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Glavine's Lack of Communication Speaks Volumes

Steve VogelTuesday, November 28, 2006
By Steve Vogel

Editor's Note: This is Steve Vogel's first submission to this blog. - M.S.

Tom Glavine had a heck of a 2006 season. He pitched like the Tom Glavine we all thought we were getting when he signed with the lifeless Mets at the time. Fast forward to 2006, and our Mets are no longer lifeless and Glavine is a solid top of the rotation starter. We are full of energy, talent, and swagger. We are one of the best teams in baseball. There is even a debate to be made on whether we are the best team in New York. Glavine gave a tremendous effort this past post season and proved he could be a big game pitcher.

I was fortunate to have witnessed two very big games: Game 1 of the NLDS and Game 1 of the NLCS. During those 2 games, with Glavine on the mound, losing seemed impossible. He was just that good. I want Glavine back, but not like this. Many fans, including myself, have always felt as though he always regretted leaving Atlanta. I am a husband and a father, and I understand his concern for his family. However, Tom Glavine is a baseball player. He has the opportunity to go back to a team destined for the playoffs once again, a team that will give him a much better chance at winning the World Series, and retire with a team with one of the most loyal fan bases in the game and in the most exciting city in the world.

This should be an easy decision. The fact is, Glavine's heart has never left Atlanta, and New York will never have it, regardless of where he plays. We deserve his heart at this point, and if we can't have it, then I say, "Tom Glavine, go back home." "We don't need you." "We will be great without you." I'm passionate about my Mets, and I want passionate players. I take his silence very personal. He is being inconsiderate and disrespectful to an organization and city that has welcomed him from day one and we all deserve much better than this. Sure, Minaya can say that the front office will move forward even without a decision by Glavine, but how can they? They can't. If Glavine's going to leave us, then rip off the band aid and do it quick. Do it now so we have the best chance and the most time to acquire the best starting pitchers available to us. It's time to move on.

About Steve: Steve lives in upstate New York in Albany County. He is a devoted husband and father to three children. He is also a successful business owner in the insurance industry. In addition to his busy schedule, Steve is also a huge Mets fan!

Steve's father grew up in Yonkers and was a Dodgers fan who became a loyal Mets fan from the very beginning. Steve obviously had no choice which team he was going to root for. Steve actually grew up not very interested in baseball. Sure, he played little league, and played catch with his father and neighborhood friends, but there was no passion. He rooted for the Mets, if asked, but there wasn't much there. Then, in 1999, Steve watched the post season including all 10 games the Mets participated in ... from the very first pitch of game 1 of the NLDS to the loss in game 6 of the NLCS against our nemesis Atlanta Braves. He witnessed miracles and triumph, as well as missed opportunities, and defeat. He jumped up and down. He screamed out of joy and anger. He found within himself a love for this team, and was reborn, as a Mets fan.

Steve is insightful and passionate and you can look forward to reading posts from him that are both real and genuine, and from time to time, very light and humorous.

Comments (2)

Welcome to the rotation, Steve. A Mets fan in the Yankee stronghold of Albany - I'm impressed.

When I think of Glavine's waffling, I'm reminded of Anfernee Hardaway, the pouting malcontent who my Orlando Magic packaged up and sent out to the Arizona desert. You current New Yorkers may have seen him recently in Madison Square Garden, pouting from the last seat on the Knicks' bench.

Big difference between the two: Penny wanted to be PAID like The Man, he just didn't want to lead his team like The Man has to do. Glavine has been class all the way, until now.

But the similarity between the two is this: neither team allowed a star, even one of their respective magnitudes,to interfere with their plans to move on without them.

I absolutely loved the quote out of Magic owner Rich DeVos when told Penny wasn't happy. To paraphrase very loosely: "We want Anfernee to play here in Orlando, and we want him to be happy. But if that's not possible, we'll do everything we can to help him get to some other team where he can be happy."

Same here. Much love, Tom, but the '07 Mets bus has its engine running, and it's leaving on time, with or without you.

I couldn't agree more. I love Glavin but we have to move on assuming he isn't coming back. Omar should make his moves now. If and when Glavin decides he wants the Mets, the Mets should look to see if there is room left for him.

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