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Mets Sign Alou and Trade for Young Pitching

Mike SteffanosMonday, November 20, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

In a press release on Mets.com, the Mets are announcing that they have reached agreement on a 1-year $7.5 million contract with free agent outfielder Moises Alou. There is also a club option for 2008.

Alou, who will turn 41 in July, is expected to be the team's starting left fielder. Injuries have limited Alou to 98 games and 345 ABs last season and 427 ABs in 123 games the year before. Of course the player he replaces, Cliff Floyd, only managed to surpass 400 ABs once in four seasons in New York.

The Mets have also acquired a pair of young lefthanders, Jason Vargas and Adam Bostick, from the Marlins in exchange for hard-throwing reliever prospects Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom. Information on this deal can be found on Newsday's Mets Blog. There is also a press release on Mets.com.

I liked Henry Owens a lot, and was sorry to see him go. I've seen Vargas pitch a few times, and he looks like a kid who has an arm but doesn't quite know what to do with it. This is one of those deals that may take 3-4 years to fully judge.

The Future of this blog (update)
I have come to some decisions regarding this blog. I will be sharing some of the workload with others, though I will continue to be heavily involved, and will post some more information later on this evening.

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Comments (12)

Yea! Glad you'll still be posting, Mike. Looking forward to your great analysis and comraderie!

When the work load got to heavy for Moses, GOD told him to Distribute the workload, so you are linning up to scripture. Happy distributing.

Good analogy, Rev. I'm just Aaron, holding up Mike's left arm for a bit. Somebody get his right arm, wouldja?

Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it.

Yeah I want to see you stay in. In fact I'd love to be a 'contributor'.

Let me know how 'we' can help.

A. On the post: Seeing a different Omar: Lindstrom was a slow developer. Owens is old and wont get much of a look. Vargas and Bostwick are 3-5 yrs younger.
2. Both Owens and Lindstrom were not going to see much of the 25man roster but are RuleV losses in waiting. This way Omar gets something back but also stockpiles 3 arms that can be packaged in a trade (Grudz)/Pitching.

B. As we saw last yr. Pitching depth is a need for this team. And no, I'm not putting the noose to Heilman, but some of these moves smell like an audition for the next Heilman could happen.


One of the most astute reads I've seen on the subject

I'll be posting more information soon about contributing content for the site.

I didn't kill the trade. Simply stated that I liked Owens and was sorry to see him go.

But Moses didn't always do what God told him, did he. Rev? As I recall he was to have spoken to the rock instead of striking it as he did. Else he would have made it to that promised land, in the process robbing Martin Luther King of his most eloquent moment a few millenia later. I guess things even out eventually.

All of which means I don't know; but if I can do anything to help with the blog I'll be happy to do it, Mike. All your great work here is appreciated, even if you don't hear of it continually.

Dont be so defensive.

Really mike, if you read Shari/Kevin, Mike Cerrone, Metropolitans, Eric simon, Metstradamus et al there are so many perspectives and angles on Met related issues its great. Your perspectives are just as insightfull and meaningfull and certainly add to our Mets-fanaticism.

You'd be missed if you left.

I wasn't being defensive. I just pointed out that I wasn't against the trade, I just liked Owens a lot. I saw Vargas pitch maybe once or twice and don't know enough about him or the other guy to judge this deal.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not going anywhere.

I liked Owens. I was sooo excited when he debuted. Equally crushed when he did not equilibrate and take up the slack in the BP. Essentially the clock ran out when he was sent down. I think the fish can afford to be more patient with him, but that said they are now shopping Yusi Petit. Petit was Anibel Sanchez's equal in AA.

Next week will tell something. I think Omar has a Winter Meeting's stategy neccesitating this glut of pitching and outfielders.

I think it's unfair to judge a guy by his first taste of the majors.

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