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The Day After

Mike SteffanosFriday, October 20, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It feels weird not to have another game to look forward to after all these months. The baseball season may indeed be an exhausting marathon, but when it's over it leaves a void. I'll watch football, basketball and hockey. I'll watch some college games, but it's like eating low-fat versions of your favorite foods when you're on a diet -- you can get filled up, but you're not completely satisfied.

I think I may need a little while to get over my disappointment from last night, but I will blog throughout the off-season, as I did last year. I have a couple of book reviews that are overdue and will show up in this space over the next couple of weeks. There will be many hot stove issues to talk over. The readership will go down, of course, but it's amazing how many hard-core year round fans are out there. We'll talk about the Mets, and it will make the winter at least a little brighter, warmer, and shorter.

I want to give a special thanks here to two really good guys, Joe Etzel and Sam Prasad, who independent of each other invited me to be their guests for an NLCS game at Shea. I had hoped to go this year, but I didn't come up for any of the on-line drawings and paying the scalped price for tickets wasn't a real option due to personal circumstances. Thanks to Joe and Sam, I attended my first and second playoff games of all time, and that was a thrill that I will never forget. I am indebted to both of you for your generosity.

Today is my birthday, which I share with Keith Hernandez. I'm catching up to Keith -- I turned 48. Birthdays bring with them a certain amount of melancholy at this stage of my life, even when they don't follow the day after your team losing a game 7. Physically, I'm a little run down and need to recharge my batteries. Give me a couple of days to regroup and I'll be back. Take care.

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Comments (2)

Hi Mike- Happy Birthday, I can't think of a better person to share a birthday with-you know Keith is one of my favorites.
I hope you had a good one,I'll definitely be blogging andof course going to your site everyday! Gotta run, I'm picking up my new puppy at the airport. I'll have a new little Mets dog in the house for that extra push for 2007.

Thanks, Shari. Enjoy the puppy.

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