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Chan Ho Park Scouting Report

Mike SteffanosMonday, February 12, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

I contacted Geoff Young, who authors the excellent Ducksnorts blog, and asked him if he would be kind enough to give Mets fans his impressions on Chan Ho Park from last year. Here is what he had to say:

Park was a tremendous surprise last season. He did a great job for South Korea in the World Baseball Classic and it seemed to work wonders for his confidence. For the first time since coming to San Diego, he was attacking hitters in 2006. Park's stuff is nothing special -- low-90s fastball without a lot of movement, decent curve -- but he generally did a good job of keeping the Padres in games. Park had a nasty intestinal problem last year that required surgery, and it dragged him down a lot as the season wore on. If you look at his first-half performance, I think that's a better indication of what he's capable of doing. The Mets got him at a great price. A lot of us were hoping Park would return with the Padres, but once David Wells signed, the best they could give him was a shot at the bullpen and it sounds like Park wanted to start. Maybe having low expectations played a part, but he ended up being a lot more useful than I'd expected. I think (and hope) he'll do well for you guys.

I'll update the Chan Ho Park preview I wrote Saturday to include Geoff's insights.

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Comments (3)

This guy sounds like he has willie randolph written all over him. It sounds like he has confidence issues or possibly focus problems. If thats the case, Willie is a great guy to set him straight, give him a little jumpstart, instill some confidence in him. I feel like Willie does a really good job with guys like that and keeping guys focused and confident and knowing what they have to do. Obviously Rick Peterson will play a role here, i'm sure he'll check out any mechanical issues and give him that peterson game plan, but I see Willie showing him that confidence, and park possibly running with it, kinda like Maine last year.

I like this signing on many fronts.

1. If he is absolutely horrible he can be bought out for $150K.

2. He adds pressure to Maine and Perez to consistently step up their game if they are to win a starting spot.

3. His salary is 650K and at the most 2.7 mil. How much did Suppan and Weaver get? Aren't all 3 similar fantasy league fodder?

4. Korean night at Shea. Park will sell many seats as he is quite popular. Good confidence booster, too.

5. He should be hungry. Park can erase the ghosts of his overpriced contract by winning a ring in NY.

Patience pays off for Omar even though I don't think he is done yet. Does the D Train stop at Shea?

Pretty much agree with Pete above, except I don't hold a lot of hope for Park to actually do anything. That Ducksnort quote, of how Park's first half should be the more reliable measuring stick for us, might be reasonable, or it might be fanciful; he wasn't THAT good prior to July 1.

Well; if he shows us something he'll get to pitch, and if not it'll be others getting the turns, or so I hope. What bothers me about all this is that the Mets wasted several starts on Jose Lima last year when virtually everybody knew he wasn't going to provide an answer. The Mets were far ahead at the time; they could afford the luxury of messing around with a washed-up veteran. I only hope the lack of dire conscequences doesn't lull Randolph and Co. into thinking they can get away with it this time. 'Cause, they probably can't.

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