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Bye, Bye Barry

Mike SteffanosThursday, December 28, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

According to ESPN:

Barry Zito is staying in the Bay Area with the San Francisco Giants.

Sources told ESPN's Peter Gammons that Zito will receive a seven-year contract from the Giants, with the deal averaging approximately $18 million per season. Zito will be formally introduced by the Giants this afternoon.

I know there will be some angry Mets fans over this news, but seven years at $18 million per is an absolutely insane contract for a starting pitcher, if all those years are guaranteed. I'm waiting to here more on this before I make a final judgment. Stay tuned.

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Comments (8)

Thanks, San Fran. You guys can have him. We'll be fine saving our money for a better player.

I agree:

a. Yes its an atrocious deal but consider he joins Matt Cain , Matt Morris and Noah Lowry thats not bad.

b. THE BAD; Tx gm basically blew the deal by trading for Mcacarthy and then leaking the fact Zito was going to the Giants obviously for more than the 6yr/100 mil TX offered.

c. 2yrs ago the Mets did the same with Beltran so no complaints.

d. The luxury tax threshold is 136M, Omar can pay up if need be.

e. But where are the Mets? To me they have 2 decent lhp starters in Oliie and Glavine. Did they want 3? No, not at THAT price. I think Ollie has a Santana-esque ceiling. Speaking of irony.....those same Giants now pay 18M for Zito when they gave away Liriano who might even be better. That said they have assembled some good players. I like Molina.

f.But I temper the salary issue. Its not the price of Zito but the cost/projected cost of the ROTATION. Omar has a like problem. He needs to develop Devaney, Humber, Pelfrey, Mulvaney (cheaply...ala Cain and Lowry), so that by the time they are steady producers, Pedro and Glavine are gone and he is bidding for Santana and Peavy.

g. I like the Metsbog article alluding to Carlos Zambrano. Yes he is a better fit for us. But I think a power righty to replace Pedro is needed.

f. For now I am torn. I am not against giving Piniero a look, or even Mulder. The yanks took Lieber very similarly and he came back strong after surgery. Those are the only two pitchers who are attactive to me.

I agree! Bye bye Barry. Dontrelle would be worth $18 million.
Omar, please, please don't trade away Humber & Pelfrey!

Matt - It boggles the mind, doesn't it?
Ed - SF will have a very good pitching staff next year, but they are tieing up a lot of payroll going forward into one pitcher.
Eddie D - It's not even the $18 million, it's the 7 years.

I wonder what the Mad Dog will say about this spending of his Giants. I am not feeling good or bad about this singing of Zito, it would have been nice but not great and I think before opening day we will have a better rotation without him. I hope I am not sounding like sour grapes, but Zito just didn't put us over the top. I feel something coming that will be a wow! this is it kind of deal. Go "O MAN." I am ready for a new wave of rumors, we have a long winter yet. Its snowing outside as I write this. Throw some rumors on the fire, I am ready.

Rev - I don't think there is a big trade out there for a starting pitcher. Not unless the Mets are willing to overpay in talent in a way that they weren't willing to overpay in money for Zito.

I can move on.. I like Zito but he's a west coast guy ... In the long run we will be better off down the road (just maybee not next year)... Im just glad its over so we can move on... Bring the kids to the mound this season and hope one of them turns out to be great down the road...

Bean - I'm glad it's over, too, and I agree with you that we'll be better off down the road.

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