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A Proposed Move That Makes No Sense

Mike SteffanosSunday, December 17, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

On his ESPN blog today, Buster Olney discusses how Toronto is shopping young outfielder Alex Rios in an attempt to land a number 4 starter for their rotation. Rios certainly could be a rising star, although this is based on part of one season of performance:

Rios, 25, batted .302 with 17 homers and 82 RBI in 128 games last season, hitting for power for the first time and demonstrating that he could turn out to be a star. Rios hit .362 in April, .360 in May, but had only 14 at-bats in July after coming down with the infection. He returned to the lineup on July 28 and batted .198 in August, before finishing well -- Rios hit .333 in 66 at-bats in September, but with one home run.

What could make him particularly attractive for interested teams is that he is four years away from becoming eligible for free agency, and he's already had success and had a lot of experience.

When Olney says that Rios hit for power for the first time last season he wasn't kidding. In 426 ABs in 2004, Rios had exactly one home run and a .383 slugging percentage. The following year Rios had 10 HR in 481 ABs while slugging .397. Still, he's 26 and the improvement is there, so giving him the benefit of the doubt makes sense.

What doesn't make sense to me is how Olney sees this deal from the Mets point of view:

An intriguing possibility would be a Mets-Jays swap for Rios. The Mets were ready to swoop in and make a pitch for Wells if his negotiations fell apart, and threads of those conversations might be picked up in a Rios deal. As Barry Zito and his agent know, the Mets don't have much in the way of established, front line starting pitching, but they do have depth in young, inexperienced starters, like Aaron Heilman.

Rios makes sense for the Mets because he would help make an older team younger; he'd be another right-handed hitter who could help balance a lineup that leans left; the Mets have one-year obligations on Moises Alou and Shawn Green, and Rios could supplant Green in 2007 and effectively be a middle-of-the-order hitter in the seasons that followed.

If the Jays like Heilman as a starting pitcher, there would be a natural match, but interestingly, Heilman may be effectively devalued by the fact that the Mets have clearly been reluctant to use him as a starting pitcher. "The Mets need starting pitching," said one rival executive, "but they won't put him in the rotation. So what does that tell you? If the Mets don't look at him as a starter, then any team looking to trade for him might feel the same way."

The Mets and Jays kicked around the possibility of a Lastings Milledge-Heilman deal for Wells, according to one scout familiar with the conversations. A deal of Rios-and-something else for Heilman and Milledge might be a framework for a trade. Or maybe the Jays could ask for one of the Mets' young pitchers, either Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber, or perhaps John Maine or Oliver Perez. It all depends on how the Jays would evaluate each of those young pitchers.

I understand there are many Mets fans, including me, who would love to see someone else rather than Shawn Green manning RF in 2007. However, given that the Mets pitching right now is their biggest concern, why would they deal pitching for a corner outfielder? If the Mets are willing to part with Heilman and Milledge, it makes sense if they move these chips for starting pitching, not a corner OF. Same with Pelfrey, Humber, Maine or Perez. Why weaken yourself where you are weakest in an attempt to strengthen the lineup, the part of your team that is the already the strongest?

First of all, understand that Shawn Green will be the number 7 hitter in the lineup next year. Also, while Olney says that Rios would balance the lineup by replacing Green, that wouldn't be the case. With Floyd gone and Green out of the picture, this lineup would actually be skewed right-handed, with only Carlos Delgado and number 8 hitter Jose Valentin as pure lefties. That's hardly balancing the lineup.

Second, when you look at the Mets farm system for position players, you see outfielders. Milledge (if he stays), Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez are the cream of the crop and outfielders all. The point of Green and Alou was to get us over the hump to when these kids are ready. But you switch gears and trade valuable young pitching to bring in another young outfielder. That just doesn't seem smart to me.

I don't love Green, but with both Johnson and Chavez, the Mets have some insurance. To me, if they're going to trade their chips, it has to be to bring in pitching. Trading them, particularly their top pitching prospects, for a kid like Rios is not undefendable, but I don't think trading from weakness to shore up where you're already strong is what winning franchises do. If it was up to me, I'd pass on that kind of deal.

