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Opinion: Glavine to Atlanta

Fred PirelliWednesday, November 29, 2006
By Fred Pirelli

Editor's Note: This is Fred Pirelli's first submission to this blog. - M.S.

If recent scuttlebutt is true then say good bye to Mr. Glavine. Bill Shanks on Braves.Scout.com is reporting that the Braves have signed Tom Glavine for 8 million for one year with a no-trade clause.

If this is true, where does this leave the Mets? I say better than last year. One good year out of four for our Mets does not make him irreplaceable. He is probably good for 10 to 15 wins at most. For the Braves maybe just 10 wins. He is trading wins and a chance for the golden ring for family. Obviously he cares little about going out a winner. So be it!!!! This makes a bigger challenge for Omar. He now knows he has holes to fill. Zito is clearly in the driver's seat.

Unfortunately for the Mets Scot Boras knows all too well their situation. Boras is also cranky because he is now in a negation with the Red Sox that he has absolutely NO LEVERAGE. He will lose this one, and you know who is going to pay the price. The Mets!

We need quality pitching with or without Glavine. In the twilight of his career he is no longer a no. 2 (never was a no. 1). With Pedro out till mid-season we need a front line pitcher to fill a glaring hole. Like it or not Zito is the man. All eyes are on Omar and I have faith that he will come thru like he has in previous years. Its' almost like Christmas in that the anticipation of what presents he will bare for the team and for the fans is excruciating!

I for one believe this will be a great Christmas for Mets fans. The wait is almost over.

About Fred: My name is Fred Pirelli and I have been a Mets fan since 1968. I live and die each year with this team. When the Mets win I am the happiest guy on earth, when they lose forget talking to me for at least one hour. My wife is not a baseball fan so knows little about what a true fan is, my son is a Mets fan here in Red Sox Nation. I'm from upstate NY but now live in New Hampshire. I help manage a restaurant and I meet a number of Mets fans on a regular basis. In New England it's ok to be a Mets fan, as long as it's not the Yankees!

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