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Mets Hot Stove: Quick Hits

Mike SteffanosThursday, November 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I'm in the process of writing something important that I'll post later on (please check back), but in the meantime, here are a few hot stove happenings for today:

Both ESPN's Buster Olney and SI.com's Jon Heyman speculate that Manny Ramirez just might possibly be dealt this winter, with the Mets (of course) as a possible destination. Personally, I've written so much on this last year that I hesitate to get started on this subject again, so I'll be brief:

Yes, there's only a couple of years left on the contract, and the money isn't that bad in today's market. Yet that holds true for Boston themselves, doesn't it? There is no more perfect place in baseball for Manny than with the Red Sox. Fenway is the least demanding left field in baseball. Manny and Ortiz form a perfect 1-2 punch. So why does Boston still want to dump him? With respect to those of you who are pro-Manny, I'd pass.

New York Post: Ben Johnson
Mark Hale and Joel Sherman cite Omar Minaya on his latest pickup:

Ben Johnson, for me, is similar to what we did last year with Endy Chavez. We added an outfielder who has a chance to play every day. He's young, versatile, plays the game hard, and still has upside. He has shown some power and some on-base ability.

At the very least, the Mets seem to see Johnson as a right-handed outfielder that can combine with Shawn Green and possibly push Lastings Milledge a little -- if he survives this hot stove season as a Met.

Hot Foot: Tom Glavine
Hot Foot links to an editorial on The Braves Show web site calling for the Tomahawk boys to resign Tom Glavine. (I know we keep reading over and over that Glavine will return, but I honestly think there is a 50-50 chance he'll pitch for the Braves if they offer him anything worthwhile at all.)

Always Amazin': New Home
It's been a crazy month for me, so somehow it managed to take me a couple of weeks to realize that Ryan McConnell's terrific blog has moved to a different web address. It's running on a different platform that now allows for reader's comments. Good luck, Ryan.

MetsBlog: David Lennon Interview
Matt Cerrone interviewed Newsday's Mets beat writer yesterday.

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A few days ago, Omar Minaya should have received his due honors for GM of the year, but it was sheer highway robbery that took place yesterday when Met manager Willie Randolph was not voted by the Baseball Writers' Association of America as the National League's Manager of the year for 2006. Instead the BBWAA, in their infinite wisdom, selected Marlins [deposed] skipper Joe Girardi as numero uno for '06. The voting results headed by the BBWAA was strictly for the birds. Yes, Girardi's team regrouped after being a million games under .500 early on in '06... but how the hell did they get that bad in the first place? Girardi's Marlins then made that celebrated and resounding comeback until they hit a brick wall called "year's end" and finished with a not-so-good 78-84 record. (Even if Girardi had maintained .500 baseball, I say Willie still gets NL Manager of the Year). Now if the Fish finished in the neighborhood of 85-77, the 'voters' might've had a case for Girardi as he would have then displayed sustained superior performance during the latter part of the season. But 'sustained superior performance' was something that Willie had already displayed -- throughout the ENTIRE 2006 campaign! ... not just in the middle part of the year! (dare I ask where the voters' heads were whilst voting?)

I imagine at least a couple of sympathy votes went Girardi's way due to the apparant and classless dumping plans Fish management had been preparing for Girardi before years end. But I bet a good number of the votes cast were of a resentful nature as Willie said it best: "Our payroll was too big." You hit the nail right on the head, pal! The BBWAA voters who chose Girardi apparantly don't know the difference between their collective posterior orifices and a hole in the ground. These mindless automatons skated through the election process and apparantly voted against Willie rather than for Girardi. What other reason could there be? Randolph stood head and shoulders above all the other competition -- especially Girardi's mid-season flash-in-the-pan performance. It appears to me that the 'Girardi-voting' BBWAA members are as useless as teats on a boar hog; consequently, they in my opinion have tainted the BBWAA as a whole insofar as their voting selection process integrity is concerned. Some other entity needs to assume the voting responsibilities for this prestigious award. There is a distinct cloud of bias and class envy surrounding the 'Willie/Met-bashers' at the BBWAA...and it smells like rotten fish.

The Daily Papers

I think I know why the Mets really acquired Ben Jonson.

He's supposed to be some sort of terrific poet, am I right? It's even rumored that he is the guy who actually wrote the Shakespeare plays.

I think Omar believes the team needs a poet, to write the account of what hopefully will be an epic year in Mets legend. We have it all: a cast of characters, footpounds of back story. All we require is lots of wins and a great finish.

Call me Ishmael. Or Endy.

Thanks, Mike. I should have sent an email telling you earlier, but haven't had time myself. Keep up the good work.

LoveEmHateEm - I'm always happy to do my part to help others promote their web sites, but next time please don't post a comment that has nothing to do with the original post.
dd - That's an interesting perspective. Ben Johnson can fulfil the role of official bard of the Mets, and in the process finally get the credit he deserves.
No problem, Ryan. I like the new site.

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