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Tune Out If You Must, but Please Shut Up

Mike SteffanosTuesday, October 17, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting tired of all the stories being written about how "unwatchable" these playoffs are? Sorry if we're not producing a show that's compelling enough for the rest of the country. If I might make a suggestion, if you feel that you aren't being entertained enough by what you see, take your remote and find something else.

There have been many years that I have lost interest in the playoffs, and rather than harp on the perceived deficiencies of the teams still left, I've wished them all good luck and moved on. If I have to read one more story whining about the Mets and Cards throwing Perez and Reyes at each other, I would have screamed. Obviously, both teams would have sincerely hoped that they could have had a better option, but they didn't. Reading some of this crap you get the impression if you didn't know better that both teams pitching problems were part of some diabolical plot against the rest of the country than simply due to unforeseen injuries. Get over it.

I found the White Sox' run through the playoffs last year compelling, in that in many ways the Sox are the equivalent of the Mets in their own town, although admittedly the Cubs weren't winning any titles, either. Still, they're a distant second in Chicago, and their fans had waited a long time for a title. So I picked them to root for, and was glad when they won. Many of those games were hardly epic, however, and the World Series wasn't all that compelling. That's beside the point. You find a reason to watch or you don't. If you don't, go away and leave it to those who still care. Stop whining that there is no "truly great team" in these playoffs -- most years there aren't.

Also, for those of you who have a bug up you're a** about anything from New York, get over yourself. For instance, I read one story where some of the Tigers were complaining about having last Friday's game moved to the afternoon. They weren't buying that it had anything to do with weather. They were convinced they were being dissed because the network wanted the New York team in prime time. Ooh, what a tragedy. Oakland had already lost both games at home, so that series had one foot on a banana peel, anyway, and making the choice of a network programmer bulletin board material is kind of silly to say the least. Knock yourself out, I guess, if you're someone who is so anti-New York that you need such conspiracy theories, or if you're a ballclub that needs to motivate yourself for the World Series with that. We're just hoping we get there.

Stop Piling On Trachsel
As distasteful as Steve's awful game 3 start was, the feeding frenzy from those questioning his manhood is truly sickening. No one really knows what was in Trachsel's head, and he wasn't pitching any worse than he's done against any patient club this season. The Mets absolutely need to go with another option the rest of the way, but that's a simple baseball decision. Enough of this pointless speculation on what was in Trachsel's heart. We'll never know. Leave it at that, and stop kicking a guy who's already down. In case you're not aware of it, that's gutless, too.

Jon Stewart
I was watching the Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart had a funny piece early in the show lampooning his less-then-perfect stint throwing out the first pitch before Friday night's game 2 of the NLCS at Shea. I'll give Jon credit for one thing, at least he threw from the mound. Daryl Strawberry did the ceremonial first pitch before game one and threw from about 50 feet. Don't be so hard on yourself, Jon; being booed at Shea is a badge of honor for a real fan like you.

Of course, the Mets lost the game, so you understand that you are not allowed to throw out any more first pitches this post-season, okay? We've already banned another true Mets fan, Tim Robbins, from the television booth the rest of the way.

Baseball Heaven?
Greg from Faith and Fear in Flushing takes exception with the silly "Best Fans in Baseball" moniker that has been attached to the Redbirds fans. I couldn't agree more. That myth has as much validity as the belief of many in Cardinals country that people in the Northeast smoke dope with their kids while forcing them to watch gay porn.

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Comments (7)

I know some are saying it is better for us that we had a rain out, so Glavin has four days rest instead of three, but they had a day of rest for their r/pitchers who I think we had on the ropes.Man all we need is two more wins and then the WS. What a great year, overcoming so much. Getting this far on bandaids and ductape of a pitching staff. I think we can hold our heads high, sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. Lets go Mets.

Rev - No one will ever know what they rainout really meant, so who cares? They have to play the game. I'm with you on holding our heads high.

Pass that bhong will ya .....no one has any taste anymore...so ranting on the lack of discernment is an exercise in futility... and turn off that gay porn

What can I do? The kids like it better than Sesame Street...

Mike, I have been somewhat taken aback by the attacks on Trachsel's manhood. What I haven't seen mentioned often is why didn't Randolph have anyone warming up that inning? If I remember(and that's always dicey anymore), there were runners on 1st and 3rd after that ball hit Trachsel, and that his pitches to Pujols weren't close; all this after throwing 28 pitches in the 1st inning, Suppan leading off the 2nd with a HR, and the Mets are already down 3-0 with no outs and the bases loaded! I wasn't questioning Trachsel's manhood, but Randolph's sanity for not having any bullpen action going! Whatever the reason, Trachsel actually helped prevent a much worse outcome by coming out, as Oliver got out of it by allowing only 2 more runs; does anyone believe that Trachsel would have had a better outcome? A 5-0 game is usually not an unbeatable score for this Met team; and by coming out of the game, Trachsel gave the Mets an opportunity to win that game.

George, with due respect, it was only the second inning. George, you just don't like Randolph, but there is a limit to how hard you can use your bullpen with Oliver Perez pitching the next day. Trachsel did his best, and so did Willie. Be fair.

Mike, I have nothing against Randolph personally, and I credit him with the way he commands the team's respect. I think he is a poor tactical manager; extremely poor actually, for a guy that has played and coached for over 30 years(his inability to best utilize double-switches, failure to use the suicide squeeze bunt, and his dubious use of the bullpen are all things that smart sports fans and ex-athletes can debate honestly). That said, he has been a good fit for this team, and I have stated that repeatedly whenever I have had a bone to pick with him. I believe that is a fair and honest evaluation of him as a manager, not a personal or unfair assessment(but I realize there will be many that disagree and that's ok). I realize it was the 2nd inning, but with all the reasons I stated above...........where do we think that was headed, especially after being hit by a batted ball? Plus, it is Trachsel we're talking about, and it was obvious he didn't have it. Unless the Mets were willing to concede that game and continue to use Trachsel just to eat innings, you have to have to be ready to act, especially after Trachsel was hit by the ball. In the playoffs, you don't worry about tomorrow, you play to win today( tinged with a just enough caution, I'll add). Agree to disagree I guess, but we all agree on this: GO METS!!

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