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Mike Pelfrey Opening Eyes

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 8, 2007
By Mike Steffanos

The Mets had yet another somewhat disheartening loss today that featured some shoddy defense. The team hasn't been hitting particularly well, but that really doesn't concern me yet. They've been guilty of some really bonehead defensive lapses, though, and I'd like to see them tighten that up pretty quickly. It's one thing being rusty, it's another to be playing sloppy ball.

El Duque pitched the first two innings. He looked okay in the first, but labored through a 5-run second. I wasn't too worried, he's not the kind of guy that usually looks good before he gets his timing. I know some of the print writers will make a big deal out of it, but that's silly at this point.

Mike PelfreyMike Pelfrey took over in the third and was really impressive. He's pounding the bottom of the strike zone and getting tons of ground ball outs. He looks poised and very fluid on the mound right now. Although he is still a long shot for the rotation, another outing like this one and he could steal a job out of camp.

Jason Vargas pitched two innings and looked okay, but I'm thinking his shot of making this team is in long relief now, especially if Chan Ho Park has a decent spring and Pelfrey continues to pitch like this.

Duaner Sanchez was sent home and ordered to spend the day in the time-out chair for repeatedly showing up late to workouts. I caught Ed Coleman on WFAN while I was driving this afternoon, and apparently the Mets aren't completely happy with his efforts to rehab the shoulder. At least according to Coleman, they seem to feel he could be further along if he had worked harder this winter. Something to watch.

Scott Schoeneweis looked really good pitching one inning. Joe Smith also contributed a scoreless inning, but he was leaving his pitches a little more up in the zone than he had in previous outings.

The Mets will face the Tigers in St. Lucie tomorrow. The game will be televised on SNY. John Maine and Phil Humber will be among tomorrow's pitchers.

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Comments (7)

Looks like Pelfrey has turned into exactly what Rick Peterson would like him to be as of right now. I mean pounding the bottom of the zone and getting ground balls. That's like Peterson's mantra. Has anyone else noticed the mph gun they are using seems to be regiestering very low readings? Every time a guy comes in and supposedly or actually does throw in the mid-90's he isn't even coming close according to the gun. I know it's early in the spring but still seems weird they aren't at least touching 90.

Can't wait to see how Maine and Humber do this afternoon. The Maine, Perez, Humber and Pelfrey group are extremely fun and interesting to watch to me.

That's a dirty shame about Sanchez. I hope someone in his inner circle (brother/agent/best friend) reminds him that if he doesn't want the job, there are plenty of others who do.

Pelfrey's outing made me smile, too. i'm not worried about the old folks; they'll get there by Opening Day. They've been there already. It's the kids I worry about, and most of the Mets' kids are making me smile.

Tell you, Willie's management approach is usually pretty subtle, but he does get his point across. Sanchez will probably thank him one day.

The biggest part of Willie's job description is managing the men who play for the Mets, and that happens to be the part at which Willie excells.

Hojo4Life - The gun readings might be a little low. I know it's typical to be a few mph low this early in spring, but I admit I was surprised that Pelfrey never cracked 90.
NostraDennis - I don't think Sanchez is a bad kid. I think he's a little lazy and Willie wanted to wake him up.
dd - Yeah, he'll probably never be the best in-game manager, but I really admire the way he handles players.

Pelfrey is just what the doctor ordered for this team. He's a stud based on his talent profile, and he's showing so far this spring that he can consistently force hitters to pound the ball into the dirt. Though he's going to end up a big strikeout guy, he doesn't have to be to be succesful with the Mets infield and offense. He just has to avoid walks and the long ball. The rest he can leave up to Reyes, Valentin, Wright and Delgado.

Salman - I agree. His ability to combine solid strikeout numbers with a propensity for getting ground balls puts his ceiling as a pitcher very high.

hey sup, the Mets are my favorite team ever, i fust want you know that Pelfrey is a BEAST

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