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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Joyce MandelkernMonday, November 27, 2006
By Joyce Mandelkern

Editor's Note: This is the first post to this blog by an author other than myself. Please welcome passionate Mets fan Joyce Mandelkern to this web site. - M.S.

Tom Glavine has a decision to make. He has known for quite some time now that he needs to make this decision. He has all the tools and information he needs to make this decision. He also knows that the Mets are giving him all the time he needs to make it. That is precisely the point I take issue with here.

Now I realize he and Mets had a gentleman's agreement of sorts that allowed for this sort of thing and I respect the Mets for standing by their handshake agreement in light of the fact that Tom did restructure his contract for them and allowed them to free up some money to help the club when they needed it. I also understand that we need pitchers. Pitchers who will pitch lots of innings for us. Pitchers who are willing to take the ball. Tom Glavine did just this when no one else could or would. And I thank him and respect him for this. I also remember that he spent a lot of time with the Mets whining about strike zones and QuesTec and even losing some games that he should've won and not doing what he was paid to do - win games and beat the Braves!

Perhaps I just can't get past the fact that he was a Brave and I feel that in his heart he always was a Brave and still wants to be a Brave. Even after what John Schuerholz said and did to him, Tom Glavine is still considering leaving us and becoming a Brave once again. He knows the Atlanta fans will be all over him. He knows he has a better chance to win with us and he still wants to go back to be a Brave.

Now I understand the family thing. I really do. However, this is a problem that every professional athlete faces. It is an occupational hazard. And they are well compensated to deal with it. His family could relocate to the New York area as many families of athletes do when they are traded here. It is an option. I think in his heart of hearts he may just want to be a Brave. And that is okay, but he must tell us and he must tell us soon.

And that is where I have a bone to pick with the Mets. I can only hope that they have given Glavine a date by which they must have his decision. The time has come. The facts are the facts and other than the numbers of the contract (and supposedly it's not the money) the facts won't change. The Braves do not give no-trade clauses. Omar has said Glavine's decision will not impact how he moves forward but I find that difficult to believe. I want Glavine to come back. The Mets need him to come back. However I only want him back if he wants to come back. At this point, what I really want is for Tom Glavine to make a decision or for the Mets to make Tom Glavine make a decision. Until either of those things happen, I will feel like Tom Glavine is taking advantage of the New York Mets.

About Joyce: I am an insanely passionate die-hard Mets fan since 1962 who is also a season ticket holder and usually can't bear to look and buries her head in her hands or starts pacing when I'm home when things get tense (especially when the closer is in) and begins to pray and make deals with the baseball gods to just let us win and who tries to never ever miss a pitch of any spring training or regular season game not even the west coast ones whether we are 35 games under 500 or over 500 and whose boys knew the mets lineups by heart before they even knew their ABC's and who is actually going to really miss Shea but not the bathrooms there and who hopes they bring the apple with them to Citifield and who still can't believe they didn't get to the world series this year and win it and who cried through the whole '86 celebration at Shea and who still loves the LETS GO METS GO video. Our boys are grown now and one is even married and I'm proud to say they too are die-hard mets fan as is my daughter-in-law. My husband and I live in Sands Point, NY with our 3 Wheaton terriers. My husband, Pete, my high school sweetheart and I have been married nearly 28 years and he is of course a die-hard Mets fan (or it would've been a deal breaker!!!) but can't make it up through the rain delays or the west coast games...but I love him anyway... He played college baseball and actually tried out for the Mets (didn't make it as you may have guessed...I did send him to Mets fantasy camp though!) My other teams are the New York Football Giants and the Syracuse Orange and I'll save how I feel about the team from the dark side for another day.

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The link above spins it a slant differently. In fact as IU read this offering it appeared Wilpon by giving Glavine the $4M buyout made it 'cheaper'/easier for Glavine to return to Braves at a hometown discount.

As for Tom: In Apr-May Pedro carried us, then Tom into June. Then John Maine was a savior in June-Aug, then it was El Duque. No Doubt Omar will find some magic if Tom leaves. ..Good Luck Tom. No matter what the Mets are better for him having been here.

At this point, I'm kind of with Joyce in that he needs to decide. Nothing against him, but he's had enough time.

Welcome Joyce,my wife and I go back also to 1962 mets and I have spent many innings praying or screaming at the tv. Man this Glaven thing is got to stop, you want to go, go. You want to stay sign. You know I was starting to like him as a Met, I thought he was starting to wear the uniform well, but he is wearing thin now and his real uniform is starting to show and I am seeing him as a Brave again. A good post Joyce, looking forward to more.

Nice debut, Joyce. I can only hope my first effort is as clear, concise, and dead-on as yours.

Not to decide is to decide not to. We can all fuss and fret, but the only two people who need to be on Glavine's timetable are Tom Glavine and Omar Minaya. I trust Omar's made it clear that we all want him back, but if not, we need to know.

I believe Tommy G has earned this navel-contemplating pause due to his time here in New York, but that pause is just about over.

PS - I don't think we've met, but that picture next to your byline looks awfully familiar. Hmmm....

Welcome Joyce, great post! I agree with everything you said. I love Tom and think he is a guy of his word, but he's had enough time. If he wants to leave he should go with no hard feelings. If he wants to stay, saying so early can let Omar move onto other issues. Family is very important but the situation isn't going to change - he has the facts and now must make his decision.

Welcome, Joyce! girl power!!

Seriously, I agree. Enough already. He's said countless times how much his family enjoyed being in New York. Either there's a family issue we don't know about or I don't know what at this point.

Nice job Joyce! It's always good to hear from a fellow 1962 Met fan(that sort of makes us like fine wine right?). I agree with you, enough is enough with this whole talking with the family deal. I can't believe that he needed this particular timeframe to talk with his family; do you mean to tell me that he doesn't know where his family stands on the issue yet? That said, since there was a handshake agreement, I'm assuming there was some kind of time limit put on making a decision as well, and it would make sense that it coincides with the winter meetings; hopefully, that is what's happening. Welcome!

Actually, it's not Glavine per se holding up the process, but the Mets in not declining their option till the very last permissable day, Nov 20th. Glavine was not allowed to talk money with the Braves till then. Consider then also the 4-day holiday weekend thrown into this midst, and so taken at face value, Glavine's not to blame. It's the impatience of the fans that's the issue, not that of the Mets as the Mets knew there would be a period of reflection for Glavine followed by the possibilty he'd explore numbers with the Braves. Glavine's decision however is coming soon, in a matter of days as promised between Thanksgiving and next week's winter meetings.

Nice job,Joyce. We seem to have alot in common. Our Metfan profile is identical as far as commitment as well as lunacy. My husband and I are season tickets holders(we went to 70 games last year) and we don't miss spring training. There are also three wheatons spread out in our three sons families, one of whom lives in Port.
Glad to have you on board!!

Thanks to everyone for giving Joyce such a nice welcome to the site.

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