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Mets Hot Stove: Those Whacky Rumors

Mike SteffanosMonday, October 23, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

For those of you that live for trade rumors, Mark Healey at Gotham Baseball is firing up The Rumor Mill a little early this year. Mark tries to discern which players both New York teams may be targeting. A couple of interesting names he has come up with are San Francisco's Ray Durham and a former A's southpaw not named Barry. That's right, Mark Mulder -- who didn't get along with Rick Peterson in Oakland -- could be a target of the Mets. I guess that's not that far-fetched. Perhaps he would be willing to sign one of those short-term deals to prove he has rebounded from his injury, and bridge the gap while the Mets are waiting for some of their promising young arms to come along.

The idea of Durham over Julio Lugo is intriguing. Durham would be a better second baseman than Lugo certainly, and is a damned good hitter. Of course, Healey is correct when he points out Durham will garner a lot of interest and won't come cheap.

Mark also offers some common sense on a possible Milledge deal:

I have spoken to enough people in the organization over the last month to determine that Milledge's being off the postseason roster was a motivational and instructional one and that there are no plans to deal Milledge at this time.

Frankly, if they were looking to deal him, it'd be pretty foolish to have done so.

I think it's far more likely that, as the excellent Adam Rubin wrote in Sunday's NY Daily News, that Moises Alou - who has tied to both Minaya and Pedro Martinez -- could be signed to help tutor the young Milledge.

I'm with Mark on this one. If the Mets' plan was definitely to deal young Lastings this year, it was strange that they chose to make moves that would lessen his value. Sorry, I just don't think Omar is that stupid.

Mark doesn't feel that Tom Glavine will re-sign with the Mets, but believes that Glavine will reunite with John Smoltz and Greg Maddux in Atlanta next year for his farewell season. It seems unlikely to me that Atlanta would fork over that kind of change to get both guys back, but stranger things have happened, I guess. As I've said before, I'd like Glavine back, but it won't kill me if he leaves. I believe the Mets will be okay without Glavine next year if he decides to finish his career at home. The important thing would be for Glavine to let the Mets know his decision as soon as possible so that they can make their own plans accordingly.

For what it's worth, David O'Brien from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution believes Glavine will finish his career in New York next season. You need to take all of these rumors with a grain of salt.

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Comments (10)

I hate Gotham Baseball all those guys are like... crazy. But I'm bored and this is just fun so I'll pretend like they have credibility.

I like Ray Durham alot! The dude is solid. Just unforutunate that he's had injury problems. I'd be a good risk though.

I could see Mulder signing a deal similar to Preston Wilson.
A year deal with like 3 option years, haha. I'd take that, I guess.

Smoltz, Maddux, and Glavine, together again? That is one hell of a marketing plan.

Benny - I like Durham, too. He can play. I'd like to get offense from 2B, but I'd like a guy there who can make the plays. I could see that type of deal with Mulder, too. The real question is if he really does want to be with Peterson again, because both Mulder and Hudson both resented the credit that Peterson got for their pitching. Interesting that both have declined since he left.

I agree with you on the marketing plan for reuniting the big 3 in Atlanta, but I still can't see the Braves paying that kind of money to do it. It's not impossible, but it sure seems unlikely to me.

Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz, together again?

Wouldn't that be sweet? I mean "Strawberry Shortcake adorable" sweet, not "Dude, Where's my Car?" sweeeeeet.

Somebody send the audio guy at the Ted "The Greatest Hits of Peaches and Herb"..."Reunited, and it feels so goooood....."

Ah, the hot stove league, where any rumor becomes true merely because a reporter says it. At the same time Healey is saying Glavine will definitely go to Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is saying there's no way Atlanta can pay him what he'll ask.

The Mets want Glavine, and he can just force them to invoke the team option and get $14 million next year. OTOH, he can let his options pass, get $3 million from the Mets, and hope that Atlanta is willing to pay $11 million (to a player who is on record as saying he'll either play in New York or Atlanta and no where else). To paraphrase Marx, he'll run that by his agent and, if his agent agrees, he'll get a new agent.

For $14 million, I think Tom can put family concerns aside for a year -- especially since the Mets are more likely to contend in 2007 than the Braves.

Durham; I remember the first time Bill James commented about him. He was just coming into the league with Chicago, and the comment was something like: last season the White Sox tested all their minor leagueers on various aspects of pure athleticism. Including vertical leap, in which Michael Jordan placed second in their system. Remember, Jordan was hanging with the Brimingham Barons that year.

Durham is one of those not-young players who should have some shelf life left. But you know, he's never been much of a fielder.

NostraDennis - It might be more like a remake of the Golden Girls.
Reality Chuck - I think Glavine has made enough money over his career that it won't be the primary motivation this year. I like to think that I'm in the same position. Not that I am, but I like to think it. Reality just gets in the way sometimes.
dd - I always thought he was a decent fielder, but then again I haven't seen him that much. I stand corrected.

Is this a long season or what? I remember a lull after the WS lasting till after the holidays or the superbowl before the hot stove would start to cook. I am not complaning just saying it seems very early. Maybe its some sort of medicine for sport writers who have no Mets or Yankees to write about. I was checking your favorite posts, I thought that was great, and I see all our crystal ball trades and ideas didn't do so good and come to pass, and that was in April and May and even later in the season. Here we are in Oct. talking about trades ans stuff.As benny said and I agree, its just fun and filling the void.So bring on the rumors I am dusting my GM hat off. I would like to see Dontrelle Willis on the Mets next year. I dont know if thats possible but hey, its October.

Rev - nothing is really going to happen until mid-November, but if I find something interesting between now and then I'll throw it up there.

every report stating the Mets need a 2ND basemen and left fielder and its amazing that not one reporter mention the mets can use a strong righty batter cause the way Wright shut down this post season and how most Met bats were left on the shelf. I feel ,and I know not one other report feels the same, that the Mets need to pursue Alfonso Soriano. He wants to play 2ND base and we need a 2ND baseman. I cant believe NOT one report states the Mets will/should look @ Soriano. He had a good year in Wash and RFK stadium which is a big park he can also pick up the slack when Wright slumps/Delgado/Beltran. He makes the Mets lineup Untouchable. Delgado was pitched around in game 7 cause Wright wasn't hitting. Alfonso Soriano was there before with that other New york team and can play in New York and that's HUGE.... I say go after Soriano and go after him HARD.....

I've seen Soriano play 2B. He's absolutely terrible. If the Mets sign him, it should be as a LF, which they also need.

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