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Fred PirelliFriday, December 15, 2006
By Fred Pirelli

We as Met fans and as baseball fans in general sit each off season with great expectations and great anticipation as to the make up of our team. The drama usually last only about two months but seems like years. Will we make the blockbuster trade, will we sign the big free agent, and will we fill our offensive or defensive holes? Anticipation is not knowing. Not knowing leads to speculation and wild ideas and rumors.

Each day we open up our sports paper or go to our favorite web site to glean information about the goings-on with our team. If anybody has visited one of my favorite site (in addition to Mike's Mets) Sportspyder.com you will see anticipation at its' glory. Baseball moves is slowing down to the point where the Mets ban Jose Reyes for winter ball and you see no less than 15 headlines proclaiming this fact. Now the only first class free agent on the market is Zito and you will see many more headlines and stories about where he will sign and for how much.

Ultimately the anticipation boils down to is this: What will our team look like and how good will it be? The answer will forth coming in the following weeks. If not for a pompous agent one of the answers will have already been answered.

Finally what must be remembered is last year the Mets were damn good. The core is still there and the young pitchers thrived under the glare of a championship series. There could be worse problems to face. Let's hope our anticipation of a great team becomes a reality.

About Fred: My name is Fred Pirelli and I have been a Mets fan since 1968. I live and die each year with this team. When the Mets win I am the happiest guy on earth, when they lose forget talking to me for at least one hour. My son is a Mets fan here in Red Sox Nation. I'm from upstate NY but now live in New Hampshire. I help manage a restaurant and I meet a number of Mets fans on a regular basis. In New England it's ok to be a Mets fan, as long as it's not the Yankees!

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