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What Omar Is Thinking

Mike SteffanosThursday, November 2, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Omar Minaya did a conference call today with some of the local media that covers the Mets. Bryan Hoch has a story posted at Mets.com. Among the details:
  • Minaya confirms that very little dialogue has taken place with Glavine's representatives, pending the southpaw's discussions with his family. Omar expects that Glavine's situation should be resolved by November 20, the date the club option expires.

  • The team has started negotiations with representatives of Chad Bradford and Orlando Hernandez in an effort to bring back both pitchers.

  • Negotiations to extend Willie Randolph's contract will begin soon. All of Willie's coaches have been offered contracts for next year.

  • Omar is unwilling to tip his hand regarding how aggressively the Mets will pursue Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, not wanting other teams to know the Mets thinking.

  • Duaner Sanchez will not begin throwing until next month, but should be ready for spring training.

  • Mike Pelfrey has left the Arizona Fall League and will not pitch any more until camp begins next year.

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Comments (4)

Rev - The operations were to clear up some problems in his wrist and elbow that were nagging at him for a few years. He missed some time in spring training from the elbow. Since he's not a pitcher, I wouldn't worry about it.

I don't have any connections into the team, just what I read. I've heard the D-Rays want top-quality young pitching in return for Crawford. I'm not sure the Mets have surplus in that department right now.

I saw that Delgado had a 2nd operation on his elbow in 8 days? Somehow that don't sound good to me, you know, like why a 2nd operation... I keep reading Crawford's name for L/F. whats your ears saying on both of these.

so many posts so little time......

1. Looking at the FA lists....i must say;
a. Mota is hardly irreplaceable.....plug in for example arthur rhodes, joe Borowski, brian Meadows, Salmon torres.
b. Glavine: i like Omar's approach. let him decide. then note there are plent of serviceable candidates with more to come after thanksgiving. Me i'd take randy wolf. that gives me two young strong lefties. H/e glavine's value was in his presence.

2. Having Maine, ollie as mid rotation guys is fine. look for a .600 record (13-9/12-8)/4.-4.40ERA). so we need top end guys. I mentioned randy Wolf but more as a #5. all 3 of these guys could top at #2. So with Pedro down and Glavine possibly gone we need aces. at least one. I also agree that Pelfrey and humber may not be ready untill mid season.

3. I agree that Heilman is gone. Also that Darren Oliver is best replaced by Dave Williams. Note that Oliver came as a minor league FA. He could do the same again.

4. I expect Jesus Flores to win the #2 job out of Spring Tng. But here's my kicker...I still think Loduca could be traded (to ARZ), and omar pick up Benji Molina or trade for Ivan rodriguez. The idea is to mentor Jesus, who is compared to I-rod.

5. i like Crawford. but I see a Power guy in left. (carlos lee) with Endy and Lastings in RF. at Mid season one of lastings or Gomez (or concepcion) goes in trade.

6 2B: Interesting that Omar's off season target Grudz gets a GG. Depending on pitching OF costs I expect a 2B to come in trade or be filled by Ruben Gotay. I'm not sure I like Durham. And Adam Kennedy is not my idea of a fit.

No one said Mota is irreplaceable, but this suspension changes things for the Mets, making a Heilman trade less likely, not more. Not with questions about Sanchez.

I like Flores as much as anyone, but I'd be mighty surprised if he made the majors directly from A-ball. The Mets don't make that kind of move. I'd hate to see them trade Lo Duca, anyway, as he is the only fiery guy on the team.

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