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Mets Dumb-Stove

Shari ForstMonday, December 4, 2006
By Shari Forst

The Mets have offered arbitration to Roberto Hernandez which I can kind of understand. Especially in light of letting Chad Bradford leave without so much as a "Thank you."

However instead of offering a deal to Bradford they decide to offer arbitration to Guillermo Mota. Mota, as you all remember, was caught using steroids. I thought for sure they would dump him, but no. Who knows how effective he will be if he isn't on steroids? Why mess with this bull pen after how great they were last season.

In another puzzling move, they declined arbitration to Darren Oliver. Oliver was an extremely effective left handed long reliever out of the bull pen-giving the Mets chances to climb back into games after guys like Pedro, El Duque and Steve Trachsel got roughed up and had to leave by the second inning. Where do they think they will find another guy like this? Not too many guys who were once starters are OK with being a mop up guy-no less a GOOD one.

I hope I will see the method to Omar's madness this off season. The Winter Meeting are in full swing now, and I hope to see some moves that will make some of the ones he's made the last two weeks make more sense.

About Shari: Hi, I'm Shari Forst-my friends and family call me "Shaz", I am a musician who plays the drums and bass guitar, and life long sports nut. I have been a fan of the New York Mets since 1977 when I was 10 years old, and a a fan of the Jets and Giants and NY Rangers since then too. One of my dreams was to become a rock star, but since that hasn't happened yet I'm living my second dream of being a sports writer for MVN where I cover the NY Mets, NY Jets and the NY Rangers. I am also a frequent commentator on the High Heat Radio Show with Jay Hardin, and Life's A Pitch on sportstalkcleveland.com.

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Hi Shari...Sometimes good or bad, we are left in the dark about as to what made them decide a yeah or nay on a player. Inside info, behind the ballfield or locker room stuff no body talks about.We may never know why so and so is passed up or traded. A red flag goes up sometimes when a team is suddenly trading a player. We ask how come they don't want him? Do they know something we don't? On the positive side, we may see how to fix it and want to try or take the chance when others have given up.Whats that old saying, some ones garbage is another ones treasure. I am not saying we shoud take everybodys garbage, but you know what I mean. Some are worth the effort and some are not,only time will tell.

At the risk of being an overconfident fan, all of those pitchers far exceeded expectations as Mets. After watching this for three years you'd have to say there's something to the Peterson magic. Omar believes that he can throw a bunch of arms into the mix in Spring Training, and Saint Rick will find a way to make it work. Omar has always had good bullpens though, both in Montreal and in NY. The Mets were looking up at the 2003-2004 Expos for that very reason...

Bradford did a great job, but he would've been the third righty out of the pen with Sanchez back, and you don't give those guys three year deals. The O's do of course, but that's what makes them the O's. This is the same thing the Mets used to do with the Mike Stanton's of the world...

They let Oliver go because Dave Williams is likely to become the long reliever (he is cheaper and younger). They will bring Mota back...probably after the suspension and offering on him makes it far less likely anyone else will. Mota was great for us last year and is a very good 6/7th inning guy. Because of offering for Roberto Hernandez the Mets will get two high round draft pics...they had no intention of bringing him back, but they knew he was going to be signed by the Indians...so they will get more back for him then he is worth. They have actually lowered payroll with these moves and can make a strong run at Zito now.

Boy, I hope this site doesn't become a negative-Mets one... I loved your work Mike, but I worry about the direction it is going.



Hey Shari, I love your writing. But usually disagree with you.

Dumb: Actually I think this was somehat intelligent. In return for trash heap pick ups the Mets will now get compensation. Last yr, in reverse they let Ro-Hern go WITHOUT arbitration, and that was panned in the media as he (and Heilman) were the BP all stars. As described (NY Post), this was a win-win for Omar in Ro (returning) they get a reliable $2M arm. If not they get a sandwich pick...again not too far of where Atl picked up devine, and where RSox got Craig Hansen. In short unlike last season the Mets will get back they picks they lose.

Shari: I cant remember you falling in love with Darren Oliver. Certainly I think he was well used. But I can think of at least 3 candidates for his role right now.

