikely, the Red Sox believe, which means Ramirez will likely stay in Boston.

I'm not really shocked by any of this, as Minaya indicated even two years ago that pursuing big name, big contract players was not going to be the modus operandi for the Mets going into the future. Still, some of this could be a bluff, but I see Manny as extremely unlikely given what Boston is seeking, and I'm not convinced that Barry Zito is really a true ace. We've been reading for a while that the Mets didn't have as much interest in the southpaw as the media was indicating. I'm curious to find out what some of you think on this subject -- not so much whether you want one of these three, but whether you think the Mets lack of interest is genuine or a negotiating ploy.

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Comments (12)

Barry Zito to me , is overated. Some of our young arms are just as good. I would rather persue a real young ace and sacrifice some young arms to do so. A Hielman and Pelfrey, plus depending on the ace you get in return. But he has to be young not someone who's best years are behind him. The O Man almost had one or two last year. I think the blockbuster trade is out there and I think we have the right stuff to make it happen.We may have to sacrifice a lot, even adding Lasting to prey away somebodys ace. I just don't see Barry Zito as that ace. He would be a welcome addition as a 2nd rotation fit, but would cost to much for that.I would rather have Dontrelle Willis,to bad he isn't a free agent this year, but I don't think he is going anyplace, unless the O Man does some dealing?

I really hope we don't overpay for Zito. Soriano, though, I really wouldn't mind forking over the cash for.

I wouldn't mind having Zito -- I wouldn't mind having adding any top pitcher -- but it's not worth breaking the bank for him. He's good, but not dominant like a Pedro in his prime and there are other trade/free agent options that are nearly as good and not as expensive.

Rev - Zito is a very good pitcher, but like you I have serious doubts that he's an ace, so I can't see paying him huge money for 6 years as he's likely to get. I wish the Mets were able to get Oswalt last year, that would have been one guy that would have made sense paying the big money for.
Matt - I's be surprised if they were willing to sign Soriano. He'll command close to a Beltran contract.
RealityChuck - Omar keeps hinting at a trade. It will be interesting to see what comes out of that.

CBS Sports says, Japanese R/H Daisuke Matsuzka that a bid just to negotitate could exceed 20 million. He is one of the biggest off-season names, they say. Is he that good?

I don't think Omar's posturing with Zito and his agent. I thin he's truly not interested in paying CY Young money for a just-good starter.

You can never have enough pitching. BUT...

Between Opening Day and PR Pedro Returns) Day, we'll probably have the following:

Glavine (he WILL be back)
El Duque
Pelfrey or Bannister
Wild Card (Heilman finally gets his starting rotation wish? Oliver? The other Oliver? Ummm...Alay Soler?)

Between Opening Day and then, it will become apparent which one of these pitchers is not like the others (which one of these pitychers just doesn't belong). Can you guess which pitcher is not like the others, before Pedro comes along?

Heilman will never get a start with the Mets. Take it to the bank. I don't get it....I don't understand it, but that's the way it is. I wish Rev Al would have named some of those young studs you think Omar will go after. I'd be curious. For what it's worth, Ed Coleman on the FAN yesterday. "The Mets may have interest in Soriano....no to Zito." Time will tell.

Rev - Everyone likes him a lot, but I can't pretend to know anything more about him than what I read.
NostraDennis - Sorry, I'm not sure where you're going with that, but I see Oliver Perez as a definite starter next season. I see Pelfrey and Humber in Triple-A as insurance. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Humber first, since he is more polished than Mike Pelfrey.
sheadenizen - I was going to keep this a secret a little longer, but the young stud the rev is talking about is me. That's right -- I'm going to drag myself out of retirement and bring my 70 mph fastball and 69.5 mph changeup to Shea next season!!!


I'm not sure where I'm going with it, either. I'm just relieved that we can muse over these permutations without even mentioning the "Z" word (the one we're paying, not the one Omar says he's not interested in) and the "T" word (you know, that guy with the most seniority as a Met on the roster).

Make Perez a 4 and Humber a 5, and concentrate on resigning your middle guys and a possible 2nd baseman, and we're in good shape.

By the way, does anyone know how long we have Rick Peterson under contract?

We need a garbage pitcher to fit inbetween our fire arms,so far you got it Mike. Some of the names you hear now, and that will change 20 times before this is all over,Ted Lily, Jason Schmidt, Daisuke Matsukaka, Gil Meche, Erik Bedard, Jake Peavy, Freddy Garcia. Nothing to sell the farm for, some are OK. But I think no real WOW.That Matsukaka is talked about alot but we don't know to much. They also mention names like Moises Alou, Tony Garaffanino, Alex Cora, Shannon Stewart, Emil Brown, Jason Lane( who had a good year in 05, with 26HR )The closer we get to Thanksgiving we should see real possible trades and buys. By that time I should be on my 6th or 7th writting pad. And Mikes name will be on and off the list 10 times at least. Happy GM-ING gang.

NostraDennis - I'd add a useful right-handed OF/bench player to your shopping list. I'm still convinced Omar will bring in a veteran pitcher. Probably not an ace, though.

I think Peterson's contract is up, and they have to re-sign him. I'd be surprised if they didn't, though.
Rev - I prefer to think of myself as "velocity challenged".

Preston gets a ring 2o yrs after Dad.

as someone else (jason?) said the kharma was unreal, but Omar went for green. Yet Preston is a big reason that the Cards got to post season, and beat the Mets. He just got big hits.

Rev: Mark Mulder....after he is non tendered.

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