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The NY Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD Giveaway

Mike SteffanosFriday, October 6, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Earlier in the year, the folks at A&E Home Video/MLB Productions generously allowed me to give away a DVD boxed set of the 1986 World Series. They have another Mets DVD coming out. This one is a single DVD with the highlight videos from both Mets World Series victories -- 1969 and 1986. The NY Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD is a nice addition to the collection of any New York Mets fan, and would make an excellent stocking stuffer for a Mets fan on your list.

I have two more of these to give away, and will give them to the first two fans that answer the following trivia question:

Most Mets fans know that Davey Johnson flied out to Cleon Jones for the final out of the 1969 Series, and Jesse Orosco struck out Marty Barrett for the final out of the 1986 Series. Which Met players registered New York's final out in each series?

Mets DVD SetThe first two people to email me with the answer to this question will be lucky winners, and I'll post their names later on.

Update: We have our winners
Congratulations to George Collins and Jason Cohen for knowing the answer was:

1969 - AL Weis struck out in the bottom of the eighth in game 5.

1986 - Keith Hernandez grounded out to second base in the bottom of the eighth in game 7.

George is a second time winner here. He won the DVD set from the earlier contest, too. Thanks to everyone who participated.

If you're not one of the two lucky fans that win this DVD, you can purchase it on-line from A&E at the link below (It's on sale through October 25!):

The NY Mets Vintage World Series Films DVD

Comments (8)

I don't have a guess to make for the DVD, but I do have this other business screaming to get out, so forgive me but...

I try to be a decent fellow, and I try to live without taking undue pleasure in the misfortunes of others. I also try to avoid trendy German additions to the English language that I could never hope to spell, but that's off point.

But: yesterday while driving around in gainful employment I tuned into WFAN to hear what some listeners might have to say about Wednesday night's Mets victory. Do you know, Mike Francasca wasn't taking calls about the Mets; none at all. His excuse was that the Yankees' loss was The Story, because the Yankees had one of the strongest lineups in baseball history; it was unthinkable that they could actually lose, and yet they had lost a game, hold that front page.

None of which jived with me. I mean, the Yankees have a number of good hitters; they also have a terribly immobile team carrying a ton of age, with a head case for a headliner. "Best lineup ever" with an outfield worse than the San Francisco Geriatrics? Sorry, but I could see no surprise in the Yankees winning or losing; it's baseball, and it all depends. Of course the state of the Yankees was merely another opportunity for Francesca to snub the Mets at their moment of triumph, even if it was a temporary triumph.
So he made last night's Yankee game THE story, and last night he got his story. I hope he likes it.

(Cut to a December 1 news conference. Papers shuffling, then a hush as Alex Rodriguez takes the podium:

Alex: "Thank you for coming. This is a good day for us. Now we will move on with our new goal, to bring a World's Championship to Tampa Bay." (A-Rod dons the Devil Rays hat to spotty applause.)

I love a happy ending, don't you?

I hear you, DD. After 15+ years I literally can't listen to that show anymore. Thanks for reminding me why.

To the boys at WFAN,how are you going to handle METS and A's in the World Series? I remember 1973 the A's beat us in game 7, this could be our year to pay back, but win it in 6.

Hey, Rev, let's get by the NLCS before we worry about anything else. :)

Mike, your right I was just caught up in the moment of the Yankees going down.

It's okay. Take a deep breath and 3 days off, my friend.

Do you know where I can get a copy of game 7 ? Everyone I ask says ”why would you want to watch that game again?” …in a nutshell, I was at the game and a few friends told me they saw me on TV. I just want to check it out. Can games be ordered from the organization as they originally appeared on TV? Or maybe from the network? Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks, -Jeff

Jeff, If I were you I'd hit some of the big Mets message boards and see if anyone has the game and can burn a DVD for you. Someone will have it, and that will be easier than getting it from FOX. You can also buy and download games from MLB.com, but the quality won't be that great.

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