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Waiting For the Next Shoe to Drop

Mike SteffanosFriday, December 8, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It will probably be a while before Barry Zito's final destination becomes apparent, and those possible trades will probably have to wait at least until Omar returns from the Dominican Republic. As we all suffer post-winter meetings Mets news withdrawal, here are a few minor thoughts to keep you going:

Mota Re-signed
The Mets and Guillermo Mota agreed to a 2-year contract worth $5 million. Given the current market for relief pitchers, this deal is was an absolute no-brainer, despite the fact that Mota will miss the first 50 games of the season with a drug suspension. As for that, while I won't gloss over it, I'll give him respect for being one of the few guys who was caught and took responsibility for his actions instead of attributing the positive test to tainted vitamins or some such nonsense.

As for a concern as to how much of Mota's comeback with the Mets was attributable to whatever he was caught taking, that's certainly valid. In thinking about it, though, the corrections Peterson made with Mota were moving him on the rubber and getting him to throw more changeups. We heard that while he was struggling in the AL his velocity was still very good, but he was struggling with location and pitch selection. That would at least give hope that Mota can be an effective reliever when he returns in June. Even if he slipped from being an eighth inning option to a sixth or seventh inning guy, at the price he's being paid that's not unreasonable. Once again, Minaya has found a way to save money in one area that can be used somewhere else.

Vernon Wells
He's a heck of a ballplayer, but I'm not quite as enamored of the idea of trading a lot of young talent for Wells, who will be a free agent after next season. He's a centerfielder, and a damned good one, and last time I looked Carlos Beltran figures to hold that job for the next few years. Wells is a very nice offensive player, but his value is as an all star caliber centerfielder.

If you're the Mets and you make a deal for Wells, figure he's a one-year rental. He's going to command a salary in the Beltran/Soriano range, and he's going to get plenty of offers from teams that will pay him that money and allow him to play center. While I agree he would make the Mets a much better team in 2007 both in the field and at the plate, the cost would be much too high. Giving up the young talent it would take to land Vernon Wells makes sense for a team that is looking at him as their long term centerfielder, and that's not the Mets.

Carter Leaves
When Gary Carter wasn't given a major league or Triple-A job with the Mets he left the organization. While I always liked Carter, I always understood his days with the Mets were numbered. It was obvious that he was looking for a fast track to the majors, and the Mets were only the first stop along the way.

Both HoJo and Ken Oberkfell, who hold the jobs that Carter wanted, have paid their dues with this organization and deserve their positions more than Carter. Meanwhile, Carter was offered a promotion to Double-A and opted not to take it. It's called paying your dues. No hard feelings, Kid, but no regrets either. Good luck.

Good Stuff
Fellow die-hards, for some support and a laugh, check out Howard Megdal's Offseason Survival Guide at Mets Geek.

Also, for an intelligent explanation of the mechanism that cost the Mets one of their top prospects in yesterday's Rule 5 draft, check out Toby Hyde's excellent Mets Minor League Report - Rule Five Edition.

About Mike: I was the original writer on this web site, actually its only writer for the first 15 months of existence. Although I am grateful for the excellent contributions of my fellow writers here, I have no plans of stepping back into strictly an editorial role. I started this thing in the first place because I love to write and I love the Mets, and blogging here keeps me somewhat sane. If you haven't had enough already, more bio info can be found here.

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Comments (7)

Mike, Good assessment on the Vernon Wells situation. Of all of the Mets' blogs that I read, you clearly present the most reasoned and objective analyses, whether it be a trade, a free agent signing, or an in-game move. It's very refreshing to read someone who thinks "things" through before they talk, or write. Keep up the good work!

t gallo - Thanks. I have to admit that not all of my opinions generate "reasoned" and "objective" in the comments. Every once in a while words like "idiot" and "moron" crop up...

Mike -- Absolutely right on Vernon Wells. However, if I can agree to an extension with him worth about $17-$18M a year for about 7-8 years before he comes here... I gotta pull the trigger. A Beltran-Wells-Gomez/Martinez outfield is such a salivating thought.

I just refuse to believe that steroids are these magical substances that makes pitchers lights out. It just seems too unbelievable, and too easy.

Matt - I think you have too many CFs in that outfield. Again, why would Wells want to play a corner outfield spot for the Mets when he can get the same money to roam center somewhere else?
I think steroids aid a pitcher's recovery, which obviously matters to a reliever, but you're right. Anyway, by all reports Mota's velocity was fine when he was in Cleveland.


My guess is the substance was an amphetamine. Probably a cough syrup.

you guys point nicely to something again evident in G. mota...leading to hard hits; pitch selection. He looked like a world beater getting to a 2strike count, then only to fall in love with one pitch...usually the slider, with which he would eventually miss.

I'm guessing steroid, but we'll probably never know.

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