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Zito for Christmas?

Shari ForstThursday, December 14, 2006
By Shari Forst

It has been very quiet on the Mets hot stove as you know. Oh yeah there have been a few minor deals here and there, but as of now the biggest things happening in Mets-land have been the return of Glavine and signing Moises Alou (a signing I HATE).

All reports are that the Mets are willing to pull out all of the stops to land free agent left-hander Barry Zito. Despite the Texas talk, I think Zito would be nuts to turn down a lucrative deal with the Mets.

He would do a lot better pitching in the NL on a team that is most certainly going to be competitive-far more competitive than Texas who just gave reliever Eric Gagne a deal.

Minaya has been very tight lipped about the negotiations, but rumor has it that Zito does not want to toil away in Texas.

I'm pretty optimistic that the Mets will do whatever it takes to get Zito in a Mets uniform, if it doesn't happen it will be because of Boras and Zito himself. I think after last season the Wilpons have showed up that they have indeed wised-up and Omar is not afraid to pull the trigger on a big deal.

Cross your fingers and hope Santa gives the Met fans something to cheer about!

I would also like to wish all of the Mike's Mets readers a healthy and happy holiday!

About Shari: Hi, I'm Shari Forst-my friends and family call me "Shaz", I am a musician who plays the drums and bass guitar, and life long sports nut. I have been a fan of the New York Mets since 1977 when I was 10 years old, and a a fan of the Jets and Giants and NY Rangers since then too. One of my dreams was to become a rock star, but since that hasn't happened yet I'm living my second dream of being a sports writer for MVN where I cover the NY Mets, NY Jets and the NY Rangers. I am also a frequent commentator on the High Heat Radio Show with Jay Hardin, and Life's A Pitch on sportstalkcleveland.com.

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Barry Zito is like the Christmas present you'd like to see under your tree after a year in which you've gotten so many other nice things from other occasions (birthday/anniversary/bonus from work).

It'd sure be cool to get. But even if we don't get it, it's still been a damn good year.

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