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The Year of the Calf

Mike SteffanosTuesday, October 3, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I'm not sure who's responsible for all these calf injuries to Mets pitchers, but someone's head is going to have to roll here. After Pedro had problems with both calves -- and, incidentally, that right shoulder thing, also -- now El Duque is questionable for tomorrow's start after injuring his calf while running in the outfield at today's workout. Willie Randolph was holding out hope that it might be some sort of bad cramp, but the MRI that Hernandez is undergoing belies that faint hope. Newsday is already calling Hernandez doubtful for tomorrow, quoting the veteran right-hander:

I was sprinting in the outfield, and I pulled my right calf. It's not a cramp.

No definitive word on who might get the start. Candidates are Tom Glavine on 3 days rest and John Maine on normal rest. Although he hasn't started for a while, you might throw Dave Williams in there, too. Since Oliver Perez started Sunday's game, you'd have to rule him out.

Update: WFAN reports that it's likely John Maine will take tomorrow's start if El Duque can't go.

Update 2: Ed Coleman was on WFAN and thinks it likely that Maine will go also. At that point I had enough of MATMD and turned off the radio. Please, if you hear something new please e-mail me or leave a comment here.

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Comments (10)


You know who's responsible? Me! I overvalued the bullpen and rolled the dice with the starting rotation, hoping against hope that old arms (and calves) would hold up late in the season. At least Glavine is healthy (knocking on wood).

I think you made a reasonable roll of the dice, Omar, based on what was available on the starting pitching market. Don't be too hard on yourself.

I don't know why, but somehow, I'm peaceful and serene through all this. It's all going to be okay.

Me, too, in a weird sort of way...


The way I read this is El Duque can pitch out of the Pen? Hmmm
Then if necessary pitches game5? untill then its: maine-Glavine-Traxx-Ollie.

I'd leave bert off with El-duque and DW as long men. Then oliver-mota-bradford-heilman-? bridge to the closer. Yes I have a 12 man staff.

How about that start by Zito.

Uh.....I seem to remember we have a starter on this team currently pitching the 8th innings of games in which the Mets are ahead. Maybe, if El Duque can't make it back, Willie gives the fourth start to Aaron Heilman. Mota-san can take over the 8th inning role.

Wouldn't that be something? A guy's first starting assignment of the year comes in the playoffs. If the Mets prevailed, they'd be writing epic ballads about the team for years!

Well maybe not. But maybe it's time to recall the World Series of 1929, when Connie Mack gave his 29 game winner Lefty Grove NO World Series starts, choosing to go instead with 35 year old journeyman Howard Ehmke in Game One -- because Ehmke was right handed, and the Cubs were known to hit the lefty's very well. Ehmke had been given the last week of the season off, sent to scout the National League champion Chicago Cubs.

It worked; Ehmke pitched great in two games, Grove pitched well in 6 relief innings, and the Philadelphia Athletics were the world's champions in five games. How's that for a good omen?

So, I'm with you guys, mostly calm and awaiting events. C'mon, you Mets.

By now you guys have heard the news that El Duque isn't on the NLDS roster. Looks like we're going to see both John Maine and Perez starting games.

A start for Perez? Y'think?

Oh, man; the Mets need to put Endy out there for John Maine's starts, and they REALLY need to have him in the field if they're giving Oliver Perez a shot. The guy throws fly balls nearly twice as often as grounders; Endy could make an enormous difference all by himself.

I hope Willie pays attention to stuff like that. Sheesh; what is it about being a Mets fan that always gets you in the kishka's?

You could roll the dice with Ollie and hope he gives you 5 or 6 of his best, I guess. This could be interesting if nothing else.

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