Mota: He used performance enhancers. Under the CBA these drugs are not disclosed, whether it was greenies or 'bendryl'. steroids i doubt. Also mota missed the first 120 games last yr. I like the fact his 'absence' allows someone a chance to step up and be a find. Plus now Mota's value drops precipitously....a big plus considering what he would have gotten if not for the suspension. On top of that he is a FA and again could solicit a pick.

Mack, I don't feel this blog has gone in a negative direction and am sorry you feel that way. I don't agree with Shari's opinion of the hot stove so far, but I respect it, and I appreciate the fact that Shari is voicing the other side of the story.

I do especially agree with Ed on Mota. I hope the Mets keep him, because he will be a real bargain now.

Hi Rev AL- I can see what you're saying. If there is a method to Omar's madness I will gladly comment on how wrong I was. Which I usually do on my 7 Train site.

Hi Bren- No doubt Peterson worked wonders with Jorge Julio, I hated that acquisition with a passion and by the time he was traded I was sorry.

Hi Jeff - I was thinking that Dave Williams may be more in the mix as a possible Dark Horse candidate as a starter rather than a reliever.
If they do get Zito, they would have him, Glavine, El Duque, Maine, Oliver Perez (maybe) and another spot up for grabs, they may like the idea of being a heavily left-handed pitching staff.

Hi Ed- I thank you for the compliment, and I love it when people disagree with me-I completely understand your poaint and respect your opinion.
As far as falling in love with Oliver-no I didn't in the begining, not by a long shot, but as time went on he really grew on me.
I truly hope Omar has some stunning move in the works that will help the team win it all. Losing Bradford REALLY bothered me. I thought he was a pretty big reason that the team got through the play offs last year.

Mack- I'm sorry you feel that way, if you have visited my site from time to time you would see that I'm am not a totally negative when I write about this team. I have certain opinons as to what moves they make every off season and if I am dead wrong I admit it on my site, and I will do the same thing here. I also apologize to any player I have bashed if they manage to turn things around like Jose Valentin for instance. I killed the Mets for keeping him around last season- obviously they knew something I sure didn't and I profusely apologized to Valentin over and over from May until the last inning of the season.

Mike- Thanks for defending my opinion, I appreciate that!

Hey Shar,

Of course I comment on your site too and sometimes we agree.

One of those was Ollie P. I was ecstatic when we got him and the reason we got as far as we did was he filled a huge void in the NLCS. In fact I doubt we had a picture step up more. In fact given he has a history of success and hopefully with the help of the umpires union, (thru some successfull questec codependency & addiction counselling), could go deeper in games. I think given the peripherals, the Mets could see an Oliver Perez eclipsing Barry Zito. Ollie was a strikeout machine. Given some tinkering and conditions he stands to get much better. Remember, he is 4 yrs younger than Zito, and was a CY young contender at 23.

The true BP success again reflects Omar. In 05 he pieced in Looper/RoHern/Feliciano/Padilla then Heilman. In 06 He added Wags, then Oliver and Sanchez. Mota was a glaring success, just as Danny Graves was a bust. Funny you bring up Julio. For me though the Starting pitching was the issue. Late season injuries (& old age) to Tom Glavine, Duke, Traxx, added to Pedro decimated us. But shortening the game was the key. Now a team has 2X to see the starter so they must adjust quickly....especially to the micro-strikezone the ump is using.

Shari - I said something bad abut a Mets minor leaguer a year ago and was contacted by his mother. She was crushed. Only then did I realize that both the players and their families own computers also.

Since then, I try to only say positive things, and if I quote bad stats, I leave them alone.

You are right about your website. In fact, I have never visited it.


Hi Ed- Yeah we do agree sometimes. I'm pretty high on Ollie P- even when he impoldd at times last season I still enjoyed watching him pitch. i hope with some guidance he will turn out to be terrific. I think he has a real shot.

Mack - I was contacted personally by Jay Payton himself when I called him dumb fo his bad base running. Sometimes the truth hurts, and I am pretty blunt and truthful.
However I am also very honest, and if I feel someone is great I say that as well.
I hope you will take the time to visit my site and see for yourself.

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