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (7)

Screw Rios. If you want my opinion, Endy has more than earned his shot to start; I say we part with Green for a PTBNL and eat about half his remaining salary. In this insane market, someone's gonna take him at that price... and maybe Omar can snatch a hidden gem of a B-prospect from some unsuspecting GM (Alan Bavasi, anyone?). Between him and Ben Johnson, we have more than a decent shot at getting the same offensive production, and we're definitely going to have better defense. The thought of Green and Alou manning the corner outfield positions is a disturbing thought.

I think I would jettison Green too. I wouldn't just hand the job to Endy; rather I would like to see him getting maybe 50 more AB's. If the Mets could find another outfielder with some pop, someone who could cover either corner position, that would be a good mix.

Actually I might have just described Lastings Milledge. He'll be a year older, folks, and hopefully a year more mature, both in body and in spirit. He has a better health record than Alex Rios. My hope for Milledge is that he pins down one of his areas of weakness -- say running the routes in the corners -- get that off his plate, then start working on the outside curveball or whatever. Conquer the world piecemeal in other words; I think the fans would react well to that display of effort. And maybe we would be on our way to having a new star player.

I had high hopes for Rios back when he was coming up, but I'm getting the feeling that he may top out early. Possibly the Jays feel the same way. Anyhow, I'm still like him, and am pulling for him.

I like Rios myself and I think he would be a good fit in NY... But I dont know... It might be smarter to save Heilman for a trade down the road.. Maybee if Zito is here I will be more willing to trade bullpen...

Well written again Mike.

1. Absolutely! The Mets have 4 shots to get it right Lastings, Gomez, Endy and Johnson. I like those odds. I was one who thought Green would be revived in NY. I was wrong....my biggest beef being the NLCS game 2-the catch he did not make, though he saved(?) a HR. Decidely though, He can potentially form a tough lefty-righty platoon.

2. I like Endy as do we all. BUT Endy has been a journeyman-25th man alot of places. This yr he has to prove he is a little more than a Benny Agbayani, and has crossed over. Then again another star bloomed 2 late in NY...(mel Mora).

3. The 126/7Yr deal now one-ups Beltran's deal.

4. On the rotation: Mike: It seems like you and I agree that Zito needs to be more of a prioirity. We have ZERO top starters. Glavine might be a #3, El Duque is no ace. Both are essentially rentals-stop gaps. Philly and LA each have signed good free agents and now have 6 man staffs. Lets sign Zito then trade from strength.

Matt - I don't see why they need to part with Green. He's a veteran and could fill a role starting some games and pinch hitting. He's making a lot of money to do that, but I think it makes more sense than just hustling him out of town for nothing.
dd - I'd still trade Milledge (and Heilman) if it would bring in a decent starting pitcher. I'm not quite as down on Green as you are, although he wouldn't get more than 250 ABs if I had my way.
Bean - Even if Zito comes, there are enough questions surrounding the bullpen that I would hold onto Heilman unless it brought back a pitcher.

You could always trade Heilman during the season if Sanchez bounces back and Mota looks decent after his suspension.
Ed - If they sign Zito I don't think they need to trade. I'd see how it shakes out with the younger guys, and worry about trading young pitching when there is a definite surplus down the road. I want to see Maine and Perez over a full season and (even though I know we disagree) give Pelfrey a full AAA season to work on those off-speed pitches.

I see El Duque eventually pushed to the bullpen if everything goes okay with the kids.

I really like Rios, I have since his minor league days. I remember when he was rumored to be moving in a trade when he was still in the minors and I was ready to trade Kazmir for him, oh how I miss those days, haha.

But I can't see making this move right now either. People always want to trade Heilman but really we can't afford to right now with our current bullpen situation. Maybe if Duaner was healthy and Mota wasn't suspended it might be possible, but not at this moment.

Hojo4Life - I could see them dealing Heilman for a pitcher, but you're right, even that would be a risk given the state of the bullpen.

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