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Winter Meetings Quick Hits

Mike SteffanosWednesday, December 6, 2006
By Mike Steffanos


Baseball America's Matt Meyers weighs in on the Mets-Royals trade. Here's his take on Ambiorix Burgos:

Signed as a 16-year-old out of the Dominican Republic in 2000, Burgos has dazzled the [Royals] organization with a fastball that sniffs triple digits, though he never dominated at any level because of his erratic command. His inability to repeat his delivery has prevented him from mastering a slider or changeup.

The Royals aggressively promoted him to the big leagues in 2005 with middling results. Though he has struck out more then a batter per inning over the last two seasons with the Royals, he also has 68 walks in 138 innings in the majors and had a 5.52 ERA this year. The Mets lost two relievers to free agency last week in Chad Bradford and Roberto Hernandez, and Burgos will give the Mets a hard-thrower to help set up Billy Wagner.

I'm sorry to see Bannister go. He has a great makeup, and I think he will find a way to be a solid major league starter, despite his mediocre stuff. Still, the Mets were able to get a guy back who throws in the high-90s. Helping struggling guys repeat their deliveries happens to be something that Rick Peterson does well.

The idea of Burgos stepping in and taking important innings -- even the sixth inning of close games -- does seem a little optimistic right from the get-go. It seems more likely that the Mets would start him very slowly, a la Jorge Julio. He's 22 and has been rushed by Kansas City, and it seems to me that the Mets want to avoid that.


Bryan Hoch has a nice feature on the Mets new first base coach at Mets.com.

Kudos also to Tony Bernazard, who has been promoted to Vice President of Development. From what I've been reading, Bernazard has been an important part of the Mets efforts to upgrade their development system and provide a consistent "Mets way" of developing players in their system.

Finally, more kudos to MetsBlog and Hot Foot for doing a great job of updating on winter meetings happenings.

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Comments (10)

Here's a thought, if a bit grandiose: let's say Burgos eventually develops into his full potential as a fireballer, with at least a modicum of control. I'm not talking seven no-hitters and four thousand strikeouts, just a very good, reliable reliever.

Would that be the karmic eraser of the blot called Ryan for Fregosi, the worst trade the Mets ever made?

Not unless he becomes a starter and throws a bunch of no-hitters.

PS - Seaver was the worst trade the Mets ever made.

Agreed. Can't believe we gave up Charlie Puleo for that overage stiff.

Reading between the lines, the Mets are looking more at Haren than Harden for the same reasons we all agree on . Health is the issue of concern for Harden. Zito is going to visit N.Y. next week. We may have a Christmas present yet.

That Tony Bernazard was a smart, good ballplayer who got all there was out of a small bag of skills. He was pretty much Jose Valentin, circa 2006, over a number of seasons (he never had the younger Jose Valentin's stick, of course). It's no great surprise that he shows so well at this new level of competition.

Ballplayers like Bernazard often are overlooked; I'm glad he's getting his recognition now.

Greg - and Lloyd McClendon.
Rev - They'd have to give up even more for Haren. More and more I find myself hoping that Zito comes here and they don't have to make one of these deals.
dd - I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't offer him a GM job in the not too distant future.

Speaking of GM's, how'd you like to be a White Sox fan today? Williams has just given up two fifths of his 2005 World's Champ's rotation for a bunch of crap, in two separate deals.

I know the feeling, of course, having been sentient on that dark day we gave Kasmir to the Rays.

1. I'm a huge Flores fan, so I find this somewhat offensive. Flores was a top 10 prosopect in the Met system, and a top catching prospect as rated by Dayn Perry. Steve Schmoll gets a roster spot but not Flores?
My only response is that Omar believes he can get him back. Then again teams leave a guy on the DL all yr to retain his rights.

2. The Garcia-Gavin Floyd trade is another 'farce'. Farce is a word I am applying because the Met price (per the media/blogsphere) is Milledge AND Pelfrey. But in reality the Phils part with a pitcher who is VERY similar to Heilman in experience and career.

dd - To be fair I have to see how the prospects turn out. I guess the Astros trade fell through, anyway.
Ed - I looked at the 40-man after Flores was taken and wondered about Schmoll. I also keep hearing the Mets will not tender an offer to Zambrano. If that's true, why is he on the 40?